University of Colorado Denver/Anschutz Medical Campus Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


I would say the worst thing about my school is the parking. University of Colorado (Denver) is located in the heart of the city, and because Colorado considers itself to be one of the healthiest states in the nation they stress public transit. Unfortunately I do not enjoy taking public transit anywhere I go so I often find myself scrambling to find parking, or paying plenty to park when I am on campus. For those of us who prefer to travel in our own vehicles I think parking to attend class(es) should be more assessable.


The worst aspect of CU Denver is the lack of community during the academic school year. Although there are plenty of clubs, and organizations the university should focus more on the unification of Auraria's 46,000 students. As it stands, all three school have their own separate aura to them. Advantages should be taken concerning the large amount of students on campus. There is a lot to be tapped into in the form of special events throughout the year. Currently, the spring fling and fall festival are the biggest event the campus encompasses. This needs to change.


The worst thing about my school, for me, would be the lack of artistic drive. We are not an Arts School (and by the way, I attend the Universit y of Colorado at Denver, but NOT the branch at the Health & Sciencies Center), and our program is quite good for being a "regular" college. However, it too often feels like there isn't quite enough energy in our department.


Paying for parking.




The worst thing would be the lack of activities, such as clubs because it's much harder to make friends, especially since the school doesn't have dorms.


Not many people are friendly on campus


I really enjoyed my school but I think that due to the set up of the campus it is hard to develop a stron social bond with other classmates. It is so speread out over the 3 schools and that I did not have a chance to make many close friends.


The biggest disappointment about this school is the lack of social life accompanied with it. I went to college to get a good education and a jump start in my career, but I also went to make lifelong friends. At my school it is very hard to meet people, especially if you are like myself and have come from out of state. If you live in the dorms your first year, you make friends, but after that experience it is hard to meet any new people.


Hmm, the worst thing that I consider about my school is that it doesn't offer certain courses that other schools in the nation have for the same program.


The worst thing about my school is there are three campuses at one location. THe buildings are sometimes shared and sometimes the school will allow other schools to filll the roll also. This is bad because the CC and the State College pay less then us for tuition. So we fill that we are getting the short end of the stick. On the other hand with the three schools there is so much diversity and people. It is its own community and the area is awsome.


The University of Colorado, Denver is located in downtown Denver. Downtown Denver is overcrowded as it is, without the addition of three colleges in the mix. However, the lightrail in Denver makes it far easier than 30 years ago when I was commuting into downtown for work. The commute into Denver than the mile trek to the college uses a lot of valuable time. Time that could be better used for studying.


Quite honestly, lack of practice rooms for music students. The music school is growing, which means more people are practicing on campus. This means that very often, there are no practice rooms avaliable for hours on end. They need more facilites.


Kind of disorganized at times. When something doesn't go as it's supposed to they seem to get lost and not know exactly what to do at first.


The same things I considered the best, others might consider the worst. There was no on-campus housing when I was there, so creating friendships and community is far more difficult.


The lack of sports and extracurricular activities.


There are not many bad things about my school. The only bad thing may be the trouble having one on one time with professors of large classes, but that is expected at every school.


The worst thing about my school is that we don't have any sports teams. We're technically the "Buffs" who are in Boulder, but we aren't aloud to go to the football games for free like they are. If we're going to be considered the "Buffs" we should be aloud to participate in their events since we are the same school , just on a different campus. I think if people are willing to travel to Boulder to see them, then we should be aloud to participate for free as well since that's who we are.


The one thing I would consider to be the worst at my school is the lack of availability of certain classes needed for graduation throughout some of the departments.