University of Connecticut-Stamford Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


It is a small school and there are small classrooms. Therefore, you are closer to the teachers and you can interact with other fellow students. The tuition is low and if you live close by you can commute from school back home. Also it has a nice library, a game room, a weight room, and a bookstore. The school always have some events going on since it is in downtown Stamford, such as going to the movies or even playing laser tag. Also since UConn is a Division ! powerhouse, students can go up to Storrs or Hartford to watch games.


The best thing about my school is the friendly professors and staff. They are very accomodating torwards people and their personal needs. If a person needs anything, the professors are always easily reached and always compromise withthe person's personal schedule and commitments. It is easy to complete a degree at University of Connecticut - Stamford due it its availability of night clases. That way pretty much anyone can succeed at this school.


Great science and engineering program, lots of available classes, and great teachers.


At my previous school most students just went to class and back home. It was hard to make new friends in the 10 minute breaks between classes. At UConn, however, there are a ton of student activities you can participate in. This is the best and fastest way to meet like-minded people.


I think the best thing about my school is that it provides so many opportunities than most other colleges. UCONN Stamford or any of the other regional campuses allows you to take Gen Ed courses there first, and then you are able to transfer to the main Storrs campus more prepared and ready about what you want to do. There is just so many options and chances to do what you want.


The best thing about UConn Stamford is the faculty to student ratio is very small. It is the best thing because the teachers get to know you better and it's not like a huge lecture hall. You would also feel comfortable talking in the class.


The best thing about my school is the excellent learning enviornment. The instructors are educated and knowledgable which provides an academic enviornment I want to be a part of. Also, the campus provides everything I need to support me and my educational needs. UCONN Stamford has been a great introduction to my college career.


Small classes and accesibility to professors


I love the atmosphere, you walk through this huge glass doors and all you hear is peacefullness. The concourse is a fun, relaxing place where you can just kick back and hangout with some friends. if your looking to get some work done the library is conviently opened, if your someone like me who cannot concentrate with the littlest noise, the university has plenty of study rooms which are always available for use. Currently im in student government, and they are great! This organization plans several free events for students to enjoy. Recently we had a mechanical bull :)