University of Houston Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


It has a great environment with tons of opportunity.


It's very nice and diverse, great campus, program, and faculty


Classes run out fast and teachers are not the best but not the worst


You have to keep up with school work because this is not a school where professors take time to help you. For engineering, it is the most difficult because it cuts time away from wanting to work. My overall opinion of this school is low the fact that they make it difficult to pay for classes and if you work you will do horrible in classes


I'm having a really nice time here at the University of Houston. There are opportunities everywhere--for making friends, getting help, pursuing your dreams and so much more. All of my teachers and peers are very supportive and I feel like this is a place where I can really grow, better myself and become prepared for my future. When I first came here I was nervous because I grew up in a small town and I've known the same people since I was four years old. I think my university is really neat because it's like its own little city and, even though I haven't even been here for a full semester yet, I already think of it as home. I have had nothing but good experiences so far, and I can't wait to see what the rest of my four years here will be like!



The best thing about my school beside the education is the diverse population of students. I love meeting new people some that are similar to me and some who are my complete opposite. One thing I would change is to have more food places to eat. I am a total foodie and after a while I get tired of the fast food offered at school and sometimes the cafeteria food good and sometimes not.


Honestly, I think the best thing about the U of H is its greatly diverse students' backgrounds. You get to know a lot of people and learn and get experience all the time! I would never change anything in my school, the people are friendly and open which is great. The U of H is definitely one of the largets universities, with its branches in Clea Lake, Victoria, and Downtown as well as the Main Campus. People are amazed when I say that I attend the U of H! They really admire that! I usually have a 2-3 hourse break between my classes, so I spend most of my time either in the library or in students' organizations meetings. There is always something fun to do even if you are spending your day at the university, you can still have fun, go to the UC or Satellite to play pool or Bowling or watch a movie on the UC north patio :) I think the university staff is doing a great job administering all the aspects of the university. School pride is a forte of all the U of H students indeed! Come out on our red Fridays and watch all cougar students wearing red, you will definitely feel the school spirits! Sports is definitely a major building block in the university's history and pride, you can never forget it when your university's team makes the news and is on air nationwide with the ESPN! :)


The best thing about UH is the school spirit. It is encouraged to wear red every Fridays, and the majority of the students participate. The best place to get information about the every day lives or even some entertainment is the UC underground. I fell in love with the sense of community and Greek life. It is a very diverse campus and, although it is a commut school, there are plenty of ways to get connected within the university.


Honestly, if UH offered Physical Therapy I would not even consider another school for PT. My sister is a business major and before she went to UH she wanted to go somewhere else for grad school. She checked out UT, A&M, Baylor, Boston, and others but she didn't feel as welcomed or at home as she felt at UH and she stayed. The only thing I don't enjoy about the school are the roads and the not enough healthy eating choices. When I tell people I go to UH I don't get good reactions, but when I tell them how fast I fit in and made friends they wanted to go to UH too, some friends actually switched to UH within a year and love it!! And the more you get involved, a lot of organization options, you will love UH even more.


I LOVE the University of Houston. Almost everyone here is friendly and easy to talk to, I meet at least one new person every day! I am in engineering, so the curriculum is very challenging, but do-able. Our football games get wild awesome, and around football time, there is a ton of school spirit. There is always something going on around campus, weather it's dancing in the underground at the UC, or bake sales under the PGH, there's always an event to check out. The Rec Center is freaking awesome. It's really nice and I love going there. UH rocks!


