University of Houston-Downtown Top Questions

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University of Houston- Downtown campus offers diversity and with diversity there is more tolerance and acceptance when it comes to peers who don't share our background/practices.


The best and most unique thing for me, given the schools I have attended and considered, is the fact that UHD has a large selection of online classes available for my degree plan. As a soldier and stay at home Dad, flexibility and distanced learning are keys to my success.


UHD offered more online classes than most school's because of how many full time working students they have. When I was taking these classes, the students that were involved in the discussions had lives very similar to mine. Discussion were relatable and engaging because of this.


The most unique thing about UHD is the diverse students and the drive that all students have. The students keep eachother motivated to complete assignments to the best of their ability. Also, there is so much help to be given to students who are having troubles, each semester the university offers on campus tutoring 5 days a week. Tutors are seniors and even professors, it is extremely helpful that everyone is so willing to keep students from becoming discouraged.


The university is located in downtown, and has a very diverse culture. The university is best known for the business and law. They have different buidlings for business and criminal justice.


The availability of education courses offered in the evenings at local community college campuses around the Houston area. This allows you to pursue your degree while working full time.


My school has a wonderful English department and offers some very attractive English courses. They seem to require more English classes to complete their English degree and that is refreshing.


I think that the unique thing obut this university is that they accept most people no matter their race, color, or grades. You feel confortable with the teachers and the students. No body cares obout the clotheyour are wearing or color of your hair. it's great andnot that expensive so many people can effort to pay it. :)


A unique feature of UHD is the level of interaction between the students and professors. We have small classes at UHD, and that makes it easier for everyone to communicate with a professor in a classroom. Professors have a good chance to speak with students who might be shy, or they can asses how well the class is picking up on the material as a whole. They are also very friendly and open to meeting with students. You really feel like you're part of something greater, and not an isolated individual who must go about things on their own.


University of Houston-Downtown is close to bus and metro rail. It is small enough that I do not have trouble getting from class to class. The professors are there for the students. Disability Services is available to students that need it.


It is a school that is located in an urban area, there are many different campuses located all over houston to accomadate to the large city that we live in.