University of Florida Top Questions

What are the academics like at your school?


Yes my professors know my name. I love talking to them. My favorite class is scuba (PEN1134) and my least favorite is age of dinos. Students are always studying! Academics are important to most people here. Class participation is very common. Intellectual conversations are very common. Students are extremely competitive, especially older students doing research. The most unique class I've taken is scuba. I'm a biology major in CALS. I like it but the advising office is out in the middle of nowhere. I do spend time with my professors outside of class. UF's academic requirements are strict but achievable. Education is geared toward both getting a job and learning for fun.


My professors do not know my name. My favorite class is Cultural Diversity in the U.S. and my least favorite would definately be Intro to Chemistry. It feels like students are always studying. Class participation is common but in varied ways. Students are competitive in general when it comes to getting into your college's programs but in a normal class I have never seen two students compete. My major is Health Eduacation and Behavior in the College of Health and Human Performance. I'm still a freshman so I don't have much information about how they work yet. I never spend time with professors outside of class, but I feel like UF's academic requirements are legitimate. The education is definately geared toward getting a job though.


1. Some do. 2. History is really interesting. I hate any math class here though. 3. Students study like crazy, a lot are in the library till 2am. 4. Class participation is not common unless in discussion class, 5. Yes. 6. Students are very competitive. 7. I am a PR major in the College of Journalism. I have heard it's tough. 8. No. 9. I feel UF expects a lot from us academically. Education is geared towards learning more so than a job, but it helps students in the career fied too.


UF has some of the best facilities and resources available and i'm lucky to be apart of that. Many of my professors know my name. But if I find myself among hundreds of others in a huge lecture hall, I understand that the professor might not remember exactly who I am. Im fine with this and just try to look at it as a positive experience: I may be one of a couple hundred, but at least i'm lucky enough to sit here in front of this great teacher. Class participation is expected but I feel, even if it wasn't, students would still feel comfortable stating their thoughts. Everyone at UF is here because they are bright, forward-thinking individuals who like to think and like to share their views. Even outside the classroom, students have intellectual conversations. Students are UF are competitive in the respect that everyone is bright and motivated. But its not as if you're constantly gunning to outshine the person sitting next to you. The most unique class i've been in is 'Plants, Gardening, and You'. It is also my favorite. Personally, i have never felt the need to meet with professors outside of class. I do, however, know a lot of people who do. I know that professors always make themselves available to students who might need out-of-class assistance. The education at UF is top rate and is not driven by the idea that one HAS to focus solely on what is going to get them a successful career right after graduation. One thing I like about UF is that the people here like learning. So, yes i'm going to take an assortment of classes and learn for learnings sake.But I also know that, once ive finished the curriculum i'm going to leave prepared for whatever career path I have chosen.


Professors do know my name, but that is only because I am active in classes. The TA's are the ones that will usually have contact with you personally. There are generally intelligent discussions, and I have on more than one occasion had hours-long discussions with friends about issues raised in classes.


None of my professors have ever known my name. I feel that UF's academic requirements are very demanding. Most of my classes taken here have been over difficult for what I believe is because there are hardly any real professors! In my two years here, I've only taken two classes that have been taught by professionals, most are graduate students trying to prove a point that they can give pop quizzes the day before Spring Break or on the day of a National Championship game.


Some professors know my name. One of my favorites is human sexuality. My least favorites would be calc and pre-calc from last semester because I don't think the lectures are helpful or that the help is adequate. Class participation is not common. Yes, UF students have intellectual conversations outside of class. Yes, students are very competitive. The most unique class I've taken is human sexuality. My major is microbiology and I switched to the liberal arts department and the advisors have been great. No, I do not spend time with professors outside of class. The academic requirements are fine. I hope it's geared toward getting a job, but I'm only a freshman so I think that I'll find that out later on.


Professors don't know my name, but classes aren't too hard.


