University of Houston-Clear Lake Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


I think the only type of person who shouldn't attend University of Houston - Clear Lake is one who does not care about their future. So far, my impression of the university is that it is very dedicated to the success of its students and anyone who does not share that same goal of success, probably shouldn't attend.


Somebody looking for a large campus social atmoshpere would probably not want to attend this campus. Many students are here attending because it is convient with their work or family schedule. We do have events, just not like a large fout year university.


People who are not willing to engage in expressing their own understanding and ventures in life, as well as the exploration of others, should not attend this school. The University of Houston- Clear Lake is a place where even those that are mistakenly "close-minded" are free to address their own worldly understanding, and with further education can morph and redevelop their philosophies into more sophiscated assertions. Those who possess a seemingly liberal view on life are able to further immerse themselves into a world of discovery that will further them toward their endeavors.


I believe this school is suitable for every person. The policies are fair and the administrators are open-minded. I have seen people of different races, religions, language and gender. All of them are treated with respect. I personally have language barriers, English is my second language, and my teachers and classmates are very supportive.


Because my school requires at least 54 credits of core classes to be admitted, I do not reccomend and fresh high school graduate apply or anyone who is already in college but does not meet the required number of credit hours.


A person should not attend UHCL if they are not willing to work hard to graduate.


Someone who is looking for the real college experience of greek life, and sports, or someone who is looking to live on campus.