University of Hawaii at Manoa Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


People who plan to attend the Univeristy of Hawaii should be goal oriented and have an idea of what they would like to do after their undergraduate career in mind. It is also helpful to have research interests, as the school has funding for both undergraduate and graduate projects. Students do not receive as much help from faculty as in other locations, perhaps, and it would help them to be confident doing a lot of the elbow work and life planning on their own.


A person who is academically motivated and willing to celebrate diversity is best suited to attend the University of Hawaii at Manoa campus. While there are scholarships available for students, students wishing to attend this school should also be well versed in how to apply for scholarships as the cost of living in Hawaii is fairly high and scholarships are often competitive. Finally, students who attend are best served by having an interest in learning about the host culture of Native Hawaiians to enrich their college experience.


A person who enjoys the warm weather, relaxed aura, wants to go to school and is willing to self motivate. UHM is a good school but it's easy to get behind if nobody is pushing you or you aren't motivated yourself. Make sure you set goals that are within reach and ideal. It's possible to graduate. Don't be scared and don't let anyone tell you it's too far or out of your reach.


Someone that doesn't get distracted easily and can concentrate even with the fun and exciting things around them. Hawaii, the name speaks for itself, and a lot of people party here, but the good students maintain their grades. Someone that attends this school should be outgoing, friendly, and independent. Coming from the mainland, it's a long way from home, so you have to be self-sufficent.


A person who is willing to learn and have a goal for the future. Someone whose life is dedicated and going to accept all the trials in life. Someone who wants to live a better life and to help the communities and those around her or him to develop.


Anyone that can deal with the isolation. Even in the information age, Hawaii is still a little behind the rest of the continental US. I guess "behind" isn't a really appropriate word. We're dealing with a different context entirely,dwelling and working on a small yet congested island in the middle of the Pacific. We're right inbetween Asia and America, so the school is diverse in that respect. It's like we're living in some sort of cultural purgatory.


The kind of person that should attend this school is a student that wants to focus in Business of Education. These two majors are the most common at this school. The teachers definitely provide you the resources and experience you need to be successful in your future careers.


A variety of students from the one that knows exactly who they want to be to the ones that need to explore.


Anybody who values education, is career-oriented, and willing to sacrifice a more traditional college experience should consider attending the University of Hawaii at Manoa. Specifically, the Shidler College of Business is an excellent school for those who would like to interact with the local business community, participate in numerous networking opportunities, and learn from some outstanding instructors who care about the future of each student. This school best fits an individual who already knows that he or she would like to pursue an education in Business, as the prerequisites have very specific requirements.


Someone who is very interested in learning more about Hawai'i as a cultural center, as opposed to the world at large.


This school is good for people who is motivated and willing to work hard and push themselves to do well in their courses. This school offers fairly challenging careers and without having the motivation and hard work to do well will be difficult to pass the courses. Students have to work hard in the courses because reading the book will not necessarily mean your pass the class. Most material learned have to be applied to real life situations.


Someone who enjoys summer all year long.


This is a great school for someone that wants to live in a beautiful place as long as you realize you won't get to surf everyday all day if you want to graduate. It's really a good idea to go here if you're interested in Asian studies - be it in business, languages, politicals - this school has lots of strong ties to Asian countries like Japan, China, Korea, etc..


Any type of person who is open to enjoying a good environment school with a diverse range of ethnic backgrounds. A very ALOHA feeling will be experienced so you need to be prepared.


The kind of person who should attend a school like UH is someone who likes being around a diverse amount of people and someone with a lot of school spirit. There is so much to do here such as club and views and activities.


The kind of person who should attend this school is someone who is independent. You need to have some desire to adventure through Hawaii and make friends and party on your own. It can be a lonely island if you isolate yourself.


Any person that wants to live in Hawaii.