No professors do not know my name. My favorite class is anatomy lab, because it is hands on and the TA knows our name. I study all the time. Class participation is not common in many of my classes. Yes, I have had intellectual conversations. Students are very competitive. my most unique class has to be history of jazz. Occuptational therapy/ health science department. I have never seen a professor outside of class. UF's academic requirements are perfectly fine the way they are.


As, a freshman I do not really know many of my professors but I can tell you that most of my classes are really hard and tie consuming and can pit you in the ass if you don't stay up with them.


Some professors know my name. My favorite class is a random education class I am taking, it's really interesting! Least favorite was general psychology. Students study habits change frequently due to the classes they are taking and the tests they have. Yes class participation is common. Yes they have intellectual conversations outside the classroom. Students are very competitive. History of American Education. My major is psychology. No I don't spend time with professors out of the classroom. The academic requirements are fine. It's geared toward both.


Some classes/tracks are harder than others


Depending on the class size, it is definitely possible to have your teacher know your name. Students do have to study quite often but that is how college life is no matter where you go. Class participation is common in the smaller classes. My major is Nursing so the science classes are quite large but I do have small classes where I became close with the teacher. UF is most deifnitely geared toward teaching us and furthering our knowledge as best as possible.


some professors know my name. my favorite class is spanish, and my least favorite class is chemistry. students study very often here. class participation is relatively common, depending on what class it is. at times, uf students have intellectual conversation outside of class, but mostly it is casual. most students are not very competitive. the most unique class i've taken so far is social problems. my major is animal sciences, and the department is very comprehensive and intricate. i do not spend time with my professors outside of class. uf's academic requirements set a veyr high standard for the students who attend. undergrad education so far is geared towards learning for its own sake.


No, golf, calc, depends on teh students ranges from 0 to 20hrs a week, yes, yes, yes, AEE3030, Economics in CLAS, no, not stict enough to get in, learning


Some of my teachers know my name; they are mostly TAs. My other classes, though, are large lectures, and teachers do not know my name except through E-mail. My favorite class is HSC2100 - Human Sexuality & Culture. It's very interesting, and I truly learn something new and interesting every lecture. Students study quite a bit. I feel that the students here are very dedicated to their school work. Class participation is common in discussions, but not really in large lecture halls. Students talk about intellectual topics outside of class. I talk about politics, the upcoming elections and other issues with my friends. Personally, I am a competitive student, but I'm not sure if other students feel the same way. The most unique class I've taken is my Human Sexuality class. My major is Public Relations which is a part of the College of Journalism & Communications. I do not spend time with professors outside of class. I think UF's academic requirements match the calibre of its students. Education at UF is a combination of learning for its own sake and for getting a job. Classes teach you things that are geared toward a career as well as things that make you a more well-rounded and knowledgable individual.


Favorite class: Drug Use in Society, very informative, a lot of work but I don't mind it since the class and teacher are interesting. Most (at least 1st year) classes are lecture, online, or taught by GA's. The new grading system which will take place next Spring will include minus grades which make GPA requirements for Bright Futures and other programs even tougher.


I love my smaller journalism classes. My design classes are based around projects and while there is some lecturing it is really hands on. Photojournalism is always really interesting and Mr. Freeman really knows how to inspire his students. It's impressive to me what a qualified photojournalist he is and how much knowledge he has about the subject. Teachers make an effort to have class participation. My least favorite classes have been math and science classes. They aren't as hands on. Luckily my general education classes are out of the way. I feel like the journalism classes are really trying to prepare you for a job. I feel like the material is most likely something i will use again in my job or for another class. It's nice to know that i'm not wasting time in class filling my brain with knowledge i'll never use. I feel like my design teacher Renee Kratzer is always available and eager to talk. She is really intersted in the jobs we plan on pursuing in the future and she is excited for us. She is very good at constructive criticism and teaches us that design is a creative process and not a science. She encourages us to look at each others work and i am always excited for the class. Classes like International relations feel like it's more learning for the sake of learning, but it's also things that apply to real life which is interesting.


