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What are the most popular student activities/groups?


Not too sure, I have not really looked around much.


Football games




The most popular student activities are probably sports, more specifically football. Our football team has been moving up and with our great accomplishments and record breaking season last semester, it has escalated to a whole new level. And this achievement has helped strengthened our school pride with events like Cougar Red Fridays and exciting tail-gating.


One of the great events that happen each year is Frontier Fiesta as I am a freshman I have not gone to yet. But I am really excited to experience it.


Most students tend to join one of the various cultural groups we have on campus. We're a highly diverse community, so we have African Americans holding leadership in the Vietnamese Student Organization, Chinese students leading the Arab Student Organization, and a very strong international presence. There are also the Greek fraternities and stories, who are much more supportive and productive to the university as a whole compared to other colleges.


Football is a very important event in UH. Tailgating with friends and enjoying a well played game is a great way to spend the day. Frontier Fiesta is also a main activity to look forward to as a UH student. With lots of food, games, and fantastic shows, Fiesta is a must in the spring.


Nothing at UH is "most popular". It all depends on the students thoughts. Our school so diverse that one person might say football is most popular while other says student government is. We try to keep everyone equal and that is why I wouldn't say one thing over powers another. I am in a organization that raises awareness of Pakistan, also in many medical orgs, and I am even in a org for people who are top 20{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} in their class! I am one of the many who are so involved is so many different organizations. And there is still room for many to join.


-The most popular organzation has to be the Student Program Board. It's a program that provides shows, concerts, and activites. It's a pretty awesome orginzation to join. Gym Class Hero is actually having a concert on the campus pretty soon, and that was because SPB pulled it off. :) -I'm involved with Best Buddies, NSCS, and BBBS. Best Buddies is a program where you work with different buddies that has an intellectual disability. NSCS is a program where you become a leader on campus and also do many different volunteer opportunities. BBBS stands for Big Brother and Big Sister. It's basically a program where you are paired up with a little brother/sister and you mentor him/her as in helping him/her with homework and different other stuff. -What you can do that does not involved drinking is by going to the movies or even go rock climbing at the UH GYM, since I believe it is close at 9PM. You can also go to the discovery green to have some coffee or a walk in the park with the pretty lights shining on you. -The tradition we have is the Frontier Fiesta, and it is where we have a cook-off going on and games going on. Many different organization from UH takes a part at this main event. -The athletic events we have are pretty popular now that the UH football team has enter the Big East! One of them was that we had ESPN College Game day event at our campus which was AWESOME!


There are a vast number of student-run groups around campus. We have religious groups, ethnic clubs, fraternities, sororities, and almost anything you can think of! It honestly just depends what you're into. I personally am part of the Student Programming Board, we are a fee-based organization that is in charge of creating all the events around campus from concerts, to movies, to trips! The best the about it, is it's all free! Our campus is also very big on school spirit and sports. Come to the campus any day of the week and you will see a sea of red! Sporting events are great places to meet people and get involved! Most of our student body goes to our football games, and there's an incredible sense of unity there. Weekdays are mainly for academic/school run events, but if you live on campus, the weekends are so lively! Go pretty much anywhere on campus, there is some sort of get together going on, whether it be at the frat houses, the UC, the bar, or the dormitories, you're bound to have an amazing time. (:


