University of Delaware Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


people interested in a very academic university looking for a degree and to get into grad school.


University of Delaware is pretty big so it can accomodate many different personalities. I feel that almost anyone can find a niche to suit them at this school. But a person who would enjoy this school the most would be someone who likes a small town atmosphere. Main Street runs through campus with many cute shops and resturaunts. Anywhere you go you will see college students. It is not for someone who prefers more of a city atmosphere and wants to meet more than just fellow students. If you are interested in greek life it is a good choice.


Somebody who is willing to work hard and do all of their work not just to party...


A person that is going to attend the University of Delaware should be someone who is a hard worker and understands that you go to college, first and foremost, to get a great education. They should also be interested in putting themselves out there and getting involved with campus activities and activities in the surrounding city of Newark. And, a great UD candidate should be spirited and proud of being part of the University community.


A motivated individual that wants to be successful in college but challenged at the same time. Someone looking for a big school with lots to do on campus and on the weekends.


an ok person


a good looking person who is active outgoing and willing to try new things


People who like to be alone will not get the full experience out of this school. You need to want to meet new people and go out and do extracurricular activities. Getting involved in at least one group is really important to feel connected to the rest of the school. Generally you will not know close to half of the students in your class, but you will see many of them again, so people should want to get to know other students.


This school attracts mainstream and friendly suburban kids.


Students should be very good students, ready to accept responsibility as freshman and open to research and other outside of the classroom learning experiences. Students should also be aware that the college is more of a party school than most, but this has become less of the case each year.


people who love learning new things, meeting new people, and pursuing what they love to do in life


Anyone who wants to work hard at a good education, get involved in many activities, doesn't mind the somewhat large campus, meet new people, and enjoy your college experience.


Anyone willing to work hard. Students need to know that parties are big on this campus, and there will have to be a time when a distinction is given to party time and study time. I think personally caucassians may feel more comfortable, but all races are welcome. This is also a very spirited university, be prepared to feel left out if you are not the school spirit type.


Almost anyone will be able to find people they get along well with here. Being comfortable with its size and making sure it has the program you want are probably the most important factors.


Anyone! I thought U of Delaware was a perfect fit for me and could be for anyone. There are all types of people at Delaware, and you can find good friends no matter what you are looking for.

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