University of Hawaii Maui College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Study hard and take the advice of your teachers. Practice good study skills and make a sleeing schedule that best benefits you and your brain. Have breakfast every morning, even if it's a protein bar and protein shake. Do not worry about what other people are doing and how they are doing things. Come up with your own method and do work that you would want to read or review.


The best advice I would give is to prioritize, prepare, and plan your transitioning into college. It is important to not be discouraged but to sell yourself to qualify for financial support. I encourage you to make that time and effort to be involved with clubs, sports, activities, community, in supporting a resume that will come in handy for your future. It is important to seek for academic counseling to help direct you in a lifelong career. Focus on your studies and make it a goal to maintain a consistent high GPA. Learn as much as you can in liberals such as math, history, science, english that will magnify and benefit your prerequisites for college. Work closely with your teachers because they see the potential in you who has helpful advice in taking the little steps to lead you to the big picture. Enjoy your highschool years but prepare yourself now by knowing what you would like to do to benefit the future. As you open yourself a door opens with bright ideas to guide your ideal career that will potentially bring out the best out of you and make you happy in the long run. Know your self worth.


If I could tell my high school self something today, I would tell him to take high school seriously. Do well in high school and you will not need to take 2 years at a community college to build a strong academic record and transfer to your top university choice. I learned that the senior year of high school is vital when it comes to transitioning to college. Make sure that you do as much planning and research on colleges to find the best fit for you. Do not put so much emphasis on finding out the right major because you will have adequate time in college to find the perfect field for you. Make sure that you stay on track with college applications and SAT testing dates. Find 3 colleges that you are willing to attend and keep important dates (i.e., application, transcript deadlines). Do not worry about how you will afford college because there are numerous resources out there and the lots of organizations will be willing to help. You just have to research extensively. Do not let financial problems get in the way of a good education. Oh, and breath through all the process.


Don't procrastinate because time will fly. The next thing you know, you'll be like me, going to college after a ten year absence because you chose to try to make a life without a college degree. If I had spent those ten years wisely, I could have a master's or doctorate by now. Instead, I'm back in the classroom, starting from scratch at 28 years old. In today's economical climate, a college degree is a necessity for many careers that provide a living wage. Don't chase the "short money" like I did. Working construction payed well, but as I now know, the construction industry, like countless others, puts its workers on a rollercoaster that many like myself are not prepared for. Going to college allows you to chase that "long money". Sure, it may take longer to pay off, but the fruits of your labor will last a lifetime. Besides, wouldn't you rather go to a job you love rather than one you need? Even if you aren't sure what field of study you want to pursue initially, getting started is half the battle. So start applying for schools and scholarsips now.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a senior, there is a lot of advice I would give myself. Knowing what I now know about college life. I would tell myself to pay attention a lot more. In high school, students tend to slack off because we dont find the material useful. I remember saying to myself, when am I ever going to need to know this kind of information in the future. Well being in college has made me realize why. The teachers were just trying to prepare us for college life as well as the real world. By doing math problems they were teaching us how to eventually be able to solve different types of problems in the real world and come up with our own solutions for them, because you're not always gonna have someone there to tell you what to do. In the end, you make your own decisions. I believe that high school really prepared me for college. So if I knew how much highschool was actually helping me, I would have definitely payed more attention.


I think the most important advice I would give myself would be to take college seriously. I thought college would be like high school except that the subjects would be harder. After experiencing my first semester in college, I thought it was tough. I had to actually study 12 hours a week to understand the material for my classes. So if I knew then what I know now, I would guarantee have worked harder in high school so that I wouldn't be struggling in college.


Well Knowing what i know first i would have listened to my mom. She is a school teacher and all she wanted was me to do my work and get good grades, now i am a college student with a 4.0 average. The transition to college was a good awakinging for me, it showed me that life is not all about just having fun you need to work hard to achieve your goals, and when you work hard it pays off in the long run. I have also learned alot about myself in the aspect of who i really am. I absolutly love where i am and am glad i took the oppertunity to come to college to futher my education


To succeed in getting an education, studying is a key component. Rather than procrastinating, make a goal to sit down and study and block everything else out.


