University of Houston-Downtown Top Questions

Describe how University of Houston-Downtown looks to someone who's never seen it.


My school is has great professors, helpful programs to ensure your success and helpful staff.


The University of Houston-Downtown is a culturally diverse college where focus, academic excellence, and leadership are all easily attained all for a cheap price.


UHD is a large and successful school with diversity amongst the student body, a sprawling campus, multiple degree programs, and classes that can fit any schedule.


A very support school in all areas of academics.


University of Houston is a very diverse school, and has lot of degrees available for students. It also consists of difference buildings for students majoring in commerce and business. Students tend to form study groups, and take help from professors to success academically.


A small but established and productive school.


My school is convenient, very educational, and small classes are the best.


Small, diverse, located downtown with easy access. Professors are very good and they will help students in any way possible.


University of Houston-Downtown is a school with a welcoming community filled with teachers who would go the extra mile to help students any way they can.


It is expanding and growing, but it 's accessible, (including handicap accessible) convenient, as far as buses and shuttles, trains, and classes are very easily found.