University of Delaware Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


I do not think my school has many bad things.


There's no air conditioning in some of the dorms.


The worst part about the University of Delaware is definitely the cost of tuition. As an out-of-state student, tuition is ridiculously expensive. Be wary as an out-of-state student, you will probably have an exorbitant amount of debt when you graduate as I will.


The University of Delaware is a fairly large school that is located in the middle of Newark, Delaware. Although University of Delaware and Newark police strive for public safety, the City of Newark is not the safest place. There have been countless cases of theft and assault that occurs late at night, especially on the weekend. To combat this, students are encouraged walk in groups late at night and be aware of emergency phones that have been placed throughout the campus. Despite this danger, the University of Delaware is still a fantastic University that is constantly improving itself.


I consider the difficulty the worst part. But if it werent for the difficulty, it wouldnt be ranked so highly.


I think that the worst thing about my school from my overall experience is the lack of support with advisors. Each time I went to an advisor for help it seemed as if they circled around my question. I have heard this from other students as well. It made the process a little more difficult and I had to seek out the help of a professor instead of my advisor.


The worst thing about my school is the public transportation available to places off-campus. Perhaps it is my own unique experience biasing my opinion, however there are no trains or buses that go to my home in central New Jersey. Furthermore, any buses or trains to the city are painstakingly expensive, so sometimes it can feel a bit stuffy on campus. It is also extremely expensive to have a car on campus, so even individual transportation home can be limited.


It seems to rain so much! It sucks when it is so cold and raining and you have to walk to class.


The school is very diverse... but only if you know where to look. For the most part it is full of cookie-cutter sorority girls/ frat boys. They all act, dress, talk, and party the same way. If you are interested in that kind of social life, whether occassional or often, it is the right school. otherwise, it is annoying. Many times they are distracting to those who actually have to work to earn their degree.


There is a drinking problem that allows students to pass things they really should fail.


I do not consider anything that bad at all.


I believe the worst thing about my school is educational guidance. My school makes it a point for students to not be pressured in choosing a specific major their freshamn or sophmore year. It is widely accepted to be undecided for underclassman. However, I belive this is a financial advantage to the university. When many students are undecided they usually do not graduate on time unless they take an enormous amount of credits or take summer and winter classes. Classes in semesters other than in fall or spring means more money for the school.


My school is very large. Which in result, we have large classes. It is difficult for the professor to know everyone in the class and I feel that if they did then student would learn better.


Social life, Greek life system is not well-run, too controlled, no alcohol allowed, police are out to get you,


The worst thing about my school is the overall quality of the student body. Sometimes I feel like many of the people that go here are shallow and come to party only without a clear direction in life.


Nothing, I absoultely love everything about the school.


I think the worst thing about the University of Delaware is it's lack of diversity. Unlike most larger schools that have a variety of students migrating from all areas of the United States and even other countries, Delaware's student base is mainly pooled from neighboring highschools. At Delaware the college experience is more like a continuation of high school rather than a new enlightening experience with new people.


There is nothing bad about my school because the teachers are great and help us students when we need it.


It's only four years.


The large size is really something that takes getting used too. It poses alot of complexities.


Acceptance into some majors is hard to come by. Lower standards would be helpful to people who wish to change their major.


The worst thing about my school is that it doesn't feel like a close community. It feels like everyone is seperated by different races, genders, and even just plain old looks. The thing that I loved about my high school is that everyone came together and everyone was different. From what i've heard college is supposed to be this big mixing pool of different types of people that want to be exposed to different types of personalities.


Depending on your dorm's location, the nearest bus stop could be up to a 20-minute walk away.


I think alot of the majors have requirements that make it difficult to graduate in four years.


The worst thing about my school is the tuition. The University of Delaware is a public institution and is not generous in scholarships.


The worst thing about my school is probably the cuts in our budget. The recent recession has forced us to take cuts in all of our programs and it has soemwhat affected our campus life.


The worst thing about the University of Delaware is the size. There are so many people on campus that you never see the same face twice. It's difficult to get to know your teachers as the classes have up to 400 students in them. Sometimes it is difficult to focus during classes of this size because you have to sit so far away from the professor in the lecture hall.


I consider the worst thing about my school the size of my engineering classes. As we progress in engineering, our options in classes are limited. Each mechanical engineering class I am enrolled in includes all 90 or so of my fellow junior mechanical engineers. I had thought that as I completed each year, the classes would get smaller. Also, because my classes include all of the mechanical engineers from my year, I do not have any options as to when and with whom I take my classes.