Don't we all say, If I only knew then what I know now? One of the things that I learned the hard way was that a person should not be in too much of a hurry to select a major. Even if you think that you know who you are and what you are all about, everything and everybody changes. In fact, that is what college is all about. College is about exploring and changing. It is all about expanding your horizons and trying lots of different things. Sometimes a chance meeting or some activity that you just did for fun can be the starting point for a life that you never knew existed. In my case, there are now careers available that did not exist when I was a freshman. Some hot careers that were all the rage are now obsolete. Pursue your curiosity vigorously. Don't be afraid to take some calculated risks. Don't be afraid to jump in and get wet. No matter what career that you choose, it probably won't be all that you want to do with your life, so make exploration and change a permanent part of your life-skill toolbox.


If I could go back in time and talk myself as a high school senior, the first piece of advice I would give myself is to just do it. I know you're tired of school, but think of how much farther you'll be if you don't take those six years off before going back. If you start now even if it's as a part-time student, you'll at least be closer to your goal. What, you say you don't know what your goals are? That's okay, start off at a community college, take some courses, find out what your interests are. At a community college you'll have the opportunity to learn new things in a smaller class environment, and at a cheaper rate. Don't make the same mistake I made. I'm 45 and still have three more years to go. It will have taken me 7 years to get my degre, but I'll have it. Just wish someone had told me to stick with it, I would have been that much ahead now in terms of occupation. I could have had seven years at a higher income.


You should have a goal in mind when picking and attending a college. The goal can start as little as an interest in a specific field of study. Then when you know where you want to go reseach the living expenses around the campus grounds and try to insure a steady income to satisfy those expenses. Search for scholarship opportunities and finacial aid. Should you seach for jobs in the area try to find oppotunities related to the field of study you are interested in. Keep trying and never say it's too hard.


If I could go back in time and give advice to myself as a high school senior I would say many things. I would tell myself to just go for it and to not be nervous. I would say that I was going to do great and to try my hardest and stay on track. I would tell myself that focus is important and to remember deadlines. I would emphasize about how important it is not to procrastinate. I would tell myself that the classmates at UHMC are friendly and the teachers are great. I would let myself know which classes are hard and which classes were going to be easy. I would teach myself how to use the online programs at UHMC like their email and laulima sites so that I would be prepared for school there. Lastly, I would tell myself that I was going to love college because it is awesome!


Get a college education while you're young.


I would've stayed in school.


I would tell myself to go to college while everything is still fresh in your mind and you are still used to studying.


Being a high school senior is a great feeling, just a few steps from completing a big step in life. Theres a lot of pressure from family, and you definitly do not want to dissapoint. If I knew what I know now, I would have focused more on school, I had a rough time my G.P.A and SAT'S were ok, but it was just not enough.With all the resources and help my teachers, and counselors offered, picking and going to college would have been an eaiser process.


Living in Maui, Hawaii there are many distractions, Getting caught up in the "paradise" lifestyle is easy to do. So if I could go back knowing what I know now, I would defenitly have taken high school a lot more serious. I would have studied a lot harder, and took advantage of all the resources my school was offering. Attending to more college speakers, and talking to my counselour and teachers. Doing that I would have brought up my G.P.A , and score higher on my SAT'S. That would have made my process of picking a college a lot smoother then what it was, not to mention giving me more options to colleges aswell.


The advise that I would give myself is to make sure that my grades is at the level they need to be and that the the career that I want is what I really want.


From my personal experience at college I have found purpose, drive, and myself. Before entering college I lacked forward thinking and understanding how I contribute in my local community. After completing my first year of college I knew what I wanted to major in (Nursing/healthcare), the career path I want to begin (RN-MD), personal goals to diversify myself as an individual(learning a second language & volunteering abroad), and the steps I would take to become successful in my goals(apply for scholarships, financial aid, research and personal budgeting). Through discovering what I desire to accomplish from my education thus my personal enrichment it feels as though I have discovered myself and my own potential. The experiene of attending college has been valuable for me in several ways. I now know that I can make a difference in my community by acheiving an education in a field where I will help others daily. Secondly, I have become a living, breathing advertisement for individuals both young and matured to reach their potential and build a better life to enjoy resulting in improving our community through education and empowerment. Go Higher learning!


This college experience has given me a great opportunity to build my future. It has given me friendships, knowledge, and personal growth. It has been valuable because I have earned an education that will help me support my family back in the Philippines, and hopefully bring them over here to experience the oportunities that I was priviledged to have. Also, I have learned the needs of the community and I want to use my education to give back to the community and those in need, especially through nursing.


