University of Connecticut Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


A diverse and enthusiastic community that encourages students to strive for excellence.


If I was to describe UCONN in one sentence I would say that UCONN is a school about evolution, it is a school of constant renovation and building new structure, new buildings pop up every year almost and with the strong UCONN community that is in the school it would not be possible.


UCONN is a large, rural school with limited weekend activities, large classes, and mostly white population.


UCONN is an exciting university, with a plethora of activities to keep you engaged and having fun at all times, while still learning and gaining knowledge at an incredible research university.


The University of Connecitcut is an embodiment of diversified, inclusive, and dedicated students who represent these values as current students and beyond graduation.


The Univeristy of Connecticut is a college that is very welcoming of people from all different kinds of backgrounds and is a perfect choice for any student looking for a complete and fulfilling college experience.


Two things are constant about this school: basketball, and the constant frigid wind that blows through campus.


The University of Connecticut is an overall good school for students to learn about their desired field and have some good experiences in the process.


The University of Connecticut is a public school that attracts many students from both in-state and out of state, and offers academic programs in a variety of fields.


I would say UConn is a pretty typical cow-town university - there's not that much to do beyond drinking and studying, so you tend to do one of those in your free time.


The school-life was an interesting experience.


A humongous campus plopped in the middle of woods and fields.


Everything I have ever wanted in a college starting with the academics, future opportunities, opened experiences, to the sports, social interactions, and overall satisfaction.


The University of Connecticut students, faculty, and staff have been friendly and supportive in every aspect of my journey to realize my dream of obtaining my Bachelors Degree (in my late 30's).


A small athlethics-oriented village with a young population.


My school is a friendly environment.


UConn is a place in Connecticut where over 16,000 people go each year to educate themselves and participate in research with some of the top people in their chosen area of study.


Uconn is a balance among strong academics, nationally ranked atheletics and a friendly and supportive enviroment


You might think Uconn is huge initially; but as you are geeting used to it, you may find uconn as a beautiful university.


My school, the University of Connecticut, was diverse, liberal and also provided, not just for me but for all the other students attending Uconn as well, opportunities that they and even myself would not have been able to experience anywhere else. Uconn truly offers a lifechanging and eye-opening college experience for those who really want to explore something not just in their major but out of their major as well.


Its a great school, the students and faculty are great and are very welcoming, and I have never felt out of place here and really enjoy it.


The University of Connecticut is a large school with both diverse courses and student body.


UCONN is a large public university with a beautiful campus, many majors and opportunities for academic study, and scores of student organizations with which to get involved.


Comparatively affordable, in my case being middle class and almost entirely financially independent a big expense, but nothing less than completely worth it for a quality education lead by expert staff and filled with wonderful people and colleagues.


UConn makes use of its large size and varied curriculum to attract and excel eager students into pursueing their career goals.


While my school isn't very diverse and some of the facilities need to be updated, the educational opportunities are endless as it is the top Northeastern public school.


My school is focused on academics, as well as providing students with many types of social activities, making their students college experience memorable .


It is a fun place to go to school and very academically focused, but a lot of the student body does an excessive amount of drinking.


Opportunities everywhere. Before your school's Involvement Fair, consider researching the school's website and look for listings and descriptions of clubs and take notes of the ones you are interested in so when the Involvement Fair comes you are prepared. Last year's Involvement Fair, I talked to so many club representatives that I can't remember which one interested me the most and I overlooked a few that would have interested me. There are flyers everywhere, look at them when you are free. You will be surprise from all the unsung events or opportunities available.


The University of Connecticut is best described as a communitiy of professors and students brought together by the deep desire to learn and better oneself.


An innovator in educational excellence with well rounded professors, diverse students, and many opportunities that the students have the freedom to choose from.


UConn is a large public institution in a rural setting and attracts all kinds pf students.


Offers people the help that they need to become successful.


students today. HUSKIES forever.


I love the University of Connecticut and it has great school spirit.


The University of Connecticut is a great university which provides students with the tools to be leaders in their respective fields when they graduate college.


exciting and thrilling with so much to do


Everyone at UConn is friendly, willing to help, and full of school spirit. I can't imagine having a better college experience anywhere else.


UCONN is a great school because of its academics, diversity, and its feeling of being in a close-knit community.


Very diverse learning community where everyone can achieve their goals, no matter what they may be.


The University of Connecticut is a diverse community of students who work together to succeed in their coursework, while building friendships that will last a lifetime.


A large family of enthusiastic, academically inclined students who are all looking to have a good itme.


The University of Connecticut is a great learning enviornment and has a strong sense of community.


UCONN is the best thing that has happened to me and has taught me to grow into a much more independent person.




Great school but a little strict on community standards. This school is a great school for academics but only if the effort is put in. There is help available but only for those who seek it.


I am a fun loving, focus driven, honest and caringn person.


The University of Connecticut is a very diverse, spirited university with an excellent variety of courses and majors, and plenty of extracurricular activities.


Study-based weekdays and fun-filled weekends.


A great institute, with many perks associated with attending and graduating from the school.