There is not a very quiet place to study in my dorm building. I walked to the library a lot, in order to concentrate.


My least favorite thing about UD is the high cost of living. I had to live at home this year because I couldn't afford to live in a dorm, and the ridiculous prices of parking, tuition, and books have drained our college funds. I don't want to take out Student Loans, I don't want my parents to use their retirement savings, and I'm supposed to practice my violin 4 hours a day, so I can't get a job. I feel stuck.


I would consider the worst thing about my school is that they do not provide enough financial aid and seem to increase the tuition every year.


The worse thing about the school is that the campus is big, so when you need to get somewhere and the shuttle buses are running slow, you may have to walk a long distance.


I consider the distance some of the freshmen dorms are from the main campus the worst thing about my school. I don't like the fact that my fellow peers and I have to walk between 15-20 minutes to get to some of our classes, especially for our early morning classes. In nice, warm weather the walk can be good, but when one might be rushing to class in the cold weather it's not so nice.


I think the worst thing about my school is probably the location. I grew up in the suburbs, and it has always been my dream to go to a city school where there is a lot to do. I chose my university not based off of geographical location, but because I really love the university However, the biggest downfall of my school is that there is not a city nearby that I could go to to attend a play or see a museum. There isn't as much to do on my campus because there is no city surrounding it.


The worst thing about my school is the dining hall food. They repeat the same meals over and over, and the food is not good. They should also have healthier foods to help students avoid the "freshman fifteen".


The freedom that I have as a college student has been both the best and the worst thing. In high school, my mother set the rules and my schedule. As a college Freshman, I make my own schedule decisions. It is really easy to make mistakes. At "UD" there is no one to tell you when to study or not to socialize when it is time to work. I had to become an adult in just one semester! I don't know if it is the same at other colleges, but it is that way at mine.


The worst thing about my school is the amount of financial aid that students receive. This takes a lot of opportunties away from students.


The worst thing about the school would be the lack of a winning football team. Sounds strange but such an achievement tends to bring the school together under one mantle. Two years ago when the school went to the finals and won, the amount of brotherhood (and sisterhood) present on the school grounds was palpable. Random greetings with everyone on the paths, everyone was beaming, it was the greatest school spirit moment. There is a base level of school spirit, but at that time it was ridiculous.


I really do not have anything to truly complain about my school. I do think that if campus policies weren't as strict, then there wouldn't be a fear to go out and have fun.


There really isn't anything horribly wrong about UD.


The students don't get a complete taste of the "college life" because we are a satellite location of the University of Delaware. Many of us don't even feel like University of Delaware students.


Some of the programs here are very difficult to complete in four years if you do not stick to a strict class sequence. You need to be careful about when the courses you need to take are offered and if they require any prerequisites because if you miss this, you will ultimately need to go to school for an extra semester or two.


The worst thing I consider about my school is the large size of the classes and sometimes the inaccessibility to talk with professors outside of class.


There are a lot of deuche bags from new jersey. they are guido's and are trashy.


The dining hall. There weren't enough choices. I'm a very picky eater and I ended up having salad 6 out of 7 days I went.


The worst thing about Delaware would be the consistency of the quality of its food. In the entire campus there are four main dining halls where students can eat. However of those few four there is usually one which lags way behind the rest in terms of overall food quality, availability, and seating. Delaware needs to make sure that all their facilities provide the same quality no matter where there location is on campus. This would make it easier to choose housing because eating would not be a factor.


What do I dislike about my school? Drinking. It's a problem faced by college campuses across the nation. I consider it the worst fault about the university I attend, if others exist. Why endanger yourselves, influence your friends, and dissapoint or worry your family, when the cup in your hands gets the best of you? Poor judgement, lowered boundaries to temptation, and aggressive driving could all result from the seemingly harmless but very dangerous act of lifting that beer to your lips. To this day, how many college students have been mobbed, rapped, or even killed because of alcohol?


If you looking for a school that will have all their sports on ESPN this is not that place. I love attending the football games but the one thing i would like would be to have larger sports events. Besides football there is no other sport that people attend on a regular basis.


could use move financial aid


PARTY SCHOOL. Administration is hard on its students and isn't big on giving a lot of chances.

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