University of Connecticut Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about UCONN is the huksy pride. Any sporting event is packed with loud cheering students; but the pride doesn't stop there, everyone wears their UCONN apparel around campus.


Although I do not have any precious experiences at the University of Connecticut, I have talked to wonderful people through the phone. They have been there to answer my multiple questions concerning my application.


UConn is a large, first class campus with a variety of disciplines set privately in the middle of Connecticut farmland. I wasn't too sure about my major and wanted to go somewhere that allowed me to change majors easily if I had to.


There's a plethora of clubs and groups to be a part of and events to attend. Don't be afraid of this school's size. These facets narrow your social life so you can find people you truly connect with.


Rather than UConn being a college within a city, UConn is the city. Storrs is a small town almost in the middle of nowhere, which lends to UConn's unique feel as its own community.


The best thing about my school is the faculty. From what I've experienced so far they are mostly all very friendly and helpful with any problems you may have-teachers, advisers, and anyone else I have had to deal with so far have provided an excellent experience.


Solidarity. Anyone who is a UConn student, no matter if they commute, live on campus, off campus or use a satellite campus as their main, are all treated the same. As a commuter who spent half my time at a satellite, and all 4 years commuting, I was also impressed and thankful for how easy it was to feel a part of the community.


They are always improving the buildings, equiptment, and class variety. They just started adding more diverse classes that interested me in my field of study. There is a great variety of different classes you can take for credit. They even have a MMA class that I took my first semester!Amazing!


The campus is a good mix of old brick with new modern steel buildings


Everyone is very lively and contribute to an overall positive environment.


I love that my school has so many connections and is considered an amazing research university throughout the country. The university has a great deal of partnerships with other schools, countries and even companies that allows it students to pursue whatever they desire to their heart's content. I love the fact that I will have a great deal of assistance in searching for internships when the time comes. Overall, I believe that my university has a great deal of opportunites to offer its students to assist them in realizing their full potential.


The variety of things that you want to do on campus and off. There are so many things available to you, resources and fun that you just need to get out there and be involved.


I think the people at my school are the best, they are nice, friendly, and outgoing. We greet people with smiles, we always are smiling and it just makes you feel at home. They school itself is warming and welcoming you will instintly fall in love with UCONN.


The many different majors.


Assortment! UCONN has the resources for any student to feel like they genuinely belong; the school is so diverse in its students because of the thousands of courses, hundreds of clubs, and tens of resident halls. Every day, I love meeting new people whether it's at the gym, at band practice, in South dining hall, or walking past Mirror Lake. Life at UCONN is never boring; each student has the ability to make their four years as an undergraduate the best years of their life! I cannot imagine my life without UCONN; GO HUSKIES!


I consider the extensive animal facilities and the advanced animal science program the best things about the University of Connecticut. As an animal science major, I especially appreciate the animal facilities and how the animals are used as valuable resources for teaching and learning. I not only am I employed at the barns gaining valuable animal experience, but also have been able to see first-hand the animals used in teaching labs. The animal science faculty uses the animals very well and the hands on approach really enhances the learning experience.


The best thing about the Uniersity of Connecticut is that there is always something going on. The university is always hosting some kind of social event, free performance, or guest lecture. Whatever you're interested in, it seems like there is always something to do provided for you.


The best thing about UConn is the school pride and campus life. Whether just going to the Union or attending a basketball game at Gampel Pavilion, there is always something to do on campus which makes up for the lack of surrounding excitement. Those who have attended Uconn, are currently attending UConn, or will attend UConn in the future exude such pride in the university and what it represents. The on campus atmosphere is electric, not only because of sporting events, but because of the student body's thirst for knowledge also.


The community atmosphere at UConn is great. Everyone is very engaged in the overall school spirit.


The best thing about my school is that there are a lot of events on campus that make students feel comfortable on campus.


The best thing about my school is its massive resources it provides to the students. It allows many oppertunities to the students, provides centers where students get to meet new people, and it provides many help centers to help students throughout their time on the university.


What makes the University of Connecticut so ideal is its determination to produce successful students. The courses are difficult and the work load can be overwhelming, but the end result is a promising career. I am a transfer student to UCONN from Roger Williams University. UCONN was a drastic change from type of academics I was accustomed to at Roger Williams. However, the University of Connecticut has transformed me into a student I did not know I was capable of becoming. I am now a harder working student than I have ever been who truely values the importance of education.


The best thing about the University of Connecticut is all the activities that you can get involved in and the number of people there are to meet. I love how big the campus is because it's big enough that you don't feel like you have to get to know everyone like in high school, but small enough where you still pass a lot of your friends walking to class. I also like that the whole town of Storrs is the UConn campus. And because it's its own little town, there's a lot of school spirit.


