University of Connecticut-Stamford Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


My school is best known for it's business program. It is not required for a student to transfer to the Storrs campus if he or she wants to pursue a degree in business and since the Stamford campus is located in the heart of downtown Stamford, home of many big businesses such as UBS and RBS banks, being able to take classes and complete internships at the same time has never been more convenient.


Business school and also Psychology major.


Uconn is best know for sports, in particular basketball. For myself its location was key.


It is best known for giving a great education for a better price. It is also best known for being located in Stamford, a city full of many growing companies and potential employers.


Research, basketball, and pharmacy.


Being a local, easy to reach campus that allows students to continue their education and participate in classes that are equal to that of the main campus located in Storrs. Class rooms are intimate, stimulating a higher engagement in discussion and interaction with the professor. Although a business oriented campus, there are many opportunities to expand outside of business into other majors and complete an undergraduate education.


UConn is well known for many of its aspects; the main campus in Storrs is very well known for many of its sports teams, where as Stamford isn't as well known for sports, as there are no sports that go directly out of Stamford. I think that UConn Stamford is best known for the variety of students and cultures that it exhibits on any given day, as well as the variety of teachers. They offer such a variety of classes, that there really is a class for everyone. It really makes everyone feel welcome.


The University of Connecticut in general is known for its prestigious business program.


The Stamford campus is best known for its MBA program. It is a new facility and it has very modern and attactive design. There is also well known Art Gallery. Stamford campus has a divesified group of students and faculty members and it makes my college experience very unique. In addition, the University of CT is known for its women's and men's baskeball teams.


Business and economics programs.