Professors - don't know your name unless you are at their office hours all the time. The classes here are typically huge. Most of mine have 200-700 people. Study - you will work hard if you are here. I study on average a good 20 hours outside of class a week. And I am about average, plenty of people hold up in the library for ridiculous hours. Intellectual conversation - People have strong convictions at UF. Politics, religion, and many other topics are typically overheard in the dining halls. Given, so are talks of thursday night at "Whiskey Room".


I have had some awesome professors at UF, a lot of which with I have formed personal relationships. I have learned so much at UF.


Only a couple of my professors know my name. My favorite class right now is Ori2000 Interpretation of Literature. I get to act in it and portray characters that help me become a better speaker. My least favorite is Microeconomics Eco2023. It is wayyy to big and I don't understand how it can help me in journalism. Class participation is common among smaller classes. My major, photojournalism, is really challenging. I do however try to get my professors mentor me outside of class so I can get better at it. I feel that UF education is geared for learning and less for getting a job. The requirements for my major sometimes have nothing to do with journalism and I am sometimes afraid I won't graduate on time.


yes - history classes are fun but hard. spanish classes are horrible here - students study enough to get by - sometimes - yes - yes - my women's sexuality course - i hate my major/departmetn it's really disorganized - no - some are ridiculous - both, depending on the major


Professors in some classes know my name. My favorite class is my acting class. Students study a lot! Class participation is a huge part of most courses.


Some of the professors are horrible. They are under developed professionaly and therefore have a hard time teaching properly. However, some of them are amazing. You have to do your research and ask around to find out which professors know what they are doing.


Professors do not know my name but TA's do. It all depends on the student's effort though. If you make an effort to get the professor to know your name, they most likely will. Show up to class, sit in the front, go to office hours. My favorite class at UF so far is American History with Dr. Morser. He is hands down the best professor I've had. He is so passionate about the subject he teaches that he makes you interested in his lecture and we all know american history is not the most captivating subject! Students are very competeitve but in a sneaky way so you have to watch out. UF students do have intellectual conversations outside of class especially around Turlington, thats where most of the political campaigns take place and it's very open free speech there. They don't always talk aboout intellectual things though. My major (public relations) is in the college of journalism and communications. They are always willing to help you and never too busy for any student. Its a very hopping building and clos to the union. The advisors are always emailing their students with scholorship,internship, and club information.


Professors don't know my name, but the TA's do. I really like Marketing, my least favorite class right now is anthropology. Students study ALOT here. Class participation is really big here. Students sometimes have intellectual conversations outside of class, probably most of the time in the library when they are studying with others though.


Professors associated with my major know my name. My favorite class is reproductive physiology. My least favorite class is physics. Students are extremely competitive. My major is animal sciences, and I think it is a very comfortable atmosphere. Most are very friendly and encouraging. I feel that the education is geared toward learning, but that can sometimes be a disadvantage because teachers sometimes act as though their class should be your most important class, and make it very hard to do well in their class and your other classes.


UF has a lot of smart kids but we are a large university so you'll occasionally meet someone missing a couple of neurons. I'm glad I chose to be in the college of journalism and communications. It's a great program that gears you toward gaining real life experience and do actual work. They teach you the theory and concepts but make you apply it, which is essential for any communications major.


Professor interaction is so difficult as an underclassmen. Usually you'll be in huge lecture classes, and although your encouraged to go to a professors office hours, realistically he/she probably won't have much time to get to know you well enough to write you a recommendation letter. My favorite classes so far have been the easy gen ed requirements such as theatre appreciation, wildlife issues, and age of dinosaurs. Most of my core classes are difficult and these classes are stress free, and an easy a! One of my favorite parts of class, is discussion. I love the intellectual conversation that goes on. Usually there are alot of controversial things going on on-campus, such as speakers, displays, debates, and you can always find students engaging in arguments/discussions. Students are very competitive, considering its a large campus and everyone wants there "voice" heard. The department of Journalism and Communications, has one of the BEST faculty on campus. (No exaggeration) The professors are cool, and down to earth and the advisors are extremely helpful unlike in other majors.