University of Florida Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The University of Florida provides an excellent education and extensive network with which I can plan for my future.


The best thing about UF would have to be the unity of the students. Even though our campus is huge, we still come together as one through our gator pride. During athletic games, we all come together and bleed orange and blue. The sense of unity positively impacts our college experience as a whole.


I believe that the best thing about the University of Florida is the fact that they care about the success of the students. The university has numerous amounts of clubs and organizations that range from leadership organizations to major specific clubs to ensure the success of every student.


The best thing about my school is definitely the amount of activities to do. There's so much to do whike on and off campus. You can play sports recreationlly, or play competitively with other schools. There's a lot of school events, such as movie nights, career fairs, and internships. There's so many parties to go to and everyone wants to have a good time, but wuth responsibility.


I love the University of Florida, it is beautiful, the people are friendly, and it is a school full of promising students. It is difficult to get accepted, which is good because there are people there who want to learn and acheive goals. The best things about the school is the professors, the research, and wide range of opportunities socially and scholastically


The best thing about the University of Florida is the opportunities it provides its students. Being one of the best public schools in the nation, UF is well-known and respected around the nation. Employers recognize the University of Florida as a school that holds its students to high standards, both in academics and extracurriculars. Therefore, because the university is associated with greatness, it will be easier to get a job once out of school or receive acceptance into another program.


University of Florida offers a lot of opportunities to make your resume and application better. There is a career fair every fall and spring semester. The career fair is a huge event where hundreds of companies interview students and give them advice on how to receive internships and jobs. There is also a lot of research and volunteer opportunities. It is also really easy to get involved in clubs and in the community. I have made many friends by volunteering and the mentors I have received in my clubs have helped my immensely.


My fell students are the best thing at my school. We are all going throught the same issues in one way or another. It's easy to talk to someone and learn from them.


The Gator Nation is EVERYWHERE. No matter where I go, people know UF and respect it not only for it's athletics but also for its academics. I think that's awesome.


The school pride. The Gator Nation is every where!!


The best thing about the University of Florida is how involved all the students are. Everyone is very friendly and everyone is very proud to show off their pride in the Gator nation.


It gives all the students opportunities to pursue their education and careers. This is a wonderful attribute that not all schools devote them to.


It's known as the better university in Florida for engineering majors and the campus is nice.


Definately the spirit of the school; the University of Florida is, without a doubt, the best school in the state, and the feeling of so much knowledge, intelligence, and that Gator spirit around you is unmatched by anyone, anywhere. Did you know there was a film shot in the UF campus that was mimicking the Harvard campus? UF looks more like Harvard than Harvard!


I honestly believe that the best thing about UF is the staff. There are so many people willing to help you with any problem that you might have. They help you exploit all the resources on campus.


UF has the best learning environment. The classes are difficult but interesting. There are many resources available to you to aid in your studies. Not only that, but the library is really big and has the perfect atmosphere for studying.


The best thing about the University of Florida is that it offers a traditional feel to the college experience, it really gives students the sense that they are a part of something that has withstood the force of time and has a deep rooted history. The teachers in my accounting college are really hands on and are always advocating for students to come visit them during office hours to help with any problems they might be facing in learning the material. Florida is also nationally renown for producing quality professionals that excel in the workforce.


The unique thing about UF is the school spirit. No matter if teams win or lose, we are always proud to be Florida Gators. There is always something going on on campus in order to make the university a better place. There is never a time when the students' opinions don't matter. No matter where you come from or what your story is, there will be something for you to do at UF, and you will have your opportunity to shine. There are clubs and groups all over the place, and there is room in each for anyone who is interested. The campus is always filled with life.


I really love the Century Tower on our campus. It's a beautiful bell tower with 61 bells built in 1956 that chimes every hour, resounding across campus. Of course, every student wants a new, modernized campus, but I think the historically rich remnants of the past speak volumes about a place, and the Century Tower certainly does for Gainesville. It adds to the sense of comradery on campus, and it gives the feel that UF has stood the test of time and that the students before us and the ones before them must have struggled with the same things and made it through.


The huge selection of educational opportunites and the diverse avenues you can take to pursue your degree. You can tailor your degree plan to meet your educational goals as well as pursue your interests.


I love that my school has school-wide opportunities for each individual student. There are hundreds of student oriented clubs for different majors as well as leisure, dozens of study abroad programs, research opportunities, as well as sororities and fraternities, to name a few. Because it is a big school, it is important to stand out and there are many opportunities to do so. The fall semester also has a great atmosphere to it. We're a sports oriented university, and during football season, everyone's Gator spirits are up!


Football season at the "Swamp" is like no other. When there is a football game, it is truly impossible for anyone stopping by Gainesville to not realize that it is game day. From Downtown to Midtown the streets are transformed into a sea of orange and blue as fans sport their best gator apparel, tailgates are present in every direction and the overall gator spirit is so powerful that the most clueless football person will be cheering "Go Gators!" by the end of the game. Rivals may find the overall experience intoxicating, but for true gator fans it's perfect.


The school has high academic standing, most people who graduate from here end up at good jobs. Also, the community that I have found here is like nothing I've met before. I've grown as a person so much because of the friends i've made here and the experiences i've had.


The amount of resources available to students such as free printing at certain computer labs, the extensive and up-to-date library system we have online and on-campus, as well as the newly renovated Southwest Student Recreational center give students the necessary tools to succeed whether they need to study or just blow off steam through exercise and physical training. Our great sports teams also provide a lot of activities to watch and participate in while on campus.


The level of education at the University of Florida is phenomenal! The professors are always challenging the students to a new level and are always willing to help out a struggling student.


