University of Houston-Clear Lake Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


As I stated early, the community here is phenomenal. Everyone is very nice and friendly. Everyone is there for a purpose and that brings everyone together.


Most students seemed intrested in doing the bare minimum to pass classes.


My classmates at UH-CL are the eager young minds of today who have launched out into the deep sea of higher learning and are committed to give their best strive all the way to the finish line.


The people that attend the University of Houston-Clear Lake come from a wide array of demographics, and through their diverse backgrounds, educate others about topics that are necessary for a complete liberal understanding of the world around them.


Not one of my classmates has been the same as another. I have gained friends, study partners, and people to network with. I enjoy school more for learning than the social aspect, but have gained alot from people that I have met.


The students at UHCL are slightly older than the average student (probably late 20s-and 30s) and they typically have families and work full time. That is why 70% of the classes offered here are online or night classes. They are determined to get their degree but it may take them longer than the typical student due to their additional responsibilities.


They are friendly and helping.


Caring, fun, ambitious, reliable, confident, committed are just a few ways to describe the men and women at UHCL.


The average student's age was approximately 30 years old and more concentrated on studies.


January will be my first semester so no classmates yet.


Most of my peers are professionals and range in age from 20 to 50 years young.


My Classmates are engaging, competitive, dutiful and accommodating.


Varied, friendly and willing to help each other out in any number of ways.


They are smart.


My classmates are very dedicated to their education.