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Tell us about the food and dining options.


There are a ton of options on campus for eating. Most of them aren't included in the meal plan, but with your meal plan you get flex bucks so that you can swipe you ID card and it's already paid for. Be careful with that though, because it will run out quickly if you don't pay attention to how much you're spending. You don't really need to use those too much though, because there are 2 main dining halls that are included in the meal plan and the food is pretty good. For those dining halls, it's all you can eat. So you can swipe as many times a day as you want and eat whatever you want. It's a pretty good deal.


If you're a culinary major or are used to 5 star restaurants, then I would tell you good luck enjoying the food in Gainesville. There are two main dining hall at UF: Broward dining and Gator dining. Each are located centrally around certain dorm halls, making access for freshman living in dorms very easy. Personally, I am not a picky eater whatsoever, so for my freshman year living on my own the dining hall was more than fine by me. There are tons of options including a daily salad and pizza bar along with a sandwich station and various other options. You can purchase a variety of different meal plan options such as a 5 weekday unlimited option or a 7 days unlimited option, meaning you can go into the dining hall as many times as you want. Even without a meal plan, you can enter the dining hall for a relatively cheap fee. Something nice about UF's campus are the various remote restaurants and mini grocery stores located all around. For example, in a place called the Hub, there is Chik-fil-a, Einstein's, starbucks, subway, and Jamba Juice. There are mini market places conveniently attached to different dorm halls that provide sandwiches, toiletries, and other grocery items like cereal and the ever popular easy Mac.


When I was a freshman I had a meal plan and to be honest, the on campus dining halls were really good! They have a lot of different plans to choose from so you can get exactly what you want for the most part. I'll admit you do get sick of the food at some point but you win some you lose some! There are a good amount of restaurants on campus too choose from as well. Now as a sophomore I have a fraternity meal plan and I eat there on the week days. Most greek organizations have meal plans if you decide to join one. Our chef's food is dank!


The Hub contains restaurants where students can grab lunch, and also has a study area. It is really busy during the year

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