-The best thing about this school is that there is a lot of different opportunities to look for such as a connections to find a job, organizations that fits you, and places to hang out or study with one of your buddies. Its a place where you can find a 100 things to do and where everyone gets along. -One thing I change is the structure of the buildings, but that's changing! Finally, we are having a new stadium and UH center where we can hang out and have some fun, besides studying all the time. -UH is at its perfect size! You can find a parking close to your building or too far. Depends on where you know that certain spot. -When people knows I came from UH, they usually say "UH is finally a Tier one school, your going to a good school where you can actually find a good job in the future once you graduate." -I spend most of my time at my building which is Farish Hall or at the UH center, since its where I belong. ;) -Once UH enter the BIG EAST, our pride has become so much bigger. -I feel like our school has improved so much ever since our campus became TIER ONE, which is fabulous. :)


The University of Houston is a great place to actually get in touch with the real world. It presents you with the type of people you'll meet in the real world, as in, people of all ages and backgrounds looking to strike it somewhere in the middle class. Most people get the image in their head that UH is nothing but high school, but it's not true. Top business school in Texas, third highest Hotel and Restaurant Management school in the world, and second in the US, and TierOne recognition in Research shows that UH isn't just your average hum-drum school. We're located right in the middle of Houston and our borders blend well with the rest of the city. There is one thing to be warned about: live on campus. You won't regret it. Commuting is a preferred choice among the students, and quite frankly, there are just too many commuters for our parking situation. You'll constantly hear about the terrible parking we have here, but when you have people from all over Houston coming over to our university at once for class, it's expected.


I absolutely adore University of Houston. It's a rather large university (40,000 people), so if you come here, be ready to meet all sorts of people. The best thing about UofH is it's diversity, everyday you will meet someone new with a different background, native language, religion, etc. Another good thing about this university, is the school spirit. Come to campus any day of the week and you will feel the "cougar pride" as you gaze upon the sea of red. I can honestly say that at this university our faculty/staff/admin truly care about the students and will do anything to see you succeed. The only main complaint I ever here about UofH is it's lack of parking, which currently they are working on by building parking garages. I personally live on campus, so it's no hassle for me. I actually highly recommend living on campus, one for the convenience, and two for the fun going on around campus after-hours.


I absolutely LOVE UH! Sadly, the University of Houston is an underrated institution. Since it is mostly a commuter school, many people think UH is merely a college to complete core classes and transfer out to bigger and more popular universities. Therefore, people tend to think that the only people who go to UH are those who could not get accepted anywhere else. These stereotypes could not be any further from the truth! The University of Houston is well on its way to becoming a Tier One University, rivaling schools like UT, Rice, A&M. We offer a wide variety of majors and nationally recognized programs! For example, our Entrepreneurship program is ranked #1 in the nation. Such programs reflect our diverse student body! As one of the most diverse schools in the nation, there are so many people with incredible backgrounds who are extremely talented and gifted! You will meet the most amazing people at UH!


Sadly, the University of Houston is an underrated institution. Since it is mostly a commuter school, many people think UH is merely a college to complete core classes and transfer out to bigger and more popular universities. Therefore, people tend to think that the only people who go to UH are those who could not get accepted anywhere else. These stereotypes could not be any further from the truth! The University of Houston is well on its way to becoming a Tier One University, rivaling schools like UT, Rice, A&M. We offer a wide variety of majors and nationally recognized programs! For example, our Entrepreneurship program is ranked #1 in the nation. Such programs reflect our diverse student body! As one of the most diverse schools in the nation, there are so many people with incredible backgrounds who are extremely talented and gifted! You will meet the most amazing people at UH!


Whenever I tell people from Houston about the University of Houston, I can sense that they are immediately judging me as unintelligent, because many assume that the students are not as smart as people who attend other universities, which is completely untrue. I had the choice of going to Baylor, Texas A&M, Southern Methodist University, and a few other schools, most of which gave me large scholarship amounts, but I chose the University of Houston, because it seemed to have the greatest potential for growth, a fantastic Honors College, offered bountiful scholarships, promoted diversity, and had many highly ranked programs. The University of Houston has been undervalued over the years, and as a result the faculty, staff, and students are constantly striving to raise awareness about the many great things that are occurring here and continually trying to improve the University, in order to attract more of the positive attention it deserves.


