University of Delaware Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I am still applying so I don't know what to brag about yet. Although I'm not really a bragger.


I brag about the beautiful campus, the amazing students/people I meet here, and the opportunities we have available to be successful.


I like how close it is to my house. All my friends have to move so far, stay in hotels before they move in etc. and I am able to simply drive twenty minutes and be there.


I always brag about the campus. It is so beautiful. The dorms are all being updated so the living situation is really great. I also always talk about Main Street and how close it is to campus. There is so much to do outside of school and that is a big selling point.


It's fun. There is something for every group and every interest.


This is going to be my first semester at UD, but what drew me to the school was the atmosphere, the challenging nature of the courses, and the college town feel.


UD is an exciting place with a beautiful campus, innumerable opportunities for involvement in student life, and a great curriculum. Being surrounded by the University’s rich history and the vigorous intellectual life at UD makes me feel like a part of something bigger. I am thrilled to be a part of an excellent engineering program with numerous opportunities to minor, do research, and be involved in hands-on learning. Although this is my first semester, I already feel like I have a family within my department.


I brag about the classes and the quality of the teachers. The teachers that I have had have all been really good and they all love the subject they teach. I love seeing the passion that they show for their area of expertise. I also think that they campus is very safe and the keep it in very good condition.


I'm sure I'll be able to get a job once I graduate, soon after.


I brag about the atmosphere at UD. The location is a campus and a town at the same time; it is a perfect combination without being too big to not feel involved or too small to feel crammed. Also, there is such a great combination of diverse students, either from in state, out of state, or out of country! I have met so many diverse students, including my roomate who's from Italy. The atmosphere that is created from its location and its mix of people is overall pleasurable.


reputation of the school and jobs alumni have


I usually brag about how pretty the architecture and landscaping is. The whole campus has a very calming atmosphere.


The University of Delaware was ranked in the top 60 colleges of the United States.


The quality of education you get in the classroom and the desire for you to succeed by the professors. They are willing to work with you and make sure you get the most out of the class and also give you study skills to help you succeed in other classes as well.


I brag the most about the nonacademic education I received at University of Delaware. Because the school is so large, I was able to partake it various activities. I took ballet and ballroom dance lessons; I was extremely active in Greek life; I watched the school play every year and attended many concerts of various UD bands and orchestras. I volunteered and participated in many community service endeavors with several UD organizations: soup kitchens, fundraisers, walks etc. I also worked in the Office for Annual Giving, raising money for the school. This was a large, important part of my education.


First, I brag about the diversity of my school. With such a wide variety of people and academics, there is something for everyone. I also tell everyone about the closeness of our campus, even though we are a rather large school.


It's one of the top schools for Chemical Engineering, and the accepted me as a Chemical Engineering major. It has a beautiful campus too.


I don't brag very much. I am not that happy with my choice to go to this school, so there is not much for me to brag about.


The campus is beautiful and centralized in the town of Newark, DE. There are a lot of restaurants and shops downtown to socialize with friends or grab a bite to eat between classes. The library is a great place to study and the whole campus is WIFI capable. My sorority is the best and helps me as a commuter student to feel connected to campus. My History Education major is challenging, but I have learned to balance my social life with my academics, so I am happy with my classes and professors.


Mainly, I brag about how clean the campus is, how fun the weekends are, and how the classes are challenging, but if you show an honest effort and try your hardest, improvements are realized by the professors. Delaware offers a range of class sizes, something my friend's colleges are often lacking, and it is easy to make fast friends with the other students. The atmosphere on campus is positive, even during final exam week, which is a hard feat to accomplish.


I brag about how academically challenging my school is. My mom and I love to tell people where I attend school because of how well known my school is. My friend?s always ask how work is and how professors teach compared to other school. I feel very honored to attend the University of Delaware because it is a very regional accredited school with 97 percent of its graduate?s landing a job within 6 months of graduation


I mostly brag about the classes I particularly liked, and professors with whom I connected, as well as memories I've made with fellow students.


It's free! I'm a University of Delaware student without the costs and the ability to live at home and work. I'd say that's pretty awesome.


I definitely brag the most about how the academics at the University of Delaware are legitimate and serious compared to some other colleges. Considering how research based this institution is, everything that is done both in and out of the classroom in regards to academics poses a challenge to students in every field. Everything is not given to us; we must go and explore to find an answer. As a result, to excel academically in classes places a person a step above those who attend a school of lower academic values. UD compromises of intelligent people.


The campus is really pretty.


I don't really brag about my school. Most other people (non-students), have heard about Delaware and know what goes on here.


(My current GPA is 3.84) I tell them the campus is absolutely gorgeous (which it is.)


The study abroad experiences I've had through the University. I've been to France and Italy as a Three Language Major, and not only has it helped me with language proficiency, but I had experiences and memories that will last me a lifetime!


I often tell my friends about how kind and helpful the Americans with Disabilities Act Office (ADA office) has been over the past year. If a professor was ever giving me trouble, I could tell the ADA office and they would talk to them. They also put all of my books into MP3s so I could listen to them as I read each chapter for class.


The thing that I brag about most is the campus at the University of Delaware, it is covered with tons of flowers and trees and always looks pretty regardless of the season. Complete with a large farm and a variety of buildings its a beautiful place to be.


The campus is beautiful and its big but small enough that you can walk from anywhere. The main campus where all the classes are have a really nice green with plenty of benches and grass that you could just sit and enjoy the weather. I just love the environment here!! On a nice day everyone is outside playing some type of game.


I love the town and social aspect of the university.


The campus itself is very beautiful. That alone is enough to brag, although I think what makes my school great is the relationships I have formed with others and the experiences I've had so far. The friends that I have at my school are definitely people I can see being life-long friends.


It's fun and a good school. Joe Biden went here!


It's hard to pick just one thing to brag about. The University of Delaware has so much to offer - from Greek life, to performing arts groups, as well as almost any academic major you could think of. School spirit is pretty big, and a great way to show support for UD. The campus is gorgeous, and the Green is the perfect place to lay out on a nice day. The professors are helpful, and challenge students in a positive way.


My fraternity


My apartment, my friends, and my rabbi.


What I love the most about my University is that all classes are within walking distance. It will never take you more than 10 minutes to walk across campus. I also like the fact that you do not have to participate in Greek life in order to make friends or go to parties. Even though this school if fairly big, you can make it as small as you like, and see friends daily.


When I say I attend the University of Delaware I generally get an AHHHH! which is positive.


My on-campus dorm and some of my classes.


I brag about how school spirited my school is. It's also a really fun school, and there is always something to do. UD is gorgeous and looks straight out of a picture perfect magazine. The landscaping is very scenic.


When I tell my friends and family about my school, I love to tell them how beautiful the campus and surrounding area are. The University of Delaware is a hybrid school of sorts. That is, it gets its funding from alumini and from the local state government. Because of this, a lot of the money is put into the beautifucation of the school, its buildings, and school supplies. There are also many state parks in the area that are extremely beautiful.


I brag the most about my major. We have a real restaurant and Marriott on campus run by the students. It's absolutely amazing.


I brag the most about my football team and the social situation here at UD.

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