University of Houston-Clear Lake Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


The program


It is a good school that understands a lot of their studetns work and have many evening and night classes. Most of the teachers are very helpful.


Being able to see deer if I walk a little bit from the campus grounds. Being able to sit on a grassy knoll and study there. Being able to eat cheap food. Being able to listen to cool tunes in my car each day as I drive an hour to school and back, which I've actually ended up really enjoying. UHCL is a great commuter school; they designed the classes for long-travellers.


The quality of education provided by amazing teachers!


I loved my overall experience at the University of Houston Clear Lake. It is a wonderful institution that prepares its students for their desired careers. The professors are excellent, most of whom are actively working in a sector of the field you are interested in or studying. The advising staff are extremely helpful and will do all that they can to assist you. The courses are challenging, however they challenge you for greatness. When you complete a degree from the University of Houston Clear Lake I believe you are ready to compete amongst the elite of your field.


The University of Houston - Clear Lake has given me an international exposure that I expected. It has brought the best out of me and made me to work with the students from different nations. I still hope it will nurture me more to become a professional graduate in the competetive information Technology environment.


I like to tell my friends about the deer and aligators I see from the parking lot.


That it's affordable, fairly close and has good job placement. In addition the classes are intimate and not crowded and taught by professors that seem to genuinely care about their students doing well. Also the companies that surround the campus are predominantly the places that students want to work when they graduate. Most of the things that a student needs are either a short walk or drive away from the campus and surrounding housing.


I love the small class sizes and indivdual attention you receive from the teachers; they really want to get to know you. The class work load may be very demanding at times, but you really learn a lot from it, and the teachers give practical application to the work.


It is close to my house and easy to get to. The classes are fun and very helpful toward my future career.


I tell people about how nice the campuse is and all the wild life that is on campuse! because the campuse is a wild life reserve. I also talk about the teachers. The teachers at UHCL really do care about the students and try to help. I talk about the class size; i have been to an other major university where their was 300 people in a class. AT UHCL their normaly about 50 to 75 people to a class so it make learing and getting to know your professor alittle more one on one.


How peaceful it is, and academically challenging it is.