University of Houston-Clear Lake Top Questions

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The school community here at UHCL are more aware of your accomplishments. The profesors are very helpful, and always there to give you support. UHCL is a smaller University, that gives the opportunity for the student to be much closer to classmates and profesors.


The University of Houston Clear Lake has an extremely diverse student population. Not only is the University diverse in culture, but also in the wide range of the age of students attending. The University is prompt to assist prospective students in the application process as well as the advisement process. It was wonderful to meet with an advisor who shares my excitement about my education.


My school is not filled with your usual college student. There are moms, grandmas, regular students, people who are continuing their education and I am sure many more I have not named. At first it was hard getting used to but now I see that I have friends of all ages from all different countries and you can learn so much from that alone.


U of H is close to home and easy to get to. They offer a good amount od evening classes so people are able to work and still attend classes.


UH-CL provides a learning environment consistent with small class sizes, challenging academics, and professors who want to see you succeed.


UofH Clearlake is a smaller campus than most other 4 year universities and because of this it offers a greater feeling of comfort. Every employee that I have delt with are very understanding and helpful. I would suggest UofH Clearlake to anyone whose next step is a 4 year college because it is a wonderful college to attend, the teachers are great, and the counselors are helpful. If your next step is choosing a college go to UofH Clearlake you wont regret it.