University of Connecticut Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Someone who does not want to put in the proper time / hard work for achieving success at a high level. Definitely a step up or two in intensity compared to the junior college I had attended before coming here.


I believe the University of Connecticut is a school for everyone who possesses desire and pride. There is a broad range of opportunities for aspiring students with an endless range of interests. Someone with no desire for connections, opportunities and success should not attend UConn. Students at my university, take great pride in their education, extra-curricular activities such as sports, and the overall school they represent. Someone who would not be prideful of this university should not be in attendance at it.


I don't believe there is a certain type of person that shouldn't attend this school. The University of Connecticut is a great school which can accomodate all types of people regardless of their personal beliefs. There are several student organizations around campus that someone will be able to find an interest in, regardless of what those interests may be. Any student who attends this university will be able to make the most of their time here and have a very memorable college experience.


I think a variety of people attend this school. There are those who are interested in environmnetal conservation and engage in outdoorsy activities, then there are those who have a passion for art and creative endeavors. There are those who are academically driven who have always done well academically but seem to lack much of a social life. Then there are those who simply like to drive away the stress of school with alcohol every weekend. Of course, there are the athletes who seem more focused on their athletic careers than anything else.


Students who are looking for a small school atmosphere and are not interested in getting invovled in sports or social clubs may not enjoy being at this school. Uconn certainly has a big school feel and unless you actively join clubs and participate in sports it may be difficult to make friends. The unviersity is highly spirtied and emphisises success in particular fields such as business, education, nursing, and engineering. If people are looking for a liberal arts college this is not the place for them.


A person looking for a very close knit, high school- like community should not attend this school. Though the University of Connecticut is very inclusive, one must be at least slightly outgoing to have a great academic and social experience at the University.


The kind of person that should not attend this school is someone who is really distracted by noise. Also, having school spirit is important.


Someone who is looking to get their hand held through college should question their choice in coming here. Although it is easy to find out the opportunities to gain experiences while at the university, it is totally up to you if you are going to take those opportunities. Getting to know a professor is important, but actually doing it is facilitated solely by you. Basically, the opportunities are out there by the hundred, but in order to take advantage you have to be able to motivate yourself- no one is going to be next to you leading the way.


Someone who is easily distracted by a party atmosphere. I have seen some students not do well by getting caught up in too much social life.


Introverted people that have a hard time making friends and do better learning in small groups should not attend this school


A person that shouldn't attend this school would be someone who is close minded and not looking to make new friends. The campus is big so if you hate walking, stay away! There are SIX shuttles that run through campus, though!


Individuals who likes smaller classroom and wanting closer relationships with professors and other students will not like this school. Most classes are very high volume. Being in such a big campus, it could be hard for students to make friends and feeling included. Students need to be brave and find ways to keep themselves involved and busy.


If you abhor cold, wintery weather or the sight of North face jackets, uggs, and riding pants, UConn may not be the school for you. Sports are also really big on campus, so you may not have to like them, but you definitely have to acknowledge them (especially when we win a National Championship!)


Anyone could attend this school.


You shouldn't attend UConn if you're looking for night life and a busy city such as NYC. Although UConn is next to New York, it is in the middle of a cow town. The school is based off of agriculture, therefore there are a lot of farms and barns surrounding the campus. Apart from the campus, the town doesn't is small and doesn't have many interesting places to go, such as the Big Apple does. If you're looking for excitement out in a city, you wouldn't like the surroundings of the school.


A person who is expecting to have a very intimate college experience probably should not attend this university. For me, I wanted to get away from the small town life that I had in high school, and that's exactly what I got here. Someone who wants a very personal relationship with lots of people around campus and wants to know most people on campus and have others know them, and all their professors, would probably not thrive here.


Uconn is not for people who do not have the willpower to succeed.


The University of Connecticut is a research university and many classes assign research papers for students to learn more in depth topics for that class. Students are pushed to work hard and explore areas of studt that interest them. Someone should not attend this school if they aren't dedicated towards working hard in their classes and discovering new things.


A person who is more used to small schools and small classrooms for Uconn is a big university.


This school is so diverse, but it definitely is not a school for someone who isn't driven.


