University of Connecticut-Stamford Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


There are a variety of folks with different interests, outlooks and objectives than mine. I have found them all to be interesting and helpful.


My group of classmates is a diversed group and they have a positive attitude. They enjoy the school and what it has to offer and they help each other in any way possible. They help create activities so other students could be aware of the community and of the different cultures there are at the school.


My classmates are very independent, outgoing, and they work hard to earn good grades in class.


Peers that you meet and get to know throughout the four years of college. Classmates can both assist you throughout school and help mentally through the college experience.


One sentence doesn't allow enough of a forum to communicate all the qualities I've observed in my current classmates. The most outstanding attribute that I've recognized is the eagerness of each & every student. I believe attitude reflects leadership & I feel that this quality is a great example of that. Students at UCONN-Stamford show an enthusiasim & excitement that's derived from the faculty & is contagious on campus. From the youngest, to the eldest student, it's obvious that my classmates enjoy their time both learning & socializing each day from the classroom, to the cafe, to the library.


My classmates have been very helpful to me with information about the campus, shuttles, classes, professors, and etc. It would've been a much harder semester without the help of my classmates.


They are very understanding and helpful.


Great diversity (ethnicity, age, background etc) ... this adds so much value to the classroom.


My classmates are very open minded individuals who love to learn.


My classmates are very supportive, friendly and hardworking individuals.