University of Connecticut-Stamford Top Questions

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First of tuition is low and I live close by, therefore I am able to go from my house to school and vice versa. It is not a big school, but since I went to a small Catholic high school it was an easier transition. I am able to talk with the teachers and ask them questions during office hours. Also the shool is in downtown Stamford, therefore I am able to hang out with my friends by going to the movies or eating at a restaurant.


UConn Stamford offers a small classroom experience. This facilitates interaction among students and professors. Professors are available to help students whenever they can and students feel that the professors care enough to want them to do well. It may be a smaller community compared to the main UConn campus, but it is a very tight knit community. The professors and staff are always open to give advice and do what they can to help students excel.


It's very specific and the Nursing program is very competitive and to be accepted is an honor. I am excited that at the end of my 4 years I will be considered more for jobs in the Nursing field because of where I obtained my education. It has a student base of more older students as well so it's nice being able to go back to school without feeling like you're too old to be there.


University of Connecticut offers over one hundred majors, and I believe the abundance of different majors is the most unique aspect of my school. I feel that most public universities don?t offer as many choices to its students. It is important for students wishing to continue their education to have as many options as possible because it enables them to grow and develop as individuals. At Uconn, students are free to choose a path that is most right for them, and have the opportunity to seek a degree in a field that they are most passionate about.


The size of the class rooms is most unique as professor's know each student's name. As such, students can have dialogues with the professor over their papers and group projects. Additionally there is a strong diversity on campus as there are older and younger students from various backgrounds, each already working jobs and gaining experience in various fields. This can be helpful for students in making connections into the business world or the industries of the other majors that they pursue.


Most unique to our school is how the student body so accurately represents the real world. We have an eclectic group to say the least. Not only racial diversity exists, but I've shared classes with students ranging from 15 to 65 years old. Business professionals paired up with first year students on a project is not an odd occurence. Having had the chance to grow up & work in the area for years I found it amazing how upon returning to school here it so mirrored life and is such a great tool to prepare students for their next steps.