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Why did you decide to go to this school?


I decided to go to this school because of the outstanding academic reputation, and the large amount of things to get involved with. This school was my top choice, and to this day i have no regrets about it. Ever since getting here, i made an effort to get involved, and that also really enhanced my experience here.


Both of my parents attending the University of Delaware, as well as some of my aunts and uncles. Two of my cousins go to UD as well so Blue Hen pride is certainly in our family! In-state tuition was definitely a plus! Besides finances and family, UD is just such a great University. It challenges you academically but gives you plenty of outlets to relieve your stress. Also, I am 5 minutes from home and already had a stable job so I was not about to give those up!


Honestly, I was rejected from pretty much all the other schools I applied to. UD was my last choice because it was big and the local state school. I thought I'd be stuck with the people I went to high school with. I was pretty bummed about coming here, but I definitely don't hang out with my high school friends that much at all. It is east to get lost in the shuffle, but big schools also have the perk of having a lot to offer and there are always more people around the corner if the ones you're with are annoying you.


I visited UD with my sister and immediately fell in love with the campus. After that, I did some research on the school and since UD has great sciences, it fits me very well in a Bio/Pre-Med Major. It's proximity to Philly was a deciding factor, too. (less than an hour)


UD was what I pictured college to be, it was also a good distance from home, it had my major, I liked the size and the atmosphere, and i was accepted in to the Honors Program.


Recent Alum says how she decided to come to UD.


Student says he came to UD for its campus.


This student who came to UD as a freshman, transferred to UVA for sophomore year and ended up coming back to UD


A Student discusses the decision to come to Delaware.


A Student discusses the decision to come to Delaware.

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