University of Connecticut-Stamford Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


Not much, I had visited the school a couple times and new a friend who attended the same school. She told me it was very much like high school, because of the small classes and the way the professors were with students, but you have more responsibility and freedom.


More information about the Nursing program and its demands as far as schedule, hours, and more oppurtunities for loans and information on best how to pay for an education that you can only work 16 hours a week to provide for yourself and family. I wish I had more information about scholarships and my oppurtunities or resources for them as well.


There wasn't any information witheald from me that I wished that I had known. Every question I've ever had was answered by a friendly staff member or even a student that already attends the uinversity. It is easy to get any information a person might be seeking because there are so many resources available throughout the campus.


I wish had known more about the commute I have to take and about having to take general education classes along with classes I need for my major.


I wish i would have learned how to manage time becasue that is a very important factor in college.


That it's a lot cheaper than the main campus in Storrs. The value is a lot better.


I wish I knew that there would be so little clubs/ activities, not many school functions.