University of Houston Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I would want to have known how to establish relationships with people, basically people skills. I want to be able to establish these relationships and create a network and have these people as resources later. If there is something that I can't do i can find someone to help me out. They could also help me find job opportunities that I would have never known of if I was to have never created this relationship with them.


Yes because then I would not have come here and now I need a scholarship to be able to leave.


When I enrolled to the University of Houston in 2012, I did not know that minors were a requirement. That ment more time in school and more money. Also, online classes are very limited making it harder to spen less money on gas. While there are other UH branches close to me, I can only take 6 hours outside campus and only with administrative permission.


I wish I had known the opportunities the school had offer to give before coming to this school. They never really emphasized on any of it, it was before they started changing there ways. If i would have known, I could have been more proud of UH


College is expensive, but UH allows you to transfer many credits from community colleges, and also accepts AP credits, along with credit by examinations. Try to get as many as your core classes out of the way while in high school or through other means; this way college tuition will be less expensive, and you will have more time to focus on your major classes.


Before I came to this school, I wish I would've known how tough it would be, especially if you're in the engineering program. When I went to San Jacinto College, all of my classes were surprisingly easy and didn't have to study as much to do well on my exams. Now that I am attending the University of Houston I know that I have to study much more now than I did before in order to get an A on my exam. All this studying will definitely pay off once I graduate from college.


I wish I had known about opportunities for involvement in groups/organizations related to my major. I have just begun working with Glass Mountain magazine and wish I could have had more time with them!


One thing that I wish that I had know before coming to this school is how tiring commuting is .


I wish I had known about the textbook situation. There is always a inexpensive way to afford text books.


There is nothing I regret off while joining this college rather I am excited about it.


I wish that at the student transfer A.R.T conference they would have explained to the students about parking permits.


I wish I has known more about available scholarships and ways to pay for my education.


I which I would have know the location of this school, not geographically but, neighborhood wise. This school is located in the middle of the very poor neighborhood, where a lot of robbery, rape, and assaults happen.


Before starting college you hear that if you fail, no one cares because they have your money for the classes. So beginning school in my mind, I had to work hard and pass because I didnot want to waste my money and hender my financial aid opportunities. But instead I wish I would have entered college with the need to success for a career purposes. University of Houston is not a school like that at all. They are willing to do anything they can to help if they see you are on the verge of failing. They honor their students.


Um nothing really this place is great school for anyone to enjoy


I wish that I had known what a wonderful school, University of Houston is. Its diversity, its students and its people make University of Houston perfect for me. I could not have asked for a better school for myself. I love its people, I enjoy the friendly competition and adore the very well qualified professors. Its broad range of programs also allow students to find a place for themeselves. Its a great place to learn. I wish I had known this and prepared myself ahead for a great school such as this one.


I wish i had known how to choose your classes, I thought you had to choose your classes according to an explicit schedule type, but i found out you could take a freshmen level class such as chemistry as a sophomore or junior


More math.


One thing I find frustrating is that part-time students have to pay fees like full-time students every semester, even though we are not able to use the facilites we are paying for. I think there needs to be accommodations made for part-time students, to not carry that extra financial burden. Every increasing tuition rates and fees are also very frustrating. Education should be free!!


I wish someone had warned me of the constant love and encouragement that I would be welcomed with on my first day on campus. I was overwhelmed with how helpful and kind everyone was to the up coming freshman of 2009. What I thought was going to be a awkward and lonely first week of class was more of a enlightening and fun filled week where I met people I have became extremely close with.


I wish I would of known how far it would take me to drive to school because taking in to account that i would be making that drive out 5 days out of the week, it put a strain on my wallet. The drive is not extremely bad but it sure does cost alot for gas. I wish i would just been able to buget out some money so that I would be able to live on campus.


