University of Houston Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


A person who should'nt attend this institution would be someone who is not used to a large campus. Getting around campus in a timely manner can be difficult at times and takes some getting used to. Also someone who is not used to large class sizes, I had that problem this year and it seriously effected myself academically


The kind of person that shouldn't attend the University of Houston is one that doesn't have the drive and passion to succeed no matter what obstacles they come across, or what background they come from.


Students who don't put much effort in his/her education, but rather party every other day and attend University of Houston just because he/she wants to have a good time. The University of Houston is one of the up and coming schools academically in the state of texas.


A person who is not ready to be exposed to diverse student body, is not willing to work hard, or is not willing to be involved.


A lazy person who doesnt value hard work and who expects everything to be handed to them freely.


University of Houston is so diversed with people of different cultural and ethnic background that there is no reason to not attend to this school.


If you're obsessed with college sports, or looking for an easy coast-through-college experience (academically speaking), this is definitely not the school for you.


A person who isn't willing to work hard should not attend this school. A lot of people end up at UH because it is there safety and assume that it will be a breeze, but that is definitely not the case! Even if you aren't in the Honors College, it's very challenging. This isn't high school anymore, so expect to spend countless hours in the library (or whatever your preferred study place may be) studying. It's a lot og hard work, but it's rewarding.


Someone who is striving to further their educations and capitalize on the many career opportunities within the surrounding Houston area.


If you lack any kind of motivation and drive, you wouldn't do well at this school. You have to be able to push yourself towards your personal goal, but without that, you will end up slacking and, honestly, wasting a lot of money by attending this university.


Honestly, I think The University of Houston interest all types of people! If I had to point out someone who would not like it, I would have to say it is a person who does not like college, sports, activities, or having a social life.


I do not believe that there is any one particular person who should not attend this school. Everyone is given an opportunity to succeed here, no matter their situations, however a student at this school must be willing to take that opportunity head-on. Where there is a will, there is certainly a way.


If a person does not easily adapt to a large amount of diversity and is looking for a school where many students are very friendly and willingly interactive, University of Houston is not for them.


Someone who does not enjoy an urban atmosphere will not enjoy the University of Houston. It is a large university that is located in the heart of downtown Houston. Getting used to how the highways, the pace of the city and the transition to college will be a lot to take in.


I believe that everyone should have the opportunity to attend college. However, I feel that too often students attend college as a rite of passage and not to further their educational goals or career. To attend the College of Education you must be dedicated to work with children and help them acheive their future dreams.


The University of Houston is located in the greater Houston area therefore creating an enormous diverse campus. The school has a huge variety of different student organizations including everything from different cultures to different majors to different extracurricular interests. Any type of person would find a place for them on this campus whether its based on major or personal interest.


One who is looking forward to a stronger future and wishes to invest on it now.


People with disabilities should not attend The University of Houston. The campus is very large and it would be hard for them to get from one place to another. Also persons who have a problem with diversity because there are many different ethnicities, religions, and cultures that attend the school.


anyone who is not comfortable with diversity, lots of people, big classes, and not excepting to other cultures/religions


The person that shouldn't attend this school is the kind of person that would want to go to a small university with not that much of diversity and cultures.


I think someone who doesn't care about a high quality education shouldn't go here. This school is making it's way to Tier One . For a student to go here, they must be committed and up for the challenge that will come along. Going to UH means getting the bankg for your buck. If you just want to come here and not take things seriously and expect to graduate then I suggest that student go elsewhere.


i think everyone should attend to school to improve their personal values.


The person that should not attend the University of Houston would one that is intolerant. If the person cannot become focused on academic, school spirit and loyalty; they need to look esle where.


The type of person that should not attend University of Houston is the type of person is not willing to work hard in their selected courses, instead they are looking for college to be like high school, where they had to put a little effort to get a good grade. Also if they are the type of the person that has excuses for every situation they might have gotten themselves into.


Anyone who has a drive to learn something and become a better person can attend this school. People who do not believe they can better themselves should not attend the school.


People who take their studies for granted, lowering the campus' reputation.


I am not going to encourage others not to attend this school because everyone deserves further occupation. Everyone should try the school first and have a tour around the campus.


A lazy person. There is a great deal of work done in college and there is no room for laziness. If you are committed to learning and serious about your education then this university is perfect, if not, don't waste your time or money.


A person who says school is not for everyone should not attend U of H. A person who always gives up and does not workhard for what they want would not survive a week here.


Non self motivated person, procrastinator, shy


A Person that can work hard.


I believe that this school is for everyone. No one who attends the University of Houston will feel left out because this campus is full of ethnic/political/religious diversity. There are a bunch of clubs for various cultures, entertainment, political views, etc. When new students arrive on campus, they are welcomed with open arms by the staff and students. Ask anyone a question about the school or where your classroom is, and they would be glad to assist you.


I would not recommend the University of Houston for anyone who dislikes large classes or crowds. Many core classes are attended by two hundred students or more. Also, anyone who does not have an interest in fraternities or sororities would have a harder time finding a group to belong to, although it is possible. Anyone who dislikes professors with strong or controversial opinions would be uncomfortable here.


Anyone who doesn't want to attend class and get away with it.


The kind of person that shouldn't attend this school is a person who does not value the importance of an education.


A person that is lazy or does not care about school should not attend this school. Many students are like that and they end up dropping a class or failing it.


UH is a commuter school. There are a few dorms but most students commute. If you are looking for a small (or large) party school this isn't the school for you.


People who are not serious about school.


i think anyone can go to this universtiy..there are difffrent kind of people around the campus


The University is very diverse and appeals to a broad majority of people. There are many oppurtunities and groups to join to become a part of the school. It is a good school, well known and the campus is up to date. The school offers and accomidates the student's needs and wants. The school is a good choice for all.


Any one who expects to slide through or break the academic honesty policy.


Someone who is closed-minded. My school is very diverse and full of energy and dynamics. There is so much to be learned by attending my school and someone who isn't ready to learn new things about other people shouldn't go to this school.


If you are big into school spirit or want a traditional college experience.


you should not attend this school unless you are serious about learning. if you want to go to a party school jsut to have fun then this school isn't for you.


Close minded, non-tolerant, religously bound,


The kind of person that is not really intersted in persuing their education to the best of their anility. The kind of person that like individual attention or small classes and especially not people that prefer not to be surrounded by a diverse network of people.


If you are into quiet reflection on your own you shouldn't go to this school. If you like deep philosophical discussion...we got that. If you like parties...we got that. If you like culture...we got that in spades. If you want a school that is in the forefront of the research field...we are. If you want a school that is known by businesses as the place to get we are. But if you want prestige...go somewhere else. If you want lots of school rituals...we probably don't have enough for you.


Anyone who doesn't really want to exprience the college life.


People who are not concerned with learning or advancing themselves should not attend this school, or any for that matter. School is a place to further your education, your perception, and to help your become a stronger and more mature person. It helps direct you towards what you enjoy, and how you can help the people and places around you.


I don't think a stubborn, close-minded person should come to the University of Houston. Our campus is extremely diverse so I don't see someone that isn't open to change lasting here.