University of Colorado Denver/Anschutz Medical Campus Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


My school is located in the heart of Denver, what I believe to be one of the greatest cities in our country. There are also incredible instructors and professors that build real relationships with their students, which I believe is very important in school. However, as I said before, my school is very diverse and rich with culture. Not only is this unique, but it is very special and rewarding. I love attending a school that gives me the opportunity to meet those of different cultures and races. I believe this is extremely rewarding for every student as well.


I'm new to this school but so far I would consider the administration as one of their best aspects. Everyone there (i.e. advisors) get back to my emails pretty much the same day. They are all extremely kind and helpfull when the help is needed.


I begin class in the fall of 2015 to pursue a civil engineering career; and am quite excited, though nervous, followng my numerous campus trips and advisor meetings. After graduating from high school and moving right into a working life, I found myself bored, depressed, and hopeless. Though I do not have classroom experience yet, my quest for personal progress was fueled by the welcoming smiles on campus, the open arms of advisors, and the visual assault of what appeared to be an advanced culture after spending my last 10 years without this urban social experience.


I really enjoy the placement of it as well as the atmosphere. It makes me feel very comfortable.


The Best thing about CU Denver is the fact that it's in the heart of downtown so there is always something to do. Cu Denver is only a few blocks from 16th street mall so going shopping without a car really isn't a problem. CU Denver is also the best place, Next to Boulder, to go for a pre-med major because there are so many oppurtunities here. You can even tranfer to the anchutz campus to continue into the health profression if you wish to do that.


The diversity of the school. I transfferred to the school based on the wide diversity of students that attended the university. I had previously been a student at a similiar school that was far from diverse, and even left me feeling a little bit uncomfortable. At the University of Colorado at Denver, you'll find a wide range of students who make you comfortable to be on your own campus.


The best thing about my school is that it is so close to home and easy to get to!


I thing that is the most unique about the campus is that there are three colleges on the one campus. Though tri-colleges are common in Europe, the only one located in the United States is actually here in Denver. It allows you to meet more people than you could on a traditional campus, and there are people of every background since not all of the colleges are a "university."


I consider the faculty the best thing about my school. Most of the professors that I have had in my first year of college have been really great! They seem to really care about the students and if we understand the material that is being taught to us.


This school is definitely a commuter college. There is opportunity to have a very social time at this school, however there is also a stong emphasis on academics.


My school is very diverse in many ways which opens up everyone's minds to new ideas/people.


The forward-thinking attitude and training medical professionals to maximally help their patients. Education is centered on communication/teamwork between medical disciplines, patient safety, and patient-centered care though evidence-based practice.


I think the best part about my school is the value of education I get for the price I pay. An education is strongly contingent upon the amount of work you put in. I firmly believe that I am receiving a good education because I give one-hundred percent in every one of my classes. It's a shame that my school so heavily suffers from state budget cuts, particularly since they do their best to keep tuition low and education accessible for people of all financial circumstances.


I would have to say the best thing about my school, is the great medical program they offer. The school is ranked third in the nation and is near my home.


The best thing about my school is that our school is really diverse, where all kind of nationalities in the campus. Add to that, there are three colleges in our campus, which are University of Colorado at Denver, Metropolian State College and Community College of Denver. Beside that, the campus is loacated in downtown of the state's capital.


The best thing about my school is the atmosphere. Quite a few of my fellow colleagues are very driven and know what they want in life, as far as a career is concerned. This type of attitude that is found throughout the campus makes studying and learning a lot easier than it could have been at any other campus. There are not many distractions or ways to get off track and I like that.


I love how diverse the school is. You can interact and connect with students and teachers of different backgrounds. UCD is just a very positive environment. Rain or snow, it is always upbeat, and something is always going on. It may not be a very traiditional college experience, and more of a commuter college, but the time I have spent here so far has been a great experience.


The best thing about the University of Colorado Denver is the diversity in the student. This campus is one of the most culturally diverse campuses in the nation.


there is a lot of diversity


Once you get into the upper level classes, 3000 or 4000, the professors are great. They care about their students, and teach the material well. I also have never had an unreasonable course load in any of the classes pertaining to my major.


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Urban location. Because of diversity.


I loved the focus on classes and preparing us for the real world. I was able to come into class, learn what I needed to, and keep going with my life.