University of Florida Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


Gainesville is a beautiful place and there is a certain pride about being a Florida Gator. I love The Swamp and there's something about the University of Florida that just feels like home.


When people ask me about UF, I always brag most about how many programs they offer. It's one of those universities you can attend with one major in mind, and then if you decide that's not what you want to do, you can rest assured that another program you switch into will still have incredibly capable professors and faculty teaching you, and you'll still get a great education with a cornucopia of opportunities. There's so many different curricula and classes available to students.


That I was accepted into the program for Speech language Pathology


I brag about how prestigious and good academically this school is.




My football/basketball team.


I tell everyone about the size and diversity associated with the school. There is always something to do; there is never a dull moment.



When I tell my friends about school, I love to brag about UF's location. Growing up in Ohio, it has been so wonderful to be able to enjoy the outdoors especially since this winter has been particularly harsh up North. I love walking around the expansive campus and seeing palm trees and feeling the warmth of the sun. A true college town, Gainesville offers endless activites and easy bus transporation for the large student population that resides within it's limits. Centrally located within the state, it is an easy drive to either coast.


I brag most about the incredible people I've met there; there are friends to be made for every social group.


It has a lot of great people and clubs, if you know where to look.


There is something at the University of Florida that everyone notices right off the bat; it is loud, it is boisterous, it is encouraging, it is awe-inspiring, it is something that gives you the chills, makes you feel alive and appreciate who you are and how far you've come. It is the unrivaled Gator spirit: the one tha tbooms loud at every football game in The Swamp; the one that flashes blue and orange, splashed across campus, sprinkled across Florida on license plates, keychains, shirts, jackets. It is the deafening pride in attending such a presitgious, renowned university.


My professors were incredible. Intelligent, understanding, compassionate, they went above and beyond the call of duty to make the material accessable and enjoyable. Dr. Jim Paxson, in particular, changed my life: his class on Middle English and Chaucer was a huge factor in steering me towards Medieval and Language Studies. More than anything else, I brag about those classes with Dr. Paxson.


Our football team and our academic rankings.


I brag about the social life. I have made so many new friends at UF that it has really allowed me to be less shy and more open with people. No matter the day of the week, students here can always been seen hanging out with friends- whether they are going to a dinner, having a picnic, going out to a party, or watching TV at home. In regards to the soical life, UF has a wonderful international students program, and I have been lucky enough to make friends from all over the world!


GATOR FOOTBALL! I am kidding of course. We take our sports seriously, but we take our academics seriously as well. Everyone works hard, hitting the books and spending a lot of time at the library. Study groups can be seen throughout the semester, not just during exam times! Besides the academics, the University of Florida has a very quirky downtown area. There are great restaurants, a theater, and plenty of places to get ice cream. There is always something to do in Gainesville, making it a very fun place to attend college.


Whenever I'm talking to my friends who attend other schools, I always tell them that even though the curicculum is extremely rigorous, I always feel so accomplished at the end of the semester. Going throught a semester is always extremely stressful but the end result is always extremely rewarding. I feel honored to go to such a competitive school and know that I am successfull in what I am doing. It is a great feeling of achievement.


Florida has a very reputable sports program, so naturally that is very easy to brag about. However, my favorite aspect of the school is the quality of education for the price paid. Florida is a nationally ranked school that doesn't cost as much when compared to other notable programs.


my single dorm


We have a lot of good food.


University of Florida, like most universities, has a wonderful sense of academic vitality and an enormous amount of opportunity that awaits each of their students. However, what makes Univesity of Florida special (and what I brag most to my friends about UF) is the amount of attention that is given to each student by the professors, advisors, and other staff members. Though University of Florida is very large school, I never feel like just another face in the crowd. The number of various services available to me, ranging from work-out classes, to counseling, to self-improvement courses is incredible.


The opportunities at the University of Florida are endless. You will find it difficult decided exactly what clubs and activities you want to be involved in because there is such a wide variety. No matter if something sparks your interest or perhaps you have been wanting to try somethine new, the University of Florida will have a way for you to get involved.


I brag most about that my school has one of the best architecture and design programs in the country and we also have our own college. I also brag about our band going to the summer olympics in England and sports teams. I do brag about UF as a whole too because it is a great school.


The University of Florida is the best state in Florida, and the spirit of being a part of the Gator Nation does not compare to any other institution. It's almost a way of life being a gator, where changing the world for better is the main goal.


The one aspect I brag about most is the freedom and independence. Many high school friends ask me this actually, but I always say the same thing. The whole feeling of its all you, that there is no one to tell you what to do, that it is you and no one else who manages your time, its all a significant difference from being at home with parents keeping a close watch.


My school have the most amazing football team. UF have a very good research facility that will broaden my interest in medicine. My school offers a lot of opportunities for its students. Orange and blue is the best color compared to other colors.


