University of Hawaii at Hilo Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


im a political and administrative major and last year our school came third in the Model United Nation Conference in New York. the school is well known for their political effort shown by students of the university. eventhough the college is small but still theirs alot of spirit in academic and physical activities. the girl basketball team has also put UHH on the Board last semester, for they made it the finals. the boys soccer team also made the school known, the school improvement in education and computers technology programs had made the school more known for its services.


The University of Hawaii at Hilo is best known academically for its marine biology and Hawaiian studies programs. As a school, however, it has a strong identity because of its relatively small student population and their importance in the community. The university is a big part of life in Hilo, as everyone has at least one family member that is studying there. Everybody in town attends performances at the UHH Performing Arts Center or listen to the student run community radio station, University Radio Hilo. Also, UH-Hilo is well known for its splendid natural surroundings and rain.


I think this school is best known for the amazing specified subject areas and the teachers and research that come with it. Living in Hawaii it is the perfect place to study marine life and astronomy. That being said the nursing program here along with the marine science major are our pride and joy and really draw people in to attend the University of Hawaii at Hilo.


wide variety of people from all over the world


The University of Hawaii at Hilo is the most ethnically diverse campus in the United States. There are numerous races here and it is a cultural awakening for most people, there is a variety of foods, clothing, and languages at UH Hilo. We are also known for the Marine Biology, Geology and Astronomy programs, which offer a lot of fieldwork and hands on experiences.


University of Hawaii- HIlo is known all over th world for the astronomy program due to the world famouse telescopes on the mountain of Mauna Kea. However, most students attending are here for the very prestigious marine science program.


Have you ever walked into a class and everyone just stared at you? I have and it's really embrassing. But at the University of Hawai'i at Hilo, there's that feeling of acceptance when you walk into the class room. Instead of feeling like an outcast or a stanger, you have a classroom full of friends. The fact that the University of Hawai'i at Hilo, makes everyone pretty close. And I believe that's what UHH is known for, our closeness to each other, hospitality, love and acceptance of everyone.


The large amount of rain it has almost everyday.