University of Houston-Downtown Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about University of Houston-Downtown?


What I brag the most about my University is that we have small classes and that we get close interaction with the professors. I also brag about how there are numerous research and leadership opportunites and that there are really amazing tutoring facilities that really help you with your studies. Specifically, I brag about our Scholars Academy, which further help you with networking, volunteering, and with Math and Science classes. Overall, I would say that the University of Houston-Downtown makes me feel included and part of something great.


What I brag about most to when I tell my friends about University of Houston-Downtown is they are very supportive, understanding, and willing to assist with anything that would result in an individual graduating on time; such as referrals to tutors, instructors assisting, etc.


This University is culturally diverse, includes a great international student department, intern opportunities, and many degree programs. It is smaller than the University of Houston Central, and class sizes are smaller. There are many apartments in the area to rent andthere is student apartments at the Central campus. The professors do everything they can to secure your success. The new Social Work program is growing and is very well planned out. I love it!


I suppose I brag about the grades I get in the classes I'm taking. The thing about it is, the classes are hard, but most of the teachers are great, classes are smaller, and I've never had a hard time meeting up with a professor if I needed some extra help or anything. There are a lot of students at the school, but it retains the feel of a smaller school, which is nice.


I tell them you should come and experience the great things this university has. I'ts a great experience there are nice teachers they don't care of who you are they treat you just like they treat any body. You feel like if it was your second home.


What I brag most about to my friends at school here is the diversity, the kind of professors we have, and just how this school is. There are so many classmates that come from around the world, so it's fun to learn where they come from and to know about their culture. Also, the professors that we have are dedicated to make sure that we succed and want us to do good in school. Finally, the enviornment at this school is peaceful. My friends and I can go anywhere to study and not be disturbed.


I love the fact that you get the college experience without being in a big university. Small classes and student-teacher interaction is not common among 4-year universities so the fact that UHD has the best of worlds is great.