University of Houston Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Tier 1 research.


UH recently was awarded Tier One status by the Carnegie Foundation, an honor bestowed upon only two other schools in the entore state of Texas. “Tier One” is a term that acknowledges UH as a nationally competitive research university.


The Univerisyt of Houston is best known for their diversity. They are also known for the Bauer College of Business.


Our campus is best known for its diversity. There are many difference ethnicities that attend the school. It is the second most ethinically diverse major research school in the nation. It is located in the most diverse city in the United States.


University of Houston is best known for its athletics, diverse student body, and Tier One research status.


University of Houston is best known for many things for example they have one of the best business programs in the city as well as state. The school is also known for being a tier one university and also for being an environmental school. University of Houston is very friendly and a good campus to go to since it is near downtown.


Diversity, hands down. And this is coming from somebody that went to a pretty ethnically diverse high school. Before coming to UH, I had never before seen so many different people of so many differing ethnic backgrounds in one place. I'm not even exaggerating when I say that walking to class that I can hear at least three different languages being spoken! I think its pretty neat.


My favorite campus traditions are Winter Wonderland, Cougar Red Friday, and $1 ice cream at Shasta's Cones & More (if UH wins football games, there are more $1 ice cream days).


Every Friday we have Cougar Red Fridays, which is basically a day for students to show their pride. Everyone actually participates because there are so many prizes given away to the people that participate! Even Shasta comes out to join us!


Every year, in the spring, we hold a huge carnival called "Frontier Fiesta." It has great food, music, and actual carnival rides. Its held around finals time, as a sort of "stress reliever." I love it.


University of Housron is best know for being s Tier One School. The school is also known for reasearch in all types of sciences and Social Sciences. Univwersity of Houston is also known, because it has a wide variety of majors and programs.


Scientific research, art, athletics


The University is best known for the School of bussines, Research, and spirit.


Our incredible research facilities that further progress each major with insights to the world.


Our school is best known for our Entrepreneurship program which is the best in the nation.


University of Houston is known for its diversity. Our university represents 46 different countries. This allows our university to attain ideas and efficiency in operations by bringing the best of different cultures. This helps us, as students, to understand values that different cultures practice, and maintain at high importance. Once we graduate and step into the real world, it is important to empathize with others and understand where they come from. Thus, studying at University of Houston has exposed me to different cultures and has made me well prepared to face the real world.


My school is best known for being culturally diverse and also its business program


University of Houston is best known for its diversity of cultures. There are so many students with different background, languages, and from many different countries. This University has a lot to offer especially for those who want to major in business!!!


It is best known as the most ethically diverse and friendly school.


My school is best known for their prestigious college of architecture and for being #1 in business


U of H is very diverse


The University of Houston is known as a commuter school and an ethnically diverse school. On campus you will find all types of people, but most seem to come to go to class and then leave to live their own lives outside of campus.


It's diversity around campus.


Well one of the reasons why I enrolled at the University of Houston was because of the great Architecture program it holds. Since its one of the best schools for Architecture, it only allows 120 students per year into the program. Luckily for me, I was accepted to the Gerald D. Hines School of Architecture. My first semester was nothing to what I had expected a college experience to be like; instead, it was the best! I enjoyed all of the models I've had built even though not much sleep was aquired during the semester. This is my opinion.


University of Houston to me is best known for all the football games because all the U of H fans get together to cheer the team on and it gets pretty crazy.


U of H is best known for having more afternoon and evening classes, giving those who work and have families the opportunity to get excel.


awesome and positive atmosphere


hotel resturant managemeny


A low-cost, powerful degree program focused on research in the heart of Houston.


My school is best know for being accesible to everyone.


My school is the place that you go when you want to learn at an ivy league level without an ivy league bill or the stress.


It is best know for its uncaring attitude toward students and its never ending lines. If you need anything you have to wait in line then when you get to the window you are told that you have to go across campus to another place only to wait again to get told you were in the right place the first time.


Being a commuter school, where most of the students also work while going to school, so they have lots on their shoulders to handle. The campus is very diverse ethnically. People here are pretty friendly.


Academically we are best know fro Pre-Pharmacy and Business.


University of Houston is known for diversity and its Grad programs.


To me the school is best known for the college for hotel and restaurant management...The Conrad N. Hilton is one of the best in the country.


Research, large urban setting


University of Houston has the best optometry school in the nation. The campus is one of the most diverse in the world and many CEO's of the top Fortune 500 companies have gotten their degrees from this school.


A commuter school that many people go to but are not really involved with. Many people only go for classes.


Our school is best known for being diverse, laid back, and quite liberal. Parking is terrible and sometimes shuttle service lags, but overall this school is warm and comfortable for commuters, which make up most students in this school.