University of Connecticut Top Questions

Describe how University of Connecticut looks to someone who's never seen it.


A diverse and enthusiastic community that encourages students to strive for excellence.


If I was to describe UCONN in one sentence I would say that UCONN is a school about evolution, it is a school of constant renovation and building new structure, new buildings pop up every year almost and with the strong UCONN community that is in the school it would not be possible.


UCONN is a large, rural school with limited weekend activities, large classes, and mostly white population.


UCONN is an exciting university, with a plethora of activities to keep you engaged and having fun at all times, while still learning and gaining knowledge at an incredible research university.


The University of Connecitcut is an embodiment of diversified, inclusive, and dedicated students who represent these values as current students and beyond graduation.


The Univeristy of Connecticut is a college that is very welcoming of people from all different kinds of backgrounds and is a perfect choice for any student looking for a complete and fulfilling college experience.


Two things are constant about this school: basketball, and the constant frigid wind that blows through campus.


The University of Connecticut is an overall good school for students to learn about their desired field and have some good experiences in the process.


The University of Connecticut is a public school that attracts many students from both in-state and out of state, and offers academic programs in a variety of fields.


I would say UConn is a pretty typical cow-town university - there's not that much to do beyond drinking and studying, so you tend to do one of those in your free time.