University of Dayton Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I had know how important it is to effectively manage your time. It's very easy to get distracted, especially when you're on your own for the first time. You need to prioritize your classwork, and not get too caught up in the social aspect of college.


I wish I knew better time management skills. I had no idea what studying was until I arrived at college, and it was eye-opening.


I wish I had come to visit someone before I came to start the 2011-2012 school year. I had difficulties in the beginning with the orientation in the campus and I think if I had previously come it would have been a lot easier for me. Another thing was the large ethnical diversity among the students. I found it difficult to get used communicating with absolutely different people from the other side of the globe because I wasn't prepare for it.


One thing I wish I would have known about the school before coming here is the importance of joining a club or organization because that is a great way to meet friends that share similar interests as you do.


I wish I would have known that my college is so much more expensive than other colleges in the area, but doesn't give as much financial aid as the rest. I'm not sure if I am better off at this school because one of the other main schools in my city is much more diverse, commuter-student friendly, and has similar internship opportunities to the ones that I've had at my current college--at a MUCH lower price.


I wish I had known that I would be drawn much closer to Christ than I though I would. I never knew that they school could put on such praise for God.


I wish I had known, before coming to UD, how much money it would end up costing and how much debt I am putting myself/my family into by going there. I am the first in my family to go to college, so we weren't entirely aware of/prepared for how much of a burden it has ended up placing on us.


How things worked a little better before hand instead of learning it all through trial and error. Like what spirit points are for and how meal plan really worked.


I wish I had known about Major-only classes. Sometimes it's harder to get into classes you're interested in them, but not that specific major.


When I was looking for a college to attend, I did not have the advantage of the internet. I found a college close to home and did not look any farther. I went to a private Catholic college which was more expensive than other colleges would have been. I wish I had taked the time to do more research on different local colleges.


It's hard to think of something I wish I'd known before coming to UD. Anything I might have had questions about were easily answered by faculty/staff/other students. I can't really think of anything.


I wish I would've known a little more about the on campus housing. I regret the dorm that I lived in freshmen year--although it was one of the nicest, it was not the best community!


I was fairly prepared. There is nothing I could think of


I really wish I could have known about all the opportunities that the University of Dayton offers. For instance, Career Services can help build a resume and assist people with looking for internships. There are numerous clubs and activites that the University offers to its students. I really wish I would have gotten more involved with some of these organizaions. By doing this, I would have made more connections with the University's community and surrounding community. In general, I would say that getting involved in campus life is key to making friends and building connections.




All of the extra-curricular activities (sports, music, etc.) that I could join the day I got there.


How poor the financial aid programs at this school are.


Where the buildings were located.


I wish I would have known just how much I was going to love going there...I would appreciate it more than I already do!


I had a pretty good idea of what I was getting myself into.


One of the thing's I didn't really realize coming in is how much of a party school UD really was but it usually isn't the focus of the student's. Other than that I would just say be outgoing and meet new people and make some friends because that's what college is for.


How much tuiton would rise


That I didn't have to choose a major right away, and that you can visit career services as a freshman.


I think the amount I knew about the community here and the social atmosphere was everything i needed to know. Also, I knew this school was great for engineers.


Exactly which classes I would have to be taking for my major course of study. I also wish I would have known how many on-campus jobs there were so I could look into them and possibly work during the semester.


I wish I had known how much tuition was going to raise each year. Also, I wish I would have know how hard it was going to be to get around to go grocery shopping and travel to stores without a car.


That it is very conducive to simultaneious majors/degrees. If I would have known before the second semester of my sophmore year that I could take certain classes that would overlap into different majors I would have been able to graduate with atleast 3 BA/BS's.