This will be my first year attend college. I would like to get the experience I need to run my super pet store. I will learn how to keep my books in order. I will learn everything i need to know. Im not letting anything get in my way. Im going to do whatever i have to do. Its what makes me happy. Having my own pet store will be a dream come true. At this time im a medical biller and not very happy. I sit on my tail for 8 hr a day and thats just not me. I have a reptile rescue right now and this is what I love doing. Taken care of animals. Thats me


Assurance. At thirty years old, I've been a bad student before but mostly because I wasn't doing what I loved. I've found my passion and my spot on the Dean's List proves it. School comes easily and for once I LOVE IT! The best part of my college experience was the reassurance that someday I will share my passion with the world.


I live at home while attending Maui Community College. As soon as I graduated high school, I continued my education at MCC. I've paid for college out of my own pockets, ever since I've been a student. I attended college full-time and worked full time most of my college career. The main reason why I wanted to stay home and attend college is so I could work and pay my way through it. I've learned how to take care of my responsibilities while attending college at home. I’ve become independent while staying on the island. I've also been able to provide for my family at the same time. My family and I are really close. Having a college on Maui, has allowed me to work so I can help my family. I’ve been able to get an education while working. My college experience is valuable to me because I was able to pay my way through it myself and take care of my families needs. If I had gone to any other college, I wouldn't be able to survive with the tuition and my family would be lost as well.


I have been able to broaden my employment opportunities with my college experience. It is teaching me to become more self-sufficient and more confident with my life decisions. Doing college later in life makes me realize the importance of a higher education. I now apply my new knowledge and experience with the work I do, as an educational assistant for children in grades six to eighth. It is fulfilling to be able to help younger students to learn their academics. School exercises my mind and is what I value most. My recent semester in a Hawaiian studies class was one of the best experiences in collge to date. I surprised myself by writing a report that impressed my professor so much, he suggested to print it in a newspaper. It's so exciting to know that I have a potential worth public exposure. In school, I am able to meet new people and learn new ways to study or understand a subject with a different point of view. Upon completing a Bachelor's degree in Business, I will then be well equipped with the necessary skills and discipline to run my own business and operate a non-profit organization.


I am a student over 40 with 3 children. I will be attending college with my oldest son. I am determined to do well for myself and to be a role model and mentor for my children. I want to show them that you can change your life for the better at any age.


I would tell myself that college is going to be a great growing up experience. It takes time to mature and through being on your own and applying your skills to reality, maturity is inevitable. Although you may think your friends are the most important aspect of your life in high school, in college everything changes. You will meet new friends who you will grow to respect and admire. Life is about making choices, especially as a young adult. You must learn to be yourself and know yourself in order to become a well rounded adult. Learn to love and respect yourself first, then love and respect will come from others.


The advice I would give my high school self, is to not join the Air Force to try and escape my problems. Leaving problems unsolved is always going to come back and bite you. So leaving here with so many issues unresolved will not do you any good. Stay here, get yourself into shape , mentally, physically, and emotionally. Going to college at Maui Community College is rather enjoyable and overall a rather relaxing environment to learn. Meeting new people is wonderful, as well as being able to sit anywhere on campus and being able to find a quiet place for your own. Just hang in there, you are almost done with high school and will soon have more freedoms as you go into college.


first, do not take too many classes! no want over load again lol. look at schools with an open mind, not just what i think i want to do. talk with my h.s. counselor a LOT!


I would advise myself to prepare for the future. Preferrably, start from my Jr . year but Sr. year is good. Get excellent grades-a must, preferrably honor rolls. Volunteer several organizations, preferrably four to five, or more-if time allows and if my grades is strong. My volunteer services would consist of areas in health field/humanitarian. Perhaps, hospitals, clinics, care homes, private care homes, habitat for humanity, animal shelter, schools, the homeless shelters, food bank, salvation army, churches and/or any non-profit organizations. I would also work part-time for some kind of income and give me some job experience. Ofcourse seek my counselors advise to plan/prepare for college life-apply for scholarships/grants. Because knowledge is power. I would learn sign language, foreign language, and take classes that'll benefit me, likewise benefit in whatever I'm doing throughout my life-therefore benefitting humanity.


As I grew up in a household of only a single mother and two younger brothers I have struggled all through my senior year of high school. Therefore, the advice I would give to myself would be to strive for the best now, in high school, because it is the base of your college career. In addition, I would tell myself to go beyond my expectations on what my future goals are and do the best that I can do. Knowingly that I am now in college and exciding my expectations by being the president of a student run catering club and being in competitions that I could only dream about are in is just the beginning of my college career. Indeed, I believe that if I did tell myself that I would be helping others as well as myself. Lastly, being raised by my mother has taught me to help others and they will help you. And that?s an advice I would give to anyone besides myself in high school.


