University of Hawaii at Hilo Top Questions

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At the University of Hawaii, I was able to learn a lot about different cultures and communities. Growing up in the Northeast, I was able to get an academic and cultural education which has given me a much more well rounded understanding of the world I live in.


The University of Hawaii Hilo has a variety of students attending. There are people from all walks of life. The school is big but also small enough so that you are able to speak to your instructor and they are able to speak to you and know you by name. The workout gym is fantastic with a swimming pool and the workout area facing the swimming pool. It's a culturally diverse campus and it's amazing what kinds of people you are able to meet here. It's awesome I love it.


We are located on an island in the Pacific Ocean, and many majors here such as marine science and astronomy gives you the opportunities to receive amazing hands-on experiences.


Its in the middle of the Pacific Ocean!


U of Hawaii at Hilo is the most culturally diverse university in the world cultures from the entire Pacific Ocean; Asia, South America, North America, Europe, Africa, everywhere, are represented here. The last I heard 6 continents, all 50 states, and over 50 countries are represented.