University of Evansville Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish that I had been given some warning that there would be no grace period for new students. I understood that college classes required more work to be done, but we were given an extremely large amount of work right at the start. It would have been easier if I had been given time to adjust to college before so much work was given out.


Before attending the University of Evansville, I wish I would have known exactly what I wanted to major in. At a small school, such as mine, it is difficult to complete your educational track in just 4 years if you are not exactly positive of what you want to do. Classes generally meet at one time during the day; therefore there is never much flexibility in the class schedule.


I wish I had known that the classes would be significantly more difficult than high school ones, that it was perfectly okay to have no idea what I wanted to major in, and that the professors are very intelligent and supportive of their students.


I wish I had known how rural the area/students were. I'm from a large suburb outside of a major city, so I experienced some culture shock, but I don't regret my decision to attend UE.


I wish I had known to be more open and more of myself so I could have found the friends I now have sooner.


I wish I had know the tuition would be so much. It is currently $50,000 a year, but because of the benefits listed above, it is a school worth staying at, which is why I am applying for this scholarship.


I wish I had known about ordering books online for my classe instead of buying from the book store, because it was too expensive.


Before coming to this school, I wish I had known that it did not offer a huge variety of classes that are needed for my major. In fact (as an International Studies major) it is actually necessary for me to study abroad in order to fufill my upper division, specialized, class requirements.


There is nothing that I wish I had known before coming to this school because they explained everything thoroughly. I was not surprised by anything when I arrrived in August to start my freshman year. Campus tours as well as something called road trip that we have for prospective students are extrememly helpful with providing information. Prospective students though need to ask questions about the school and their education if they are truly intersested.


I wish that I had known how rigorous the coursework is at the University of Evansville. The professors are willing to help, but you have to be willing to put in the hard work and time in order to get a good grade.


I wish i had known how awesome this school is because then it wouldn't have been my second choice, it would've been my first choice.


I wish I had known how to be a more confident person so that I would not have wasted time meeting new people once I arrived at college. Being in a new environment and not knowing anyone is scary, but the moment I began meeting people I remembered why I had worked so hard to be able to attend the college of my choice. In high school, I wish I had known that college is the perfect time for acquiring new friendships with people who care greatly about their communities and world.


Before attending the University of Evansville, I wish I would have known how important it is to be involved at school. Almost all of the students attending UE are involved in Greek Life, clubs, organizations, etc. Being involved opens up many doors: from developing lifelong relationships to building self esteem. The possibilities are endless. I also wish I would have known that it's okay to be yourself and put yourself "out there". Unlike high school, you must be your true self at college to gain a great college experience. I havce found this at the University of Evansville.


It rains a lot here. You might want to bring rain boots and an unbrella or two.


I wish I would have known what I wanted to do when I graduated, whether it be a particular graduate school or a job at a particular company. This knowledge would have made choosing electives much easier.


The poor social scene, the bad quality of the food and residence halls, and the general feel of being more like high school than an actual adult.


That all the housing is pretty terrible.


I wish I would have known that living on-campus is harder than it seems; your social life takes up more time than you think.


How to get ahold of more money!


There is nothing I wish I had known before coming to this school. It has met any and all expectations, and any swerves it has given me have been pleasant surprises and not cruel.


That the people in financial aid are not really helpful, the dormitories are not in great condition, and that the school is far too expesive for the services and academic experiences.


There is not really anything. I researched this school very thoroughly before attending it.


I wish that I had known I couldn't afford this school. Even with the amazing scholorships they gave me, this school is just expensive. If I had known before hand that I was going to fall in love with this school, I would have found a way to save up more money and to pay off the interest on my loans while I was here.


I wish I'd known more about Harlaxton


How much money it would cost over the course of 4 years, and more organizational skills.


To work ahead and read the syllabus entirely. It was much more fast paced than high school and teachers don't always remind students of upcoming projects and papers


I was told everything I needed to know very thouroughly before I came.