Pick a professional degree, stay focused, never give up, persevere, and you will reap the rewards for the rest of your life!


If I where a senior in high school again I would have started college then right out of high school than by now I probably be working in my new career by now and not struggling like I am now. But no matter what I will not give up, I really want to get through all of my struggles because I want to succeed and be a role model for my Daughter.


Everything matters. Try your best. Ask for help when you need it. That's what your teachers are there for. If you don't get the help you need, go to someone else and ask again. Take as much hard classes as you can handle (especially math and science). "As much as you can handle" is an important part of that advice, so you absorb it, but especially the "math and science" part. If you take it in high school, it's only going to make it easier in college, or, you may not have to take it again at all. If you cruise too much now, you're going to be paying for it later, with interest (that means extra added cost, as in suffering and hardship). Pay up front, meaning work hard now, and pay less in the long run, meaning life will be easier for you, you'll be able to enjoy life more. You're only a high schooler for a short time, you are an adult for longer, so if you have to suffer a short time, while you're in high school, that's better than suffering a long time, as an adult.


Benjamin, Don't give up! Stay focused and on task. There is so much time for fun and activities that you do not have to focus so much on having the "time of your life" right now. Be yourself and remember who you are and where you come from. Help others, focus on your goals and see them through. Sieze the day!!!


Even though everyone is pressuring you to go to a school out of state, or a "good school", you must realize that it's very expensive. If you want to go to an out of state school, find one that is relatively inexpensive if you want a degree there, or just see what life is like on the mainland. However, I think you'll be fine at a school in state. The best thing you could do is build your base with general classes at a community college (since it's much cheaper than at a university) and then transfer to a university once you can't take anything else at the community college. You have to realize that an education is expensive, but only worth it if you put in the effort. I recommend finding some type of motivation that will pull you through each day, you don't want to find yourself questioning what you're doing halfway through a semester. That's dangerous for your grades. If you don't know why you're doing what you're doing, then step back and think before you move forward. Life's not easy, but it can be fun.


I would tell myself to take my time and think about what I want to study in school. Remind myself that my education is not free, it cost money and it take time. I would also remind myself to stay focused and to work hard to obtain my goals in life, no one will acheive them for me.


Advice for parents, Make sure not to push a College or University on your child, just because its a well known name and its the school you went to, doesnt mean it will be right for your child. It is their choice and they should know what they want or have an idea of what kind of school they are intrested in. Students, make sure to research a lot of schools, and to know how you work, and what environment you will work best in. For me, what I did was make a list of all the things I wanted in my school such as, my major, lots of activites, small classrooms, a good student center, diversity, cost, and much more. It really helped me to narrow my choices, and to choose the best school for me. And once you made your decision, the best advice I could give to a first time student, is to put school first, its not worth settling in, then having to start over.


Be prepared and don't wait till the last minute. College is a great experience and you want to make sure your in the right enviornment to learn and feel good. You can always change your mind but it is good to have an idea of what and where you want to be. Education is knowledge and knowledge is power. Do what you feel is right and don't let anyone pressure you to make a choice you don't want. Go with it and be filled with knoweldge and new experiences.


The best way to find the the right college is to try a comminty collage first. To try out some classes and then go out to find the one you thing is best for you. Other then that just try out other thing to find what you think you can do. Or find things you like. That about it for that.


I would say going on a tour at the school you are planning on going helps, and just by talking to the people up front in the admission office, looking at the different classes that they offer. Never hurts to try the school just to see how you like the environment of the classes and the teachers.


To make the most of your college experience, you really need to know what your priorities are. Think long and hard about what to really want to get yourself into. Have a list of options and alternatives and do your research for each school you are interested in. Go look at the campuses your interested in and get a feel for the surroundings. Make sure you are going to be ready and committed to this choice of yours. Although you can always switch schools and majors, it's best if you know what your looking for; and ask yourself, what will you get out of this? What do I want out of this? Figure out what your comfortable doing and where you want to do it. Take things slow and start planning in advanced. ( a few years before you gradute high school woul dbe perfect) It takes a lot of planning and commitment. Don't give up. Knowledge is power. Be cool stay in school.


Find a college, you think would fit your life and stick with it. When you find that college make as many friends as you can and try not to get frustrated when you are studying. College will go by faster if you have fun while you learn.


Make sure that the college that you look into have a go program and something that the student is interested in. Along with the college the student should be comfortable going to school. everyone is to be treated equally. Also check to see how go of a tutoring program, computer access, study places, etc the college has.