University of Houston-Clear Lake Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I always thought I knew exactly what I wanted. I think I could have made much better decisions in my life, especially financial ones, but I'm able to handle them. I wish I had known about the scholarships available at this school to apply on time. Also, I wish I had known what areas options were interest the most and learn about them. I wish I had known about volunteering opportunities, since in my school doesn’t really advertise very much about volunteering. In conclusion, I think studying abroad, GPA, and scholarship are the most important.


Because advisors would attend regularly my 2 year college, they made it very simple of the steps I needed to take to become a student at the UHCL. Therefore, I felt they gave me all the information I needed.


I wish I had known the academic advisors were not very helpful, or organized. Also, that the classes listed in the catolog are not always available, there were several classes i wanted to take but they were never being taught.


Before I began to attend University of Houston-Clear Lake, I wish I had known how important it was to have an education. I am thirty-one years of age and if I had taken my education a little more serious, then I would have been finished at this point. I have learned to get my priorities straight and determine what is more important. I had to learn to push myself towards this goal and I am so proud of where I am at right now even though I do regret no staying on track from the very beginning.


I would have acquired better study skills from my high school and previous junior college. I have had to try many options myself because I was not fully prepared by school instructors.


i thoroughly researched before joinong this school.


I wish I would have been more open minded to a smaller school and its benefits. I still have a year and a half allowed to take advantage of it though.


That I could have transferred sooner! I already had enough credits before I transferred.


I wish I would have known more of the professors before attending.


I wish I had been more educated on scholarships, and the financial aid system, because unless you know someone who is knowledgable on this subject you have missed out on many opportunities to help pay for schooling.


How many activites there are to be involved in. The campus has a lot of volunteer opportunities.


I wish I had know how expensive it is.