Whenever I talk to my friends back home I'm always bragging about how great it is to be here in Gator Nation. One of the most prominent things I mention on a consistent basis is academics. We pride ourselves as being one of the top schools in the country and it is an honor to be able to attend such a prestigous school. Its an honor to be able to brag to my friends (and anyone that will listen) that I'm attending the arguably best school in the state when it comes to not only athletics, but academics!


I brag my colors, because they stick out. I brag about the status of my school, since not only is it social and athletic, but also academic. That, and I brag about the social life and the adventures I've had at this school, such at the TRiP prorgram, which offers opportunities to go on outdoor adventrues, such at white-water rafting or rock climbing. That, and I brag about how all-around awesome it is.


I have met so many great people here. I feel like I really fit in and I am so much happier and more social than I ever was in high school.


The beautiful campus and so many opportunities available for classes and internships and studying abroad.


That we have the best combination of athletics, social life, and student body the give the best college experience possible.


If you aren't a Gator, you must be Gator bait! The University of Florida is hands down the best school in Florida. I have gotten involved in so many different organizations that have exposed me to things I wouldn't have had a chance to do if I wouldn't have chosen to attend school here. Everything from west African dance lessons to standing on my feet for 26.2 hours for Dance Marathon to doing research at Shands Hospital, UF has really made me a more well rounded person


My amazing major (applied physiology and kinesiology)!


Gator football team?


I brag most about the College of Engineering at the University of Florida. I believe that the staff is both welcoming and encouraging to every engineering student. Also, the college presents its students with many opportunities and programs such as the Engineering Freshman Transition Program, which I participated in during my first semester at UF. Furthermore, I am particularly proud of my department, Environmental Engineering Sciences. It is a small department that makes me feel like an individual instead of just a number. It's great to be a Florida Gator, but it's better to be a Gator Engineer.


We boast an amazing athletic program at the University of Florida, so the Gator mascot is well known around the country. Alot of the time, my friends will compare the Gator football team with other schools across the country- I simple tell them that we're the best even on our bad days! As far as academic prowess is concerned, graduating with a degree of any kind from this school, to me, makes you stand out. When my friends talk about how terrible our football season was last year, I can let it go.


My friends and academic successes


There are a number of great things about my University. However, the thing that I mention most when talking to others is the quality of the Advertising program that I'm part of. The instructors are first-class, the course material is thorough, and the teaching method is highly educational, experiential, and even enjoyable. The University of Florida also has a prominent sports presence which offers students opportunities to participate in fun, competitive sports events. Not only that, but the campus and student-directed facilities make being on campus a pleasure. Students really are treated fantastically here.


I brag about the academics and the spirit of this school. I feel like this school has the best resources and extracurricular activities that a school has to offer.




The trophy of the University of Florida is sports. With one of the best collegiate athletics programs, UF is able to boast about the national championship titles that have been won in multiple sports, especially football and basketball. Though not as well-known, the gymnastics and volleyball teams are high-ranking in the country. School spirit is infinite among the student body as it supports the teams that represent UF proudly.


When I tell my friends about UF, I brag to them about our football team, which has won numerous national championships. We also have many, many resources in this city-like college for students from all backgrounds, including clubs, disability benefits, etc. We have multiple libraries, our own lake with kayaking available, a bat house, and more.


The school spirit and comrodery. Also the great feeling of being on campus, we have the best food and facilities. I feel so lucky everytime I'm walking to class with an awesome smoothie in my hand and the tower chimes.


How great it is to be a Florida Gator. We have wonderful academics as well as great athletic oppotunities. I feel like the it's awesome to be a part of the gator nation.


For starters I brag about our football team and other varisty sports. I also brag about how fun the night life is and how beautiful the campus is. The classes are challenging and our school is very research focussed. I truly believe that UF is the best school in florida. The exercise facilities are top knotch and it is a very lively and active place.


I brag the most about the 3 championships that we have gained within the last few years in both dominating sports... basketball and football. But most importantly, that the University of Florida is the most top ranked school in Florida. We work very hard to be at the top!


I love that the Univesity of Florida is so diverse. This diversity includes type of student, areas of interest, and community involvement. The University of Florida is known for its impressive research facilities, it medical school, its sports program, and its liberal arts education. There is something for everyone there, and as a result, the student body is a cross section of America.


School spirit is definitely among the top in the country. Here at the University of Florida, students stand behind their sports teams. We are also very engaged in academics. The libraries are always full. Study groups and tutoring is always available. It produces some of the highest rates of hired individuals right out of college.


Seeing the big famus football players walking around campus and my awesome schedule!


When I talk about my school, I don't have to brag about anything. People can see the love i have for my school shine through me as i speak. I beam when i say activities i am involve din and when i speak about how much i have learned from professors. I have learned so much about courses, but also about myself. The people i have met have all affected me in such an amazing way. This school has shaped me into the person i am now. UF is not something I talk about, it's who I am.