Everything about my school is the best, after all we're Florida Gators. If I were to choose the best thing about my school it would have to be the professors. They provide students with the best education in Florida and connect to each of us on an individual level as best as possible. They're not only good at what they do, they are also accessable, which is crucial to students who need extra help or just have a few questions. The professors have made my transition from high school to college smooth and painless. Go Gators!


The people that go here are so supportive you will definitely find a group you fit in and have friends for a lifetime.


The research available. UF is a very research oriented school and it is very easy to get involved in it.


The University of Florida is a fun and energetic place!! There is so much to do and so many people to meet. The absolute best thing about the University of Florida is the amount of activities a student can get invoved with. There are so many things that the school and student organizations offer it is easy to find things you are interested in and take advantage!


It is very focused on Pre-Med and offers very rigorous classes.


The fact that it is the one and only Gator nation. It is a true community that contributes to the success of students and faculty alike, providing help in all fields and colleges. There is no one that is exculeded from the Gator nation; once a Gator, always Gator. This makes one feel not just as part of a college or university, but as whole nation coming together to become the successful people we see ourselves achieving within our lifetime. This thought of being as one and just one in the crowd sets the foundation of the University of Florida.


One of the best aspects of the University of Florida is the friendly atmosphere. Although it is a large campus everyone including the students, faculty, and administration really put in the effort to create a welcoming environment and provide the resources necessary to not only allow a new student to acclamate successfully into campus life but also to flourish via the provision of programs such as freshmen orientation, study and tutoring sessions, wellness and counseling services, law services, job fairs, internship fairs, and recreational activites. Garnishing success for all students who wish to and do attend the university.


One of the best things about the University of Florida is the diversity of the campus. There are people from all over the world with different cultural backgrounds. It is great when one wants to be an engineer because it provides an enviroment that allows a student to develope analytical and problem solving skills while working with other people.


Pre-med classes and how hard they are


The best thing about UF is the sense of community one feels from being on the campus. One gets a strong feeling of home when immersing themselves within the culture of the campus.


The best thing about my school would be the overwhleming pride students have for the school. When you walk on campus, you feel a part of something bigger than yourself. You belong to the Gator Nation. Win or lose, Gator fans stay true to their school. I love feeling the school spirit, and feeling proud to be a part of my school. The University of Florida excel in academics, athletics, research, and so much more! We can't help to be proud of our school. That's we say that it's always great to be a Florida Gator!


For a person that was a bit terrified of the idea of going to school on such a huge campus, I believe that UF's greatest asset is the level of school spirit. Students carry it in everything that they do, and it makes for a very family-oriented atmosphere. Even at orientation, you are urged to make yourself feel more apart of the Gator Nation by getting involved! It greatly downsizes the large campus, and in some ways make you that you have more in common with the people around you.


The school spirit! The University of Florida is the "Gator Nation" and it brings a sense of cohesiveness and unity to the campus. It makes different students feel like one of the same and that makes for a great and friendly atomosphere.


The best thing about my university is the vast spectrum of student organizations, and the camraderie exemplified within them. I was involved in a small choral group this year and these organizations are a great platform to making new friends, because they provide a basic interest and starting point for conversation. I love my university because of the large array of interests, and how the University does not just focus on one department, but excels in all of the different programs it offers. The diverse student body adds a critical element of the University's atmosphere.


A lot of school spirit and education based.


The environment. The environment at the University of Florida is very friendly and enthusiastic. There is so much going on that it is very easy to get involved. You will always have something to do. There are so many diverse clubs and groups that no one gets left out. Also, our sports teams and school pride are among the top 3 in the nation. Our research facilities are in the top 5.


The best thing about the University of Florida is the spirit everyone has. The students are proud to attend the university and the professors are proud to teach there. On game days, the whole town shuts down to watch the gators play and everyone wears their orange and blue to show their support and pride. Even if we don’t win, we hold our heads high because we know we go to the best university there is.


I think the best thing about the University of Florida is that it is a well recognized University. Not only becasue of the titles won in sports but becasue of all the research developments that have occurred there. This helps you make a better impression on employers because they see the University of Florida as a leading school in the states. I also like that there are hundreds of ways to get involved with an organization or club for many things and interests.


The University of Florida makes it a priority to prepare students for life as opposed to simply preparing students for a career. In addition to education, UF goes out of its way to instill a wide array of values that prepare students for more than a future career or position.


The pride of the University of Florida that you can feel from everyone that works, teaches, graduates, and visits this school.


The school spirit here is amazing. We are a very athletically minded school with great sports teams, but the University of Florida is best know for having one of the top academic based schools in the nation. Its a large university that is filled with many diverse people, but it is very easy to make your surroundings as small as youd like. The school does a great job at helping students further their lives into careers for their futures. Its a good balance of academics, sports and fun.


I love the faculty. Most of my professors are brilliant people with varied backgrounds and distinct areas of outstanding expertise.


Diversity. There is much diversity in the school which is refreshing, being raised in a multicultural background. It gives one an opportunity to learn, share, and connect cultures and ideas. There are resources for students of all affiliations, whether sexual, ethnic, religious, or otherwise.


The best thing about the University of Florida is the massive reserve of resources it provides. Because it is such a large university, students here have the opportunity to study in a wide array of subject areas, and they have access to the university's Career Resource Center, International Center for study abroad opportunities, academic advisors in every college, one of the best honors programs in the country, and more. These advantages, combined with the extensive diversity of the university, provides for a unique experience that prepares students to be extremely competitive upon graduation.


The amount of oppurtunities offered at UF. The large diversity on campus and all the different people brought to and teaching at UF allows for so many different life expierences you couldnt find anywhere else.