The school is very diverse but I think that kids who aren't focused on school and think that Uconn is only a party school are only wasting their money. Yes a lot of kids party but they either get kicked out or know how to balance their school work. So I think that if their goal is to party, they should forfeit their spot to someone who wants to be there to learn.


Artistic people would not fit here. Most people here are people that are truly-focused on there career and sports. This isn't a school know for it's art department. Most kids here are sports fanatics and probably wouldn't get along with the artsy types.


Someone who doesn't like to party, isn't interested in meeting others or making friends, and doesn't like the weather in New England.


Someone with a closed mind about trying new things and meeting new people should not attend this school. Uconn requires an open mind and a willingness to step outside of one's comfort zone and into the unknown.


Someone who doesnt like a big school. its like its own little city. my first choice of school was in NYC or boston; i got into both my top choices but couldn't afford them. thats why i chose uconn.


If you do not plan on doing any work then your should not attend this school. When you go to school, you are suppose to work hard in order to do well. The University of Connecticut is known as a party college, but that should not be the reason for you to attend. College is about learning and is a once in a lifetime oppurtunity. In general, a person that does not want to do any work, should not go to school. Everyone that has graduated has put in the time and effort to do what they love.


The type of person that shouldn't attend the University of Connecticut is someone that is unmotivated, unorganized, lazy, and not social. To attend the university you should be willing to work and achieve your best. You have to have goals to set for yourself and work hard to make those a reality. Being social is important as well because you want to meet and join many different groups in order to get involved on campus.


In all honesty, quiet people who like to sleep at night.


Someone who doesnt like to work hard and do well.


I would imagine the kind of person who shouldn't attend this school to be someone that is racist, sexist, or prejudice to another person's beliefs.


A person that is open-minded, academically focused and is ready to have a great college experiece.


Do not go to UConn if you're looking for individualized attention from your teachers and intimate relationships with your classmates from the beginning of your college career.


Uconn is not for you if you like small tight-knit schools. It is a huge campus with thousands of people living on top of each other all doing their own thing. It's great if you like big schools but with the huge lecture halls and eight massive dining halls, it doesn?t exactly have that small town feel and get to know people. If you're not outgoing it may be difficult to make friends; because of the size, you have to make an effort to keep in touch. It?s unlikely to just ?bump into? each other.


A person should not attend this school if they like to recieve individual help. During your first two years you are not taking classes particularily for your major, mostly gen eds, therefore your average class size will be around 100-300 students. Also if you don't want to go to a big school, UCONN has about 16,000 undergraduates. A person that feels more comfortable in a smaller environment should not attend UCONN because the campus here is also very large.


Someone who does not like large campuses with some lectures up to 200-300 people per class. Someone who prefers city life shouldn't go either because it's out in farm-land.


Urban city goers, and kids who are slackers because it's actually challenging.


Anybody that is willing to have fun, but also do their school work.


Someone who cannot self-motivate.


UConn is a great place for anyone. It is really what you make of your time there.


A person with school spirit and a hardy appetite for hard work should attend the University of Connecticut.


Someone who is looking for a small school with a smal student population , someone who wants to be really close to a city atmosphere, and students who are not motivated to study should not attend this school.


someone that wants alot of diversity or a small campus


I really don't think that there is any one type of person that shouldn't attend this school. I truly believe that UConn has something to offer every kind of person. There are so many different kinds of classes to take and so many activities to get involved in. I think that anyone could find their fit here.


This campus is very large, in size and population. It is easy to get discouraged if you are from a small town area outside of Connecticut. The classes are large, the dorms are cramped, so you have to be able to adjust to sharing room with others and in order to form relationships with other classmates and professors you have to be willing to step out of your comfort zone, but once you do, it's an amazing experience and definitely worth it.


anyone who isnt serious about getting a college education anyone who just wants to party hardy should not bother attending


If you don't like big schools or big classes because for the first few years these are mostly the classes you will be taking. Also there is a real big school feel in regards to sports, etc.


If you are not willing to study during mid-terms and final or cannot take work loads then this is probably not the best school for you. If you just got by in high school, you probably will not succeed in UCONN. Be prepared to write large reseach papers and spending a lot of time in the library studying.


Someone who is dedicated to school and plans on making a good future for themselves


anyone not willing to focus on an education


UConn is extremely diverse; anyone could easily fit in here.