University of Hartford Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


They are all friendly its very diverse here


For the most part they are focused in their studies and the classroom is very diversified.


For the most part, they are careless, uniterested, and not motivated.


My classmate are a fun, energetic group


My classmates were party goers and alcohol bingers. Each week there would be stories about what crazy stunt someone did that weekend. My classmates would schedule their classes Tuesdays and Thurdays in order to party all night Thursday without the fear of being wasted the next morning for class. They were of course hardworkers, intelligent young adults more than 50% of the time and took their classes pretty seriously, but they just took advantage of their freedom and thought it best not to waste it but rather to get wasted.


To be quite honest, I have gotten to know almost the majority of my classmates and they are all sensational, I havn't met a group of people more hardworking and diverse who love what we do and constantly try to make themselves even better than what we are, Everyone dreams big.


My classmates were friendly but competative. We enjoyed helping each other out with constructive critisism and advice. My classmates were very laid back and flexible.


My classmates are very inspiring and creative individuals who help others express their ideas through their artwork.


My classmates are diverse and dedicated to learning their field of study.


A diverse group of people who are trying to find themselves.


Different backgrounds with different ideas, which add another level to your way of thinking.


Friendly and outgoing




Students at this school are able to choose whether they want to do well academically or have the typical "crazy college life" which is nice, but annoying to those of us who care about our work, as professors and the campus are sort of abused by those who are just being sent to school by their wealthy parents to party and don't care about academics.


my classmates in the business school are extremely rich. most of them belong to greek life. interested in finding a job where they make a lot of money after graduation.


my classmates are very enthusiastic and very friendly although in the beginning they are very shy but they get over it after 1 or 2 weeks




My classmates are the most intellect people to be around with and they make me feel to be myself a little bit more.


Classmates tend to be the same four most of the years here, they are fun and exciting and are always willing to help with classes.


Mostly motivated as courses become more geared towards their careers.


Classmates are very helpful and want to do well with some exceptions.


My classmates were always willing to help one another, for notes or studying.


Some are very spoiled. Not willing to work hard. Then some are really goal orientated.


unique & awesome


The classmates I have vary from the hardworking, dedicated student, to the one who is almost hungover everyday and is just riding on the school's coattails to graduate asap


Eager to learn and willing to help you if you missed a class.