University of Hawaii Maui College Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmates have all been so wonderful carrying out their own and unique personalities, but I have learned and grown from each individual I have come into contact with. I had no problems with making new friends at this college because they were all striving to pursue a lifelong career so focused and driven to succeed and complete the necessary requirements to pursue their majors. We were people from different ethnic backgrounds but we were very open and supportive to one another. I really enjoyed the group studies with my classmates and getting involved as a whole with the community.


In every class, all my classmates were different not only by ethnicity but by age too.


My classmates can be described as young and hard working, many going to work full-time and working part-time.


Classmates at UHMC are friendly due to small class sizes.


The majority of my classmates are from Maui, which is great I know a lot from high school so every new class I atleast know one person.


Most of my classmates I have known through high school, some who I just met, and a few since elementry, they are more then just classmates they are good friends.


They are friendly.


They are all very deverse.


mmm, since school starts tommorrow this term i haven't definitally meet any yet however from last term my classmates are a wonderful caring and kind friends that are so willing to help one another with the course work. kind of like having in class tutors really :)


My classmates ages range from 18-50 it is really cool to see all different age groups going back to school to better there education and get better careers to be able to better taking care of there families. Right now is really a tough time financially for a lot of us to make ends meet and be full-time students at the same time. For me I am a single mother so times are really tough.