University of Hartford Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


My school makes me feel like i have a chance to really be something and i knew it the first year i was there.


My school is very carreer driven and the professor make sure to support you with that.


My school is a very diversified and exciting place.


UHart is a college that provides lots of opportunity as well as it may be in a very run down area, but the surrounding don't affect the quality this school provides to its students.


The school is composed of the students who bring life to campus while still taking their work seriously, we all love having fun on our beautiful campus and even when it's almost flooding, you can still see the smiles and hear the laughter, everyone's always having fun and it's always interesting!


Hartford is very diverse, and its students become extemely dedicated to helping the communty.


The University of Hartford is a school filled with people of different backgrounds which enriches the community in which you are a part of in going to Uhart !


University of Hartford is like home and has a familial setting to it where the academic and social atmosphere is relative to everyone; with the help of professors and students, it's the closest place to home.


There was one section where i answered all the questions with being ''very dissatisfied'' with my school. I am very satisfied with my school. The University of hartford is my dream school and it would be a dream school for anyone who has a passion to learn, grow, succeed and give back. I am very blessed that i was accepted to the school of my choice.


The University of Hartford presents a unique learning experience.


The University of Hartford is not just a school, but also a community which you feel like you are a part of and that people from all different backgrounds are welcome.


University of Hartford, Hartford Art School, provides to its graduates and undergraduates endless resources for future education and employment opportunities, and is a wonderful place to learn all necessary skills to survive as an artist.


My school, like any other school has its ups and downs, however I am happy I picked this school, it is very open and I have learned a lot from the poeple and the classes.


The University of Hartford is a school that's not too big or too small and has the potential for students to interact with one another, even if their majors aren't the same.


"Private school with a public purpose"


down to earth, big enough, small enough, center of it all type of school


The University of Hartford gets a bad reputation for being near a poor, crime-filled neighborhood, but the truth is I have always felt absolutely safe there and really feel that I am getting a fantastic and engaging education.


Small, academically superior private school.


Small and active.


Small enough of a school to stand out, but big enough to blend in if you choose to.


Medium sized school that has a great reputation throughout the community, always is busy with fun on the weekends, and school spirit is quickly rising as the basketball program excels.


A medium size community on the outskirts of our state's capital that has high school spirit and willing to help each other when in need.


This school is a place for people who are serious about their work, but are also looking to expand their social horizons.




Most of the students are; rich, stuck-up and unintelligent.


U of H is boring


Hartford has been nurturing; a place to learn, work and make lifelong friends.


Far too expensive for the education you are receiving. A decent party school though.


The University of Hartford is a campus academically profound during the week, and liquor drinking on the weekends.


The best place in the world for me at this point in my life.


A diverse student body, a mix of artists, muscians, architects, engineers, teachers, nurses, etc. This provides a great mix of people to meet and learn from. The facilities, dining halls and dorms are a bit rundown, and not very well planned, ramshackle and higgeldy piggeldy if you will, but it sort of fits with the type of people this University attracts and they make the best of the circumstances and get superb educations.


Proactive mechanical engineering man with future in mind.


Friendly fun atmosphere, helping students succede in the the way they want to.


Enthusiastic and giving professors and faculty who are always there to help the students succeed, diverse groups of people from all over the globe.