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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


When searching for the college that will give you the best experience, the student should never settle for a school just because it is near home or because all their friends are going. It's great to have a support system near by, but I feel college is the time to explore new places and meet new people while furthering one's education. Knowing you major is a great start to figuring out what school is best, but other big factors are class sizes and location of the college. For example, if one is more reserved, then maybe a smaller college is best for them, because teachers are more accessible and it maybe be easier to talk to classmates in that type of setting. Students should also remember that to get the most out of college, they should try to get involved in something, whether it be sports, student government, or other clubs. Its these types of activities that will help make more lasting memories of college.


Finding the "right" college for yourself, or perhaps your child, is tough. There are so many good schools out there. Don't limit yourselves to schools in a certain price range. There are tons of scholarships and financial aid opportunities. If you really want to go to school, you'll find a way to make it work. I suggest that you, the student, be true to yourself and choose a school that would help you the most. Find a school that will allow you to be your true self openly. If you're coming from a small school, don't just dive into a huge school. It'll take a while to adjust and hinder your academic progress-- believe me, I've been through it. If you do end up going to a large school, put yourself out there and get involved in clubs and organizations, whether it be a social organization or not. It would definitely help you feel some sense of belonging in a new and strange environment, thus keeping you on track and helping you to make the most of your college experience.


I would advise parents and students alike that regardless what school they attend to stay there for a full school year. I think too many time students drop out or transfer prematurely. It might take a couple of sememsters to familiarize onself to a given university. In order to make the most of the college experience you need to get to know facutly, university behaviors and who you are. You cannot do this if you stay at your first school is short.


Be practical. Go to a college that you feel fits you best. At my previous University I felt that the school was a very organic mesh with my own personality, but upon transfering to a different school, I never felt that feeling. As a result I have regreted transferring, but what is most important is that I never let it bring my academics down. I just simply viewed it as a learning experience.


During the process of finding the right college, be sure to consider all aspects of the college in mind. Every college has its own advantage and disadvantages. Being able to distinguish and select the college that is most suitable will be very beneficial in the future. Brochures and catalogs are freely available for most colleges and is a great source in the decision process. Also, campus visits, if applicable, are very effective. It will provide a brief overview of the experience a student may have during their college career. Another great source is the internet. Many web sites, such as, can assist parents or students and provide valuable information. There are a number of ways to find the right college, so don't hesitate to explore. There is a college for everyone! Attending college is similar to an investment. Remember, the amount of effort and commitment you put into your college career significantly determines the outcome. Therefore, choosing the one that fits best will allow any student to achieve success and happiness.


Don't limit yourself. Base your decisions off want you want your life to be like and everything else will work out. Don't worry about being too far away or where you don't know anyone....these are the places you'll learn the most about yourself and grow.


I am a student who has done everything by myself to go to university. No one in my family has ever attended nor has helped me. To find the perfect school, select a location where the scenery/lifestyle would best fit you. This is what will make you the happiest. Next make sure they have the major you would want to have a degree in. Also find out about clubs and activities they have available to you. Lastly, make sure they have enough finacial aid to help you further your education!


I think a very important part of the decision is choosing a school with a diverse faculty and student body. This not only fosters greater learning potential, but also creates a healthy environment for studying. In this type of college, students are more likely to take their new friends surfing or go to see a foreign film than to stay up all night drinking at campus bars. It also invites a cultural curiosity, and study abroad programs can be one of the most enlightening and fulfilling experiences of any college career. College will always be a time for experimentation and new experiences, and choosing an environmentally and culturally conscious school will ensure that those new experiences are positive and productive.


As unknowledgable parents and incoming students whom do not know much about the college experience, the advisor i would give, is to first visit the school and see if you like, if it suits your personality or lifestyle.


I work as an academic advisor at my university and, from my experience, the most important advice that I can give you, as a parent or a student, is to keep in mind your financial situation. It is often the case that when entering the world of work the university you went to is less relevant than the job experience and social connections you have. Having to pay off student loans the rest of your life will put a damper on things. Students- pick a major based purely on your interests and not on your parents' recommendations, apply for as many scholarships as possible, and seek regular advising. Parents- do not try to coax your child into a Business or Engineering degree if it is not what they want, encourage them to apply for financial aid and scholarships even if you might not think you are eligible, and let college be your children's chance to learn independence, they will come to you when they need help. College will be fun no matter where you go as long as you follow that simple advice.


Life's not a race its good to take things at your own pace. If you're unsure about what you want to do at life you're not alone. Have fun on campus, make friends, take a variety of courses if you're not sure of what you want to do. If you're set on your goal then work hard for it. To some people it doesn't matter where you graduate from as long as you can work effectively in your career.


I think anyone can make their college experience. You want to make sure you are at a place where you might know someone just in case there is trouble meeting people. You should get involved in sports and other acitivies. My school has dodgeball tournaments, concerts, and other students gathering acitivies that always bring the students together. The best advice is to find friends in classes and dorms so it will be easy to have study groups and stay involved in school activites.


Really dig into the researching project but don't be afraid to be daring and just get out there and go somewhere you have never been. Life is an adventure an the time to experience all that there is to offer is now while you're young. Keep up with dates and deadlines as you apply and especially when you have decided where you want to go. Remember though that no matter where you end up everyone is in the same boat and the fact is if you are nervous and afraid it's ok because you are not alone. That's the comforting news. Once you have started your acedemic adventure don't get behind! It's so much harder to catch up! Above it all have fun and remember you're still learning about life and it's ok to make mistakes so long as you don't repeat them.


that students and parents should go to any on campus tour or see what the life is like during the actual school year if thats possible.


Go with your gut. College is a big step and if you don't follow your instincts you may not be as happy. I applied to two schools. Northern Arizona in Flagstaff and the University of Hawai'i in Manoa. Arizona was closer to home, in the comfort zone, and Hawai'i was an island I had never been to and over 3000 miles away. Growing up is about pushing yourself and knowing what you can and can't do. Somehow I knew deep down I could pack up my life and move to a place I had never even visited. I went with my gut and I have never been happier.


I believe that the best thing to look at when choosing the right college is how the atmosphere is on campus. If you're a person who wants a whole new side of learning and likes to just listen to lectures and take notes on your own, you should think about attending a school with a high enrollment number. Another plus to this is that there might be more diversity, such as my school, and you'll get to know people from all over the world. But if you're the opposite of this, wanting more smaller classes, you should attend a school with a lower enrollment number. Even though there aren't as much people on campus, you really get to know your teachers and the people in your class. In order to make the most of one's college experience, I would say that you should study hard, be an active student, and just have fun. Complete your school work, get involved with your school or community, and also get to know your new-found friends. If you're satisfied with your college life, it means you're making the most of your experience.


On your college visit pretend you are a student there, people tend to be fake nice to possible applicants. Pretend to be a freshman and see what the school is like.


Do research and make sure it what you want to do.


Choosing the right college today is like choosing the red or blue wire in a high-action flick. If you cut the right one, you save the day. If you cut the wrong one, you ruin your entire life and that of everyone around you. In reality, stressing over which college to attend is unnecessary and consuming. Life is much more complicated that a transcript may suggest. It is not so important to choose the perfect school for academic success as it is to live the experience and really be part of the environment. I?ve had job interviews, and instead of wondering why I got a B in world history, they were interested in how I did in men?s intramural basketball and how I managed to be one of the few that graduated from a school surrounded by the ocean in four years. College is about discovering who you are and what you want in life. The tests in life overrule those with set grades. But don?t trust me, I followed my heart in a crazy decision to move to Hawaii for school without ever having visited, and it was the best decision I have ever made.


Examine your needs as an individual to grow and mature, then pick a college that may fall in line with your goals and values. The college right for you will guide you in the direction of your aspirations and allow you an opportunity to experience diversity in life so you may become a stronger person by knowing yourself inside and out.


When choosing the right school for yourself, there are obviously many factors to consider (the school's reputation, the specialty of the school, location, etc.). Taking this into account, though, the main thing that should attract you to a school isn't so much the curriculum, but you should carefully consider how comfortable you would feel going to that school. Even a top tier school like Havard can feel overwhelming for some people. You should remember that college isn't only about classes; it's also about the experience. During your four years of college life, you have the opportunity to make some friends that will last you your entire life. You can join clubs to meet other with similar interests to you or even try different things by broadening your mind. So if you are accepted to a reputable school, you should of course definitelly consider going there, but don't hesitate to actually visit campuses. By actually being there in person you can get a feel for the place that you just can't do with pictures or brochure alone. You have to make your college experience worth the tuition price. So don't be afraid to live.


This is truely one of the most influential times in your childs life, I cannot express enough how important it is to find a University that fits your child well. It will ultimately decide where and what they will do in life. College is about what your child makes of it and happiness, belongingness, and a motivated setting is extremely important. You are the parent this is crucial that you let your child know how important college is, remember, its their life and its ultimately their decision, but its always nice to hear what your parents have to say. Best of Luck!


If you are not absolutely sure what you want your major to be, dont try to force yourself to finish one because of what people have told you you should do. Take a little of everything and find out what you enjoy doing.


First, try to find the college which you can live at home. Renting is really expensive. Maybe go to a community college to finish your general requirement first, so you can save some money. Then, go to a university to begin your major study. If your 4-year-college is not very good for you, you can always apply for your favorite school as graduate school. You can go to to review the comments of professors, this is very useful for you to choose class. Don't take too many classes. Keep your GPA as high as you can. Social life is important, but you come to school to study, so remember which is more important. Try some couses which are not your major related at the first semester. Make some friends in clubs. Usually if you are in accounting club, you may all have the same classes in future. You can ask each other about professors and may exchange textbooks. Don't miss any chance to earn extra credits. You don't know when you are going to need it. Don't miss classes, even it's boring. You don't want it to become a habit.