University of Florida Top Questions

Why did you decide to go to this school?


I decided to come to this school because it was far from my home, but still within the state. I was looking for a large university that had the resources for me to discover what I want to become in life and the University of Florida offers just that.


I've wanted to go to UF as long as I remember. I made it my goal to get into the hardest state school in Florida, and I succeeded. The prestige that come with a UF degree is definitely worth the hard work.


Ever since I was little, I knew I was going to be a Florida Gator. There was never another school in mind, it has always been UF. I love my school and it is a privilege to be here, I bleed orange and blue and always will. UF is by far the best school in Florida and easily one of the top schools in the nation.


I decided to go to this school because I knew it was the best option. It is known as the best college in Florida, and the opportunities the name UF brings you are numerous and great.


Most important it is a prestigious university that is known everywhere and second compare to other institutions the university of florida is very cheap and housing is also very cheap.


I knew this was a great university and it was in Florida, where I was born. It's one of the top universities in the state and my sister had graduated with her Bachelor's and Master's at the University of Florida. We are the first generation to go to college.


I decided to go to the University of Florida because I wanted to stay close to home, but had all of the potential to go to an Ivy League University. Seeing that the University of Florida is the top University in the state and they invited me for a visit when I was in high school I really got to learn what the University had to offer.


I went to UF because I wanted to go to a big university with a lot of students. I also chose UF because of its academic excellence. I loved the entire campus atmosphere from the first time I went on a visit. After my second visit, I was sure that UF was where I wanted to go to college.


This is the only school for which I did not receive a scholarship, and yet, here I am. Why? Simply put, I wanted to utilize my Florida Prepaid and Bright Futures, and I knew and was told UF is a very prestigious school (and it's in Florida.. obviously haha).


I decided to go to UF because of the cheaper in-state tuition. However, I thought it was a great school for the price. We're ranked about 36th in the nation, which is phenomenal. We have a WONDERFUL athletics program. We conduct breakthrough research. We have very accomplished professors. You don't have to go far to attend a good school. Sometimes, those in-state are just as good as those out of state.


My dad went to the University of Florida. I wanted to make him proud. Also, their program for the curriculum I am interested in has an accreditation that makes it meaningful. The other reason I chose UF is because then my family is only about an hour away.


I was between UF and a bunch of other big state schools. After visiting here, I loved how much less uptight it was than anywhere else. The school spirit was a huge plus and obviously so was the weather.


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