University of Connecticut Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school? Is this stereotype accurate?


There isn't a particular stereotype of UCONN, or at least none that I have heard. The university has a great reputation and amazing academics and the hard working students reflect that in their work and involvement.


Honestly, I would say that a common stereotype for Uconn, Stamford students would be students who couldn't get into college anywhere else. Most people think all that students that attend Uconn at the stamford campus weren't good enough to get into Storrs, or that they don't have the ambition of other students who go away from their hometown for school. I quickly found that was not the case, the majority of students attend the Stamford campus to save money and give them a jump start to actually reaching the Storrs campus.


Some common stereotypes of UConn students are that they are all athletes and/or hard-core party goers. This stereotype is by no means accurate, sure there are a lot of athletes but not everyone is a jock. As far as partying, unless you live off campus hardly any partying goes on.


Some common stereotypes of UConn students are that they are all athletes and/or hard-core party goers.


A big stereotype is that UConn is a huge party school. The majority of people do go out to party on the weekends since there isn't much else to do on weekends. If you're someone that doesn't drink or party though, you can always find other people who don't either. There are enough people on campus that you can always find a group of friends who want to do the same things as you.


UConn has a stereotype for being that big party school that revolves around basketball. Although this is true in some sense, there is a lot more to the University. Yes, there are parties here, and yes, we have a lot of pride in our athletics, but that doesn't mean that that's all we offer. UConn has a large number of different organizations that fit everyone's interest whether it's sports, Greek life, politics, art, volunteering, or opportunities to just have fun and try something new (like skydiving).


The stereotype is that we are all partiers This isn't accurate. Even though it seems like everyone is drinking, most people on campus don't. Instead they spend their Friday nights getting a jump start on next week's work


Because the campus (and student body) is so large, it's difficult to really say there's one overarching stereotype. However, if I had to think of some, I'd settle for either sports-nuts or alcoholics. UConn's athletic department (particularly basketball) is quite impressive. With teams ranging from varsity, club, to intramural, there's no shortage of opportunities to participate in sports, and as such many students do. There is also a large portion of the student body that follows carefully with the university's games against other schools. However, there are students like myself who do neither... So in my personal experience, I'd say that stereotype is as true as you want to make it. There is a similar situation with alcohol here at UConn. The campus is pretty far from... everything and unless you have a car you're kind of limited to its borders. While there is a lot to do on campus (from sports to the USG-run Late Night), its relative isolation does lead to a lot of partying. However, this stereotype also depends on the people you spend your time with--so in my case, alcohol is not really a part of my student life. But I will admit, on weekends my dorm does tend to be a bit... lively with the drunken escapades of some of my classmates. :P


UConn has a wealth of diversity in its students from athletes to greek life to the pure academics. While there are certainly a few people who fully assume these roles, the sheer size of the student body allows anyone to find their place. Joining clubs, going to class, or just visiting your neighbors allows you to find a circle of friends on campus.


One stereotype is that the students here party a lot and it is not necesarrily true. There are also a number of athletes and they have the streotype of being dumb and lazy.


It's a state school filled with CT residents or athletes.


UConn has every stereotype you could imagine. Obviously, we have a great deal of athletes, who are completely recognizable because they seem to only own the clothing and gear that the school gives them. Fraternity and sorority members are everywhere, and are very involved in working with the school and giving back. Surprisingly, there are not a lot of stoners to be found on campus, but geeks are everywhere. The geeks tend to flock together around the science complexes or in the library, and thankfully, keep to themselves.


While there are many jocks at UConn, this stereotype is not true for everyone. We have more than our fair share of geeks, stoners, we pretty much have every type of person here at UConn. While fraternity life may not be as prevalent here as in other schools, there is definitely a presence.


It is very true that UCONN students have a lot of school spirit. Walking around campus about 60% of students are wearing something that says UCONN on it. And any time while walking around at parties students may break out in a UCONN chant.


There are the athletes, Greeks, Geeks, etc. There is a wide spectrum of people and stereotypes at UConn that they are too much to list. I feel it better to keep an open mind when coming in to this new environment, instead of waiting to run in to these stereotypical people.


Greek life is huge here, and the athletics are a main part of all social activity. If you were to want to find a party, you'd be able to any day of the week.


One of the stereotypes is that students come here just to party, but this is completely untrue. Many students take classes seriously, and you may be surprise to see that not everyone goes out to party.


At UConn, there are various stereotypes and expectations that we face. One main stereotype is that UConn is a party school. Because it's a very large state school, people often assume that there are parties no matter where you are on or off-campus, no matter the day of the week. Although UConn does have its parties, it's honestly far from the only thing students can do with their time. The party-life here is something the students can see as an option, but UConn is a great place to do things entirely different - join clubs, intramurals, go to the Union, go to a sporting event... the options are never-ending. Because this is such a large school, with so many different students with different interests, UConn is readily available with every type of activity and club you can imagine. Another common stereotype is that UConn is mainly Connecticut students, and is an easy school to get into for both in-state and out-of-state students. For me personally, UConn was not a "reach school" when I was applying to colleges. I'm from Massachusetts, and was incredibly surprised at how many students were out-of-state, like myself. Of course, a vast majority of UConn students are in-state, but once you're here, there is no difference between the students - whether you're a Connecticut native or from California, you're all brand new to UConn, and will all have to adjust! Also, UConn is definitely not an easy school to get into. I was shocked to hear stories from many in-state students about their friends not getting into UConn. Although it is a state school, it is a challenge to get into, and it's getting harder every year. UConn is in the top 20 public universities in the US - it's a fantastic school with a lot of support networks for students to excel!