There are so many student groups on campus that it is nearly impossible to list them all. Among our largest is our Student Governing Association (SGA) which really deals a lot with campus politics and raising awareness for any university issues. They encourage playing an active role in the campus' policies. Our Student Program Board's (SPB) sole purpose is to provide fun activities for the student body. They have done everything from screening huge blockbuster films on campus to hosting our Frontier Fiesta, the enormous campus carnival! Athletic events are incredibly popular, especially now that our football team is nationally ranked! We have huge turn outs to our games and the tail gaiting atmosphere is very active and exciting! For this field, the university has huge organizations called "Coog Crew" and "Bleacher Creatures," which offer front seats at athletic events and an enthusiastic crowd! If you choose to live on campus, and I highly recommend that you do, you will find UH to be an even friendlier place. On-campus living gives you the chance to interact with so many people! Sharing a common space naturally opens you up to other people and more experiences! It helps that the dorms are comfortable, safe, and inviting! In addition, UH thrives on its traditions! As previously mentioned, our Frontier Fiesta is huge deal on campus since it gives student organizations a chance to present themselves to the entire student body. You can find real amusement park rides, such as a ferris wheel, there to attractions like mechanical bull riding, Texas Hold'em poker, and carnival games. At the start of every semester, UH hosts what is called "The Cat's Back" which is basically one large pep rally! The best part about "The Cat's Back" is the free food and merchandise like t-shirts! Did I mention the free food!? If you are more of an intellectual, we have events for you too! Our theater and musical schools are absolutely amazing and put on operas, plays, exhibitions, and concerts frequently! Famous guest speakers from all over the world are constantly invited to lecture on our campus! It seems like every week a famous writer, singer, politician, etc is on our campus. In fact, Vincente Fox, the former President of Mexico, made a presentation this past semester. We really do have everything for everyone and whatever your definition of "fun" is, UH has it!


What are the most popular groups/organizations/clubs/teams on campus?NSCS Tell us about a group you're involved with. Do students in dorms leave their doors open? no How popular are athletic events? very Guest speakers? yes Theater?yes Tell us about the dating scene. How did you meet your closest friends?plenty to choose from If you're awake at 2am on a Tuesday, what are you doing? studying How often do people party? all the time How important are fraternities/sororities?depends on the person What did you do last weekend?exams What can you do on a Saturday night that doesn't involve drinking?class What do you do off campus?studying class and work


from my point of view, the more popular groups would be the Kappa Delta Phi and Sigma Phi Omega sororities, and the Omega Delta Phi fraternity. the athletic events are very popular, the football games, for the most part are always packed.


I am in Delta Gamma and I think we are well represented on campus. I believe that greek life is too and we try to get involved.


The big organization I'm involved with is Delta Gamma. Through this organization I've gotten the chance to make meaningful friendships, become active on campus, and give back to the community through DG's philanthropy as well as other Greek's philanthropys. I would encourage anyone at UH, especially those living off campus, to join Greek life. It is a great opportunity to get involved, and to have some fun. The typical stereotype of frat guys and sorority girls are far from what you'll find here at UH. These organizations give you great experience for the future and memories that will last a life time.


The most popular organizations is Greek Park, most popular club is the Alumni association and most popular team is defiantly the football team. I have been a Delta Gamma since 2005 and that falls under Panhellenic Organizations. Panhellenic sororities and fraternities are popular primarily with the white students on campus and account for a large percentage of the students. I have never lived in a dorm N/A. The only athletic events that I ever hear students talk about are football games. Guest speakers in HRM are very popular and occur in my classes approximately once a week. I have never heard of UH's theater dept. I think a lot of students find their "life partners/wives/husbands" while being students at UH and I also think that many students are in diverse relationships. I met my closest friend through my sorority, she is also in my same sorority. I'm not awake at 2am I make it a point to get all of my studying done for my classes before 11pm every night so I don't have to pull all nighters. Gourmet night, SGA elections, homecoming, Frontier Fiesta, career fair, graduation, etc... People party at Greek Park almost every night, I don't understand how they are able to pass their classes. My sorority is extremely important in my life and occupies a lot of my time. If I did not have my sorority I would probably not be at UH. Last weekend I went home to my parents house and got some much needed rest. I don't hang around UH on the weekends, my boyfriend and parents are normally who I spend my weekends with. Off campus I go shopping, go to Rice Village, go to the Rodeo, go to the Allen Center, Galveston, the movies.


Sororities and Fraternaties are a wonderful place to meet more people. It provides many social opportunites to those who communite.


UH is a social watering hole. No matter who you are you will find a group to hang out with. There is "Coog Crew" who go to all athletic events, many frats and sororities are represented, political groups, anime clubs, everything. Because of UH's location there are tons of things to do just a few minutes away. I'm a frequenter of locally owned stores and restaurants, but all the big chains are represented, too. If you're a drinker/partier, a straight-edger, or anything in between there is a place for you to go and people to go with.