The University of Houston is such a diverse campus, you could find just about every race, heritage, and language on the planet here in students and professors. And that's what i love about it, I love that you get to learn and experience people from all over the world. The one thing I would change about it, however, is for more people to get involved in sports, our athletes never get the support they deserve for working so hard to represent our school. UH is definitely not in a college town, its more like smack in the middle of the city, but its really cool because you get the city-vibes downtown and there is lots of shopping opportunities! I spend most of my time by the huge fountain, where there is a huge grassy area to sit and relax between classes. An experience I will always remember is when I was working at a bake sale in the spring, and randomly a flock of baby ducks and their parents came walking through the campus, and they were so odd looking in their straight lines! We found out later that these ducks migrate through campus every year!


the best thing about this school? Its laid back and easy to adjust to. one thing id change? better physics professors Is your school too large, too small, or just right? just right How do people react when you tell them you go to this school? interested Where do you spend most of your time on campus? class College town, or "what college town?" college town What's your opinion of this school's administration? its good What was the biggest recent controversy on campus? Uh football Is there a lot of school pride?yes Is there anything unusual about this school?nope What's one experience you'll always remember?setting an example for a whole class What are the most frequent student complaints? exams


A large campus with a small school feel once you declare your major, or if you are in the Honors College. Once my major was declared, most of my classes were in the same building, and saw the same students in class. The Honors College is open to all majors, and you will take some classes in the open-discussion, communication focused Honors classes.


UH is there for it's students


One thing I would change about UH is Cullen road. The road is too bumpy and is in need of repairs. I enjoy attending UH. The campus is so diverse and there is always something to do, whether it's around campus or outside of campus.


What i like most about the UH campus is the diversity around the campus. people are very nice to one another and rarely is there any kind of prejudice. however, one thing i would change is the amount of parking spaces. if maybe one or two more garages could be built on the campus, that would make more parking spaces available to the students.


UH is an urban campus, adjacent to downtown. Despite the relatiuvely shady area surrounding campus, the university is fairly nice and clean. The majority of students do nto attend UH as a first-choice school (I did!!!... I did not apply anywhere else). There are many non-traditional students, and a very large portion of the student body are commuters. UH lacks strong tradition and student buy-in to the university experience. The majority of students go to class and go home or to work; students are not engaged in life on campus. After around 4:00 pm the campus is dead. There are pockets of involvement. If students proactively seek out opportunities to get involved, UH has excellent opportunities available. It is a "you get what you put in" environment. Houston is absolutely not a college town. There is an endless list of entertainment and employment opportunities, but few are geared toward students.


One thing that I would like to change is making the faculty and staff of the University more spirited. Students are not enough to carry the spirit. Also, faculty and staff need to be reminded that they are here for the students. The reason they are employeed is because of the students, and therefore they should try and take care of them best they can.


Campus is just right I think it should be bigger if anything at all. People do not react well because they have the sterotypes like I mentioned above. I spend most of my time in Garrison, Gym and my Sorority House. I believe that we are more of a "what college town" I like UH administration, but the people in the office are terrible and rude. I don't think I have been to an office where the people in the front we kind. I would say when my boyfriend got car jacked on campus and the campus emergency box didn't work (this really is BAD)! I think there is alot of school pride from greeks but not very much anywhere else.


The best thing about UH is the diversity. When I graduate and get a job, I'll have a lot of experience with people of different nationalities and creeds. I'd change the size of RLH. I wish more people could live on campus. My school is just right. People are often surprised when I tell them I go to UH. I graduated #4 in my highschool class and got accepted into a number of different private schools. I spend most of my time at Bauer and my sorority house. I think it's "what college town" but I love it. We are so close to Downtown and we're able to get internships and enjoy the nightlife of the city. UH administration is good for the most part. The most recent controversy on campus is probably Peoplesoft. School pride needs some work. I'll always remember my first trip to UH for a tour. It's what made my mind that I was going to go here. Student complaints are typically about parking and too many finals.


One of the big things I would change about the UH campus is the location or even the level of security. Because UH is located in Third Ward there seems to be a high crime rate. One of my sorority sisters' boyfriend was actually held at gunpoint in the middle of the day and had his car stolen on campus. Although I love to live on campus, I don't always feel safe. Even if there was a change as slight as having one police officer on duty at bayou oaks, I think that would make a huge difference.


