University of Houston Top Questions

Is the stereotype of students at your school accurate?


There is no specific stereotype at UH because there is so much diversity.


No, not at all! You can't really "stereotype" the students here at UH, because we are such a diverse campus that it's impossible to group us all into one category.


No, I know plenty students who are very intelligent.




Some of the stereotypes are correct. There is a large number of non-traditional students and commuters on campus. Also, I believe that a significant number of students transfer to UH or attend UH to be close to home/parents. I think that a significant number of students work throughout school.


No they are not. Please see the above.




Absolutely not. I live on campus and am having the typical college experience.


Absolutely not! Many students who do commute are active in student organizations where they get the chance to make new friends, gain rewarding experience for the real world, and even recieve the same "college experience" as those who do live on campus.


Yes the university is located in a pretty unsafe area but the crime level on campus and concerning students is extremely low and is most likely comparable to other universities in the state. Concerning the classes and professors, from my own personal experience I think the classes are actually a lot harder than other universities and the expectations of professors is higher too. As Dr. Bott would say, "you attend a grade A university and you should be proud of it". I have found that the majority of students in my classes are minorities but I think that by making ourselves diversified U of H appeals to more potential students.


So some extent...we are located in the middle of the 3rd ward, and as someone who has had their car broken into I would love to see some changes around the area. After attending UH for four years, I have come to realize that many people choose to come to UH rather than just not having any other options except for community college- UH needs to do more to change this perception!!!!!!!!! And to change the fact that we're a commuter school- require freshman to live on campus; work on getting more stores and restaurants in the area (not ghetto fried chicken restaurants and gas stations you can't go to after dark), you don't want students to have to drive over to the Rice Village all the time (they might as well go to Rice); continue the momentum with better student housing and more options; strengthen student organizations and do more to encourage students to get involved! We have the potential to be a great school, but we have a lot of factors working against us!


Yes, sometimes.


Not at all. While UH does not have the reputation of A&M, UT, or Tech, when it comes to the quality of education and the intelligence of the students we match them point for point, if we don't out right beat them. When you get out of the main-stream thinking and into specific fields UH has a reputation as being one of the best and turning out some of the highest quality graduates.