I wish I had known that as a University student you need to go at your own pace. You can try and take a number of hours that is wrong for you, but ultimatly it will come back to haunt you. Instead of pushing myself and feeling that I had failed when I didn't reach the ridiculous limits I had set I should have worked at what was beest for me, I also wish I had taken advantage of the school services and social activities earlier


I wish I had known how committed this school is to achieving excellence. Before attending UH, I went to several different colleges and none were what I had in mind for obtaining my life goals. As a single mom, this school is accessible and helps me to get a great education while being able to spend as much time as possible with my son. I am very honored to one day say I am a Cougar alumni.


I wish that I had the oppurtunity to meet and speak with someone who was in the College of Education with me that way I would know how the advising team and supervisors really are. It would have saved me so much headaches and stressful days and nights. I also wish that someone had explained to me that Financial aid to and let me know that you need to take an entire day out to get everything squared away, because Financial Aid issues are the worst ones to have. You never know if everything is complete, because they lose things.


Before I went to college, I wish I had known that it was okay to be afraid. College is scary because you are so much closer to being out in the real world on your own. Sometimes students feel like they need to grow up fast and decide what they want overnight but the truth is that a lot of students don't know what they want until their second year in college. Students need to know that they have a support system and they will not goes through these years alone.


I am not attending the University of Houston. I attend a community college in Houston, but it wasnt on the list. So about the community college I wish I had known that the school was a very large campus and very easy to get confused. Also, I didnt know how many different types of programs that they have at this community college that can get you an Associates Degree. They have wonderful programs such as MRI, Dental Hygiene, Vet Tech programs.


The best times to take classes, where to park, and when to get to campus to get the best parking spots; all that comes with experience though. A few of the roads need to be repaired, but luckily they are working on that right now. I also wish someone would have told me how much driving I would be doing as a student commuter. The school tries to make sure you're aquainted with everything and prepared for the transition into life at UH so I had a pretty good idea about most of my other questions.


I wish I had known that it's okay to go talk to professors. They are a great resource and readily available to help. I wish I had known that college is what YOU make of it and not vice versa. Extracurricular activities, friends, lectures, they won't come find you; you have to go find them.


That it was so large and had many resources.


I wish i had known what it truly takes to get through not only the social aspects of college, but also the academic challenges in depth. I also with i had known how to deal with problems as well as i do now. Thankfully, i'm more knowledgable about these things and am doing my best to make my college career a memorable one inside and outside the classroom.


I wish i would have known who big the campus really was. A huge campus such as University of Houston's can be overwelming to a freshman.


I wish I was aware of the fact that it rains like 60 percent of the time and that the campus tends to flood on rainy days. I wasn't quite prepared for that weather.


College does allow much more free time but those free time should be used carefully. Social life and academic life must be prioritized before you get overwhelmed with the free time at hand. Before you know it, you will be piled up with due dates, and exams. So it isvery necessary to be careful with the time you have, especially the first semester.


Before coming to this school, I wish I had known the parking problems on the campus. Parking gets really bad at this university around lunch time and people are literally following other students and giving them rides to thier vehicles in anticipation of recieving thier parking spots.


Im a transfer student, I wished I knew how the GPA system works, everything at UH is very general and broad. I wish I have known the concept of being a cougar. If I was to ask for a questions, the staff would not have an answer that is exact. It is very unorganized.


I wish I would have known the need and urgency for filling out scholarships and starting my paper work earler than I did. The process for finacial aid is slow and thorough and took much longer than I anticipated. Scholarships are a must! Take the time to fill out and search for the free money. Do not assume you will receive financial aid or grants. Do not be afraid to ask questions to counselors and financial advisors, even if it seems like you are being bothersome. The more persistant you are, the better prepared you will be for the year.


That it was boring.


I wish I would've known which major and career I really want to do in the future that way I could've finished school earlier than my expected graduation date. I would've also saved money on classes I really need towards my major I really want.


I wish I knew how to manage my time more wisely. I also wish I knew how to study better to get better grades in my classes.


I wish I had known that the quality of the school is at best ok, that it is in the middle of a extreamly poor area and that there is not social life for any students unless you are in a fraternatiy or sorority because the school is a commuter school where everyone keeps to there group and no one is very friendly to outsiders.


the importance of accumulated GPA


I wish I had known what i wanted to do with