The best thing about the University of Connecticut is the diversity and size of the school. There are all different types of people that attend the university and it gives the campus a very different feel. The size also helps because with so many people of all different cultural backgrounds you are certain to meet many different people and expand your social horizons.


The experience in itself. A lot of people do not get to do this.


i am very open-minded and i love meeting new people from different enthnic and religious backgrounds.


The best thing about Uconn is the quality of education we receive for the price. The classes are challenging and make it worth the degree we receive.


There is a strong sense of school spirit here. Many of the students (and their families) are avid sports fans. Football games and basketball games are big events at UCONN. Everyone is pretty friendly and willing to help, whether it is letting you know which shuttle takes you where, or helping you study for a particular class. Since the majority of UCONN students are open to meeting new people and the school spirit is so strong, campus life is made easier and more fun.


The best thing about my school is the networking you can do with professors and the guidance that you can receive from them. They are willing to spend time with you to talk about the specifics of your field, and I have found that most of the professors I had truly had a passion for teaching.


I think the best thing about UCONN is the fact that a student will never be bored. Attending sporting games, participating in intermural sports, joining a club, participating in volunteer work, pledging a fraternity or sorority, getting involved in helping other students, taking advantage of the numerous career, academic, or other resources on campus, or simply challenging oneself in academics. There is a vast variety of things to do on campus is endless. At UCONN, there is something for everyone and anyone.


The classes are very good.


For the previous four years before attending the University of Connecticut, I attended Vermont Technical College in Randolph, Vermont. I earned two Associate's Degrees while at Vermont, and although I did fairly well there, my level of work was a struggle when it came to UConn. What I like best about UConn, is the infinite resources it has available to me. There is no reason to not understand something, because there are tutors in virtually everything, and books, and computers, and you can pretty much find anything here you need and use it to your advantage.!!


The best thing about Uconn is that is gives its students a chance to be successful by providing them with a variety of academic career paths to follow while providing them with many components to have an active social life. This is important because by providing students with ways to succeed academically and socially, Uconn gives its students an easy way to have a well-proportioned life during college.


I am not sure


The school spirit especially when it comes to athletics. Sporting events defiantely bring everyone together.


There are endless amounts of extra-curricular activities at Uconn. From the skydiving club, to volunteering with the homeless, to the ecohusky student group. All of which I hope to become fully involved in next year. It's such a great way to meet a wide range of people with similar interests, especially because of Uconn's very diverse student body.


The best part of UCONN is that everyone fits in and there is a wide vareity of students with similar interests.. No matter what a student's interests are, there is a club or activity for everything. New clubs are easy to form and quickly gathers interest of fellow students. Students at the school think of the campus as their home, and their new friends as family. There is always someone to go to if you need help, or just someone to talk to. Friends that I made while attending school will be my friends for long after graduation.


Even though the campus is huge, I get a sense of community wherever i live and its very easy to meet people within dorms or out on weekends. Very friendly environment overall.


The best thing about my school is the independence and freedom offered not only in each students social life, but also in their academic planning and course scheduling. Basically every aspect of the school is in your hands, and it is very easy to do what you please.


My school is very unique in the way students operate. Many students choose the laissez-faire attitude, not doing much work and sort of just hanging out. The other half of the student body is very dedicated to their studies and being successful. I would say the diversity of the University of Connecticut is the best thing. Everything about UConn is different and unique in its own way.


The best thing about my school is the school spirit, especially surrounding our sports teams. All the time you see people with UCONN gear on and supporting our school in everything that we do. It gives this campus such a sense of unity.


The best thing about UConn would be the interaction students have with one another, this is made possible based upon the campus size.


The number of people on campus may seem overwheilming at first, however, I have noticed is a fairly diverse population in terms of race, gender, and interests.


the best thing about uconn is that it is totally about the students


The amount of activities available along with the academic opportunities and recognition.


Even though there is limited diveresity here, I feel as though I am exposed to many different kinds of people and interests across both my campus community and outside areas.


UConn has a strong sense of pride and spirit. The student population is made up of a diverse group of young adults from all over the country. The professors and academic advisors/faculty are all very helpful and truly want you to succeed. There is a place for everyone on this campus.


gampel pavillion (the basketball arena on campus)


How well it addresses students needs academically


UCONN Storrs has a big campus, students take pride in the university. Students are a big fan of their college basketball team. The university is culturally diverse. Students are very social and friendly. The school has large infrastructures that are up to date with the latest technology.