University of Evansville Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


Best thing about the school would be the size of the campus. It is resonable and near students dorms, decreasing the chances of missing or being late to class.


The University of Evansville is a small school that tends to feel like home. Many of the faculty and staff learn your name quickly and work to make sure that you enjoy your time spent at the university and get the best academic experience that you can. They work with you to answer any questions that you may have, and help you through the tough homework problems. Since it is a small school, students also get to know each other quickly. And finally, the Dean is easy to come in contact with if you were to have a larger issue.


The University of Evansvile's best quality is the community feeling of campus. Professors and students are willing, and do, take significant actions to better the experience for both parties and people are conscious of the benefits of a positive and constructive environment that is also readying those involved for life past college.


I actually love the small size. When I cam to visit, people automatically knew I was a new person, so they were extra friendly and made sure to say "hello". Having a small campus makes it easier to get to know more people more in depth. It also helps in class because the teachers are better able to give you individual assistance.


Although tuition for the University of Evansville is expensive, I find it worth it. Because my school is private, there are fewer students. This allows the class sizes to be much smaller. I would not like to attend a school where I am a number on a roster. At UE, each of the professors knows you by name and continue to greet you after you have finished their class.


I had no idea how personal this university would be. Staff and administrators continually go out of their way to make me feel at home and to assure I am performing to my full potential in my classes and major. The sense of purpose and work ethic is continually engrained within all the students and they begin gaining knowledge through hands-on experiences sooner than almost all major universities.


Small class sizes are the best. It allows the students to have a personal relationship with the professors and get the necessary help if needed.


The best thing about the University of Central Florida is how helpful the staff and faculty are and being able to talk to an advisor about anything concerning your academic plan.


The best thing about my school is the sense of individuality it encourages. No matter what the color of your skin is, what country you're from, what your sexual preference is, or how much money you have in your bank account, there is just this atmosphere of acceptance. I came here , and found myself. I think individuality is something that is so easy to lose when you go places, but here, they help you shine.


I think the small campus is the best thing about my school. The teachers always have time to schedule personal meetings with you to help you with whatever you need. Also, there are many opportunities to get involved on campus and feel a part of some organization. The small school allows for a tight community and for people to know each other. Everyone is extremely friendly, and the school has a great academic environment.


The academic environment at this school is by far the best. If you really love to learn, this campus is the place for you. The faculty encourage learning and there are all kinds of aids to help student do their best in the classroom. The standards at this school are high, but that's only to get the very best out of each student.


Faculty and Class Size: There is much one on one teaching and prof's can always make themselves availble.


I love our education department because we get so much experience in real classrooms and our professors are really involved and care about our progress.


small environment I know most people


UE is perhaps the perfect size, it isn't too small, but it certainly doesn't have thousands upon thousands of students all over the place. Small class sizes mean that you as a student get to personally know each of your professors. The size of the campus also makes traveling between classes easy as there is not place on campus that is not within a 5 minute walk of another place.


I think the best thing about UE is that you can go anywhere and see someone that you at least recognize, but you can usually find somewhere to hide away if you need to. It's definitely a community.


I would consider the involvment on my campus a great thing. Everyone knows everyone and is willing to help the other person in need. WE have great school spirit and pride for our schoo.