University of Colorado Denver/Anschutz Medical Campus Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Someone who wants to emerge themselves in the downtown culture. Someone who wants to save money on school. Someone who wants to commute.


This school is a good fit for students who are serious about their education. Most of the attending students are very dedicated to their studies. It's not an all party school, though if you'd like to, you can easily find one. The school only has a few club sports, and we like it that way. If you're a serious athlete, I'd look somewhere else. The classes are pretty small, so it gives you a better connection with professors, and other students. Since the campus is downtown, there's plenty to do when you're not studying.


Someone who wants to stay in-state for college and prefers smaller classes should attend University of Colorado Denver. The person should also prefer to be in an urban area since the campus is located in downtown Denver. The school would also be good for someone who needs to take more online classes because of family, work, or other obligations (though the availability of courses may depend on major).


This college is hugely varied when it comes to choosing careers. Despite this large variety, the college's main focus is the arts (painting and media are the big ones) and sciences (biology and chemistry are the big ones). With that said, I would reccomend this college to anyone who due to its variety, especially those that wish to pursue a career in the arts and the sciences.


My university is very academic driven, so one should come if they love learning and joining clubs. A person should come here if they like seeing people from all over the world.


Anyone that has a fastpaced lifestyle.


Students should attend this school who feel comfortable on a large campus with small to sometimes very large classrooms. The campus offers a lot of fun and excitement to lots of students with its downtown, urban environment. With such a large campus there is a huge variety of majors available to a wide range of students. In addition there are a lot of activities, intramural sports, and clubs suited to a lot of different interests and cultures. I would recommend the University of Colorado at Denver and Health Sciences Center to a large and diverse population of students.




Someone who commutes to campus and loves diversity.


Anyone who enjoy a non-traditional college and appreciates diversity and is social.


You should attend this school if you want to make friends for life, enjoy working hard and reaping the rewards it provides.


Interested in the highest quality education in medical field. Concentration is on interdisciplinarianism between medical fields and patient-centered care. Not much in the way of "collegiate" life. Lots of opportunity to become involved in medically-related topics and research.


People who are interesting in learning . A person that want to experience a different lifestyle. A person that want to explore.


A student who is looking to study a variety of educational opportunities and looking to make an impact in the world. This campus is a collaboration of a variety of educational centers, faculty, and students, so there are many opportunities to explore. As a prospective nursing student I really appreciate the diversity of the city and the medical centers in the area.


Someone who likes a variety of different perspectives should attend this school. Since the campus is shared with Metro and CCD, the student should be ready to meet many people from all different backgrounds and places. He or she should also be ready to use public transportation should financial issues call for living at home. Many opportunities are available on campus, so people who are laid back, but also have enquiring minds would like what the campus has to offer. An interest in music and city night life could help with getting acquainted with the city of Denver.


Any person is welcome at CU denver at Auraria. Nerds, jocks, princesses, tom-boys, gay, straight, bi, career minded, soul cearching, religious, agnostic - all are welcoem and do well at Denver!


The kind of person attending this school should be friendly and eager to learn. However, they should not be concerned about their grades per say, but more about the experiance of being in college and being in the heart of Denver. They should also get connected with their fellow students as well as get connected with the city life around them because that's half the experiance. Between the hustle and bustle of Denver and the college itself, anyone thinking of attending this school should be prepared for hard work and stress but know how to deal with that stress.


good school for working students


Somone looking for a good arts education that wants to live in downtown Denver.


Anyone is accepted at this school and on this campus.


Business degree seeking. Lives in city. Many evening classes offered for working adults.