The best thing about UH would probably have to be it's wide range of majors and centrally located campus. I think that the campus is perfect size, students are able to walk across campus in a reasonable amount of time and on their way to their next class can view the beautiful trees, landscape and fountains on campus. When I tell people that I attend UH their first reaction is normally, really?? Why are you going there? After I tell them how great the university really is, they normally change their perspective and want to attend here themselves. I spend most of my time on campus either in the lobby of the Hilton (on the comfy couches), in the UC or in the Satelite. I would probably say that Houston's not a college town, there are bars that I know the college students attend but since its such a large city college students are only probably a small percentage of the entire population. My opinion of UH administration not including professors is very bad, whenever I have spoken with a UH employee they are normally rude and very short and do not really care about what your problem is. The biggest controversy on campus for me would be that they are going to eliminate the majority of the parking lots and require students to take the metro to get to campus or they are going to build parking garages in order to allow for more space for classrooms and such. Until I signed up for Dr. Bott's class I had little to no school pride. I had pride for Hilton College but not for UH. Dr. Bott has really made me see how great UH is. The pride that I see on campus is not as strong as for instance at A&M or UT. I think it's pretty unusual that it is a commuter campus. One experience that I will always remember is, during my first week of classes walking around trying to find my classroom and getting completely lost and almost about to cry and Dr. Gogue came up and asked me if I was lost and I told him that I was and he escorted me to class, at the time I had no idea who he was but after finding out that he was the chancellor I felt pretty stupid, it meant a lot to me that especially considering how busy he is, he took time out of his day to walk me to my class. My most frequent complaint is, that Professors while lecturing will not tell students who are talking to be quiet. I have a learning disability and it is extremely hard for me to concentrate if more than one person is talking. Another complaint is that, Professors are not willing to answer questions concerning either lecture or homework problems and act as if they are too busy and too important to even be bothered.


When I tell people I go to UH, they always ask a question regarding student life; people have the perception that UH has nothing to offer in regards to life on campus and regular college activities. When you go away to college you expect to live in a dorm, go to coffee houses until 1am, go to a wild frat party, LOVE your football team, and so much more. Do we have that at UH....well kinda, but not to the extent that we should. If we don't want to be viewed as a commuter college, then we can't be in the gray area. Build on activities like Frontier Fiesta, get the teachers involved and have them encourage student participation. UH Administration- the one thing I would change most about UH is the rude people that you have to deal with anytime you need to pay something, get something fixed, or have a question. You may hate your job because you have to deal with disgruntled college students all day, but we are a lot less disgruntled if we are dealing with a pleasant person! In my four years at UH, I have only spoken with 1 (yes ONE) friendly person who actually made me feel like she wanted to help me solve my problem. That is a horrible number. Something special about UH- we aren't a cookie cutter university. There is so much cultural diversity at UH that it is a people watchers dream. Students are welcome to be themselves, rather than being cultish like some other universities.


The best thing about UH is... One thing I would change about campus, is the safety. It seems that the campus police are lazy and just last week four honda civics were stollen out of our parking lots during class time. And I would change it to where it doesn't look as ghetto. When people find out that I go to UH they assume that I could not get into any other University, which is quite the opposite. I spend most of my time on campus at Bayou Oaks in "greek park". UH is NOT a college town, it's more like college ghetto. It's not even safe to fill up your car with gas around the University. UH administration in general is not very positive or helpful. I am not the only one to think this about the administration. I even worked for the University and I still feel that the administration is very lazy. There is some school pride but there could definatly be more. Most frequent student complaints: safety.


The best thing about UH is that there is a group for any personality type to hang out with. I'd change its at times overly urban feel, add in some more green areas, and spiffy the place up a bit. I spend most of my time in the residents halls with my friends. Houston has too many universities in it to be any specific college's town. UH's administration is working on it; they've recognized what's going wrong and are trying to fix it. There isn't a whole lot of school pride. The most frequent student complaint is the administration's inconsistencies, and aging facilities.