University of Hawaii at Hilo Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


I would say that the most frustrating thing about my school is that it is somewhat old, and many of the helpful resource centers are hard to find due to relocation or renovation. Being that this Fall 2014 was actually my first semester at UH Hilo- but 4th semester of college (I took Spring 2014 off), I really didn't know where anything was until I started school.


I would say the most frustrating thing about my school is the parking. Our school does have a lot of available parking, but it is quickly taken by the numerous drivers who come to school. I have experienced driving around in an assigned parking lot waiting for somebody to leave so I can take that parking stall. We can't park in any other parking zones because we would get fined. The other parking zones where I'm allowed to park at is too far from my classes.


Not having enough classes in specific courses can be the most frustrating thing about my school because it makes registering for classes difficult. For example, In the Fall of 2012 there is only one anatomy class that is available which gives me no flexibility in creating my schedule. Without flexibility I am unable to take other courses that interfere with the time period of that one anatomy class. Not having enough classes can be enormously frustrating when there are two required courses that have only one class and interfere with one another.


One of the most frusturating things about our school is the lack initiative. Some of the school buildings are quite old, and they have been building a new science and technology building for over 2 years and it is still not done. There are a lot of things on campus that were promised at the time of applying that still aren't around yet. However they did finally build an amazing student life center that includes an olympic pool and a fully stocked gym and work out area, which is extremely environmentally green.


Nothing is frustrating about the University of Hawaii at Hilo campus, the only problem about this campus is its location. It is located in one of Hawaii's most rainiest towns . Moreover, this campus is different compared to its bigger branch that is located in Honolulu, Hawaii (University of Manoa). University of Hawaii at Hilo is a smaller branch and is located in a less developed town unlike University of Manoa. Therefore, if a student is aspiring to attend a bigger campus in a city life environment; then University of Hawaii at Hilo is not the best place to go.


Again, for me it was just the location. I personally don't like Hilo as much as the other side of the island, and due to that, I commuted everyday to complete my degree, rather than living on campus in Hilo! But that was just my preference...


I live in a very tumultuous place where in the past people have suffered many wrongs due to political policies regarding ethnicity. Because of this, our community is very comfortable addressing issues of cultural awareness and identity, but things still aren?t perfect. Although our student body is diverse, many students of various backgrounds seem to segregate themselves. It takes a lot of effort to try and ?fit in? with cultures that are different from your own, and to break the pattern of discrimination. I know we?re close, but I find segregation to be biggest challenge at my University.


Honestly, I can't think of anything that is fustrating about my school. Though I do get fustrated when I don't get my financial aid on time, because it makes things difficult when I need to buy my books or things for my room. Especially since this is my first year, I was hoping that I wouldn't have to worry about my financial aid and finances, yet that is all I have had to worry about. So I wish there was an easier way to do financial aid transactions, so that I wouldn't have to worry.


Located in a small town, limited things to do. Most buildings are very old and need to be updated.


The most fustrating thing about my school is the parking situation.


I was born and raised in Indiana and liked the way things get done there, But here in Hilo everything is on Island Time and SUPER relaxed; i.e. deadlines, goals, ambitions, Life in general. Sometimes it gets TOO relaxed for me, so I work out or run it off and take care of it.