University of Delaware Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Any kind of person can find their fit at UD.


Any type of person should attend the University of Delaware. We are an eclectic student body. Delaware has many differnet majors, clubs, foods, sports, greek life and people. It may take some time, but you will find your'e niche and yourself at the University of Delaware. Picking a college is a scary, but exciting choice for many young adults. Just know, at the University of Delaware, just be yourself and you will thrive.


Someone best suited to attend the University of Delaware is someone who is very outgoing , possibly interested in joining greek life, or playing a sport, but also committed to working towards a good education. The University of Delaware is not a cheap school to attend so someone who plans on coming here should be willing to put in the work needed to be successful, but also willing to try new things and step outside of the box to meet new people and live new experiences.


Any person who has a desire to learn and be prepared for their career can attend this school. University of Delaware is a very diverse school that can accomodate anyone and everyone. Any person can feel at home here and, with some effort, can do well here.


A person that is dedicated to excellence, which means hard work and a lot of effort into your studies. Also, one that is well-rounded, who enjoys socializing with others.


The type of person who shoudl attend the University of Delaware is an outgoing, intelligent and spirited person. You should be willing to do community service or join the campus fund raisers. You should be open to being friends with everyone and not being part of a click. You should like the outdoors and appreciate all that our campus has to offer. You should be healthy and active and want to join either groups in the arts or the many clubs including sports clubs and intramural sports. You should want to have a fun!


One who likes a challenge academically in a small town and doesn't mind being around wealth.


Anybody really. Diversity is important and UD has it.


someone who really wants to break out of their shell and meet a variety of different and friendly new people


Any person could join this school unless the school does not have the major they want.


Any student that is motivated, self driven and wants to do well in life. Also, any student that is interested in engineering or medicine; this is a pretty good school for sciences. A student who loves to have fun but also knows when its time to work is the prime student for this school.


A person who enjoys the feeling of a nice college town and who enjoys getting extremely involved with clubs, greeks, and sports. Also, a person who wants to be a name to a professor and not just a number.


The grades are not given out free and you do need to attend class but it is up to the individual as to how hard you work or want to be involved in the school. It has over 20,000 students on campus and is more of a town than as opposed if you were looking for a city. I would say a person who likes the mix of a good size campus but the location is in a small state.


The University of Delaware is an extremely diverse college. There is a large variety of cultures and beliefs represented at this school. No matter what one's background may be, they will be able for find others with a common interst and manage to fit in smoothly. However, this school is academically challenging. It is meant for any person who is willing to put in the time and effort to reach the work expectations. If one can do that, then they will succeed at the University of Delaware.


The University of Delaware is a very diverse, yet unified school. There are people from all backgrounds and lifestyles. I think my school would be a good choice for anybody wishing to pursue a higher education in a wide variety of fields, or, for someone like me, someone who is not yet sure what they want to major in, because there are so many options. Anybody with a strong will to learn and to graduate with a good head start would be a perfect match for UD.


The University of Delaware is such an interesting school, that it's dfficult to limit the student demographic to solely one description. Most students come from same/silimar upbringing and even the same towns, so there is monotany. But anyone who's willing to work hard, is willing to learn about different cultures and ideas, and is ready to be challenged socially, emotionally, and all other aspects to the fullest, can and should attend this school. Some great leaders graduated from UD...most of us feel obligated to continue that rich legacy.


Someone who has good time management skills and is able to focus on school first and then social activities later.


A person that knows what they want to do in life should attend this school. A person who likes to meet new people, learn new things, and try new things will really enjoy it here. Also a person who enjoys watching great football games and loves school spirit will fit in great here.


The type of person that should attend this school should be a very well- rounded person. A well-rounded person that should attend this school would be willing to work hard but know how to manage time between school, friends, and other activities, as well as being very down to earth and open to new and interesting things.


The type of person who should attend the University of Delaware is some one who is committed to hard work, but also loves football and school spirit and the idea of a college town.


Someone who likes to get involved with many activities and socialize yet is still serious about school work. This is a great school for the sciences and research, but also for people into things like fashion, restaurant management, and business and communications. Do not fear being shy, there's a place for you here too. If you want to make friends and have fun while learning, you probably belong here.


The type of person that should attented this school should be interested in a career in either business or education. Both of those programs at this school are very well organized and well known. Other programs have less prestige, but are still good.


The type of person that should attend the University of Delaware should be someone who understands that education is the reason why he/she is there, but can also be outgoing and have fun. The person doesn't have to be into partying because there is a lot of fun activities and events to do on weekends that don't include partying. Most importantly though, the person needs to be serious about their education.


A person who is driven and independent should attend this school. The University of Delaware is a large school where one really has to work hard to stand out in his classes. If he does not understand the material, he himself has to work up the nerve to go talk with the professor and learn the material because the classes are so large that the professors do not go out of their way to make sure that each individual understands the material, they just go by the overall test scores. In order to do well here you must work hard.


Someone who doesn't want to be to far away from home. Its in an ideal location, 40 minutes from Philadelphia, 2 hours from New York and 2 hours from DC. So if you're ever bored, stressed or homesick you can go and visit family on the weekend or spend some time in the City.


A well-rounded person should attend the University of Delaware. People who do not mind diversity of races and backgrounds should attend this school also. A person who has a great work ethic and who are organized. People who are willing to get involved on campus should definitely attend the University. Also people who are very friendly and want to meet new people should attend the University of Delaware.


The University of Delaware is for a person who is sincerely dedicated to his or her studies and has high aspirations to succeed in his or her desired field of study. This school is strongly devoted to research; therefore, those who wish to excel in life through research base institutions would definitely enjoy this university. In addition, UD encourages students to become involved in the campus community through various organizations, ranging from community service, politics, to greek life. Also, people who are just friendly people and enjoy communicating with others would find this school suitable.


Driven, hard-working, open-minded.


Someone who is very outgoing and accepting of others. It is a great school, but students need to make it great for themselves. The campus is also very diverse, so a student needs to be aware and open to people different from themselves.


The school is very large so pretty much anyone can attend this school and find their niche. Everyone seems pretty accepting of others.


people that want to do well in life


University of Delaware is mostly for outgoing individuals who are looking to get the most out of their univeristy experience. Since it is such a large campus, there are groups of people and activities that suit all types of people. No matter what you are intersted in, you can find your niche here.


friendly, open-mind, flexiable, and deligent people


Our university welcomes the daring. Ever dreamt of white-water rafting? How about becoming a radio talk host? It also celebrates the familiar. Love student government? Play sports? Like music? They thrive. Our university awaits the intellectual. Be prepared to have ideas challenged. Class discussions are mind-turning and riveting. Finally, it offers an escape from a buzzing city or a chance to be part of a community. Have a taste for a rural, laidback feel with enough of an urban mix? You?ll love it. You could call this large town. You can call it a small city.


outgoing, fun, hardworking, focused students who enjoy being part of a community and learning a lot while still having a lot of fun in college


Someone who is very social, friendly, and tolerant both of religion and race. Also someone who isn't overwhelmed by bigger classes and has no trouble keeping up with the lesson plans.


I feel like many different types of people would be fine attending this school. However, I do feel that most people tend to be rather similar. The majority of the students are either from Delaware, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, or Maryland. Most are from middle class to upper middle class families. The social scene on campus is mostly a bunch of parties or when you turn 21 it's going to the bars. If you aren't into partying Delaware probably isn't going to be a very social campus for you.


One that has a strong academic or athletic background who is able to cope with balancing time between schoolwork and extracurricular activities. Some classes are easier than others, allowing some students to put minimal effort in at the beginning. When major courses arise, those students who took it easy in the beginning, struggle to get used to it, and sometimes turn to other majors as a result due to the wide variety offered here. It would be better to have an idea of where you want to go, rather than come in undecided.


Any kind of person would like this school, so long as they're not terribly sensitive to problems in housing, finances, or food services.


A person who has many interests, wants to get a well-rounded and rich education, meet students from all different states, be able to reinvent themselves whenever they want and who wants to gain a unique and valuable learning experience that will benefit them in the job market but who still wants to have a large social life with different groups of friends. This person would need to be a little more independent, because the school requires you to take the initiative with your education.


Someone who is willing to work hard, but also let loose and have some fun. UD is the perfect place for someone who is driven to have a successful career, but having an amazing experience along the way. Prospective students should be willing to try new things, but are also encouraged to continue growing previous interests of theirs.


I think that it would be easy to get lost at this school and get caught up in social activities like partying. A person at this school should be goal drivin and want to get involved in school activities. Most students that go to this school are white upper middle to upper class. Since I am not a minority at this school I don't know how difficult it may be for a person that is.


People who are willing to work hard to achieve their goals. People who know how to balance school work and fun.


An uppermiddle class to wealthy person who desires to learn based on what they want to do for their career. This school is hard for people who do not come in knowing exactly what they want to do with their life.


Anyone driven, intelligent, and looking to lead a bright future should not skip over the University of Delaware.


I believe a person that values their social life very highly would fit in perfectly at the University of Delaware. Also, someone who does not value diversity that much, because UD is lacking in the number of minorities and people who are "different" from the typical upper-middle class white student. Basically, I believe a student that values their education but likes to have fun with people very similar to themselves would be very happy at UD.


One who attends the University of Delaware should be motivated, dedicated, and passionate about a field of study. They must also be open to new ideas and situations involving diversity.


A person who is willing to work hard to receive their grade. The University of Delaware is a school that offers a lot of opportunities to its students. A person willing to take advantage of the opportunities it offers is the type of person that should attend this school. If you are looking to succeed, the University of Delaware is the place to be.


The majority of the campus is white, upper middle class. There is little diversity. So if you are comfortable fitting into that mold, then this school is mainly for you. Students here are also energetic about sporting events, and while the majority of students attend these events, you will not be leftout if you don't. Also this school has many parties.


Anyone. Delaware offers something for everone.

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