University of Hawaii Maui College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The fact that there are only three or four bachelor's degrees offered, which means we must relocate off-island for most majors. Also, not many course credits are transferrable, even within the University of Hawai'i system.


Overall I like the atmosphere of the school. If I had to pick something I didnt like it would be that there aren't as much choices as I would like there to be for classes. The school is also much smaller than others.


I think the worst thing about my school would be the amount of computers in the math lab. There are many students in Math 18 and 82 but there aren't that many computers to support a whole lot.


Maui Community College is great for a year or two, but being a college student I want to get more involved. Maui Community College lacks some college features, such as clubs, and social events, that makes college fun. Also when its time to register its hard to get into required classes, since they fill up fast, and have to wait till next semester to try to get in again.


Maui Community College has been great, but being a student for about a year I have noticed Maui Community College is limited. First off I want to become a Neuro Surgeon, and Maui Community College does not offer that as a major. Second I enjoy Japanese culture, the class is great but the Japanese club doesnt offer many oppertunities to expand, or understand the culture and language. Also more students keep enrolling, and classes are being filled faster and it makes it hard to get into my needed classes, so I have to wait till next semester to enroll.


The worst thing I consider about my school is, the library closes so early and there are many books which are not up to date.


Maybe faculty and/or staff could pay a visit to the high schools to encourage prospective students to attend college. I believe if the opportunity came my way when I was in high school, I wouldn't have attended college so much later in life. I love the phrase, "Knowledge is power". Students who are pre-informed and can hear about real life scenarios from graduates and their new futures would show how more education can change their lives for a brighter future. High school students need to know and have the chance to go to college before they graduate.


The worst thing about this school is its lack of variety in clubs. I like to have choices to reflect how many different interests I have.


For my self i believe that the worst thing about my school would be the amount of parking for the students, community and the teachers. The reasson for this is because the growth of the school became larger over the past semester and there were no parking in the area of my class. The distance from my class to where i park was about 6 mintues away. So I believe that the parking is the worst thing about my school.


Front office student workers don't dress professionally or put new students in important role at front office not trained so questions may not be answered accurately, reflecting the school's image, follow up has to be done all the time, budget concerns still show applications stored in boxes, gigantic fees in summer tuition prevent many students from taking classes, too many hoops!


The worst thing about my school would have to be... the library. It was recently renovated and it has taken a little while to get it organized again.


I would say parking is a hassel. I enjoy everything about school but sometimes when I can't find a parking spot for 20 minites I get a little up set.


There nothing bad about this collage at all. I feel that there is no better then this school so far.


There is a few things that our school is lacking for example to find a tutor in Math 115 which is statistics their was not a tutor and so I did not pass this class and lost my finacial aide. Also when have class all day and night their is no place to go and eat because it closed we only eat whatever is in the vending machine which is broken majority of the time.