University of Hartford Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish i would have known, that writting is my passion. That there are so many words in the dictionary and i want to know them all, just for the sake of understanding every single thing i read without hesitation. I wish i would of known how critical it is now to want people to feel my words and literaly feel them in their souls because i have felt every word of Emily dickenson's poem "Tulips" the very first time i read it. The feeling is one i am trying to master with my own work, these tiny goosebumps.


I wish i knew that i can select where i want to stay on campus early.


When looking for a college, I didn't think that I would want to be too close to home. Due to this thinking, I almost did not apply to the University of Hartford. I attended high school in West Hartford and live only a half our from the campus. My advisor convinced me to apply and tour the school. It was the best decision I have ever made. I wish that I had known what a wonderful school the University of Hartford is so I wouldn't have balked at applying. Sometimes the best place is right around the corner!


I wish I knew that the food was so awful and that there weren't any alternatives on campus. Our price for food is unusually high and the content and quality is awful.


I wish I had known there was little opportunity for me (within my own major) to explore other interests. This is not the case for the entire university, but it is for the BFA Actor Training program.


I wish I would have known about the work load I was about to be handed.


That it was going to be so hard to get the funds that i needed in order to pay for the school .


I wish I had known what i wanted to major in before attending the University of Hartford, so that i could have avoided the stresses of fitting the requiremed classes into 4 years. I also wish i had known about, a book rental site, in order to save money on books.


What the student body was like. I also wish I had taken a campus tour and explored the city a bit more.


I wish I had known that there would not be many weekend activities, but the lack of activities leaves time for homework and projects.


I wish I had known that the opportunities are limited here. Because there are art, performing arts, and music schools, you can't get involved in things like band, drama, or art. It's a shame. You can only really do the things that pertain to your major. Extracurriculars are also pretty disappointing, in terms of what they offer.


I really can't say there is anything I didn't know that I could not have easily found out - there were at least three information sessions before I matriculated as well as a very thorough orientation.


Nothing could have prepared me before I started at this school. I had only previously lived at home and this was a new and exciting experience.


i wish i knew about the different clubs because i joined so late and i did not know too many people and was unable to develop a strong bond


I wish I had known that i could have went to a community college to save money before coming to the university of hartford.


I wish I knew the freshman retention rate. It is only 69% at the University of Hartford. Do your research before choosing which college you are going to attend.


The one thing I wish I known before I came to this school would be exploring myself more in the campus activties. I don't really have much of a social life and I kinda wish I could do more for the next 3 years of my college years.


yes. I wanted to be in a city and now I am always stuck on campus


I wish I had know the amount of rain fall that we get every year. The campus has several parts that flood, often distrupting the path from housing to academics.


there's not too much to do on campus and I dont have a car


Before I had attended the University of Hartford, I wish that I had known that there was going to be extensive construction taking place all over campus.


There is not much i wish i had known other than means which will get you evicted from housing.


How often it floods when it rains. Rain boots are very handy!


The housing overall is terrible. The food in some places is good and in one place its really bad. Cost to do laundry is free in some places but costs around $2 per load elsewhere. The school prides on its incoming classes and sort of pushes aside the other classes to impress the incoming class first. For instance all previous years freshman had to park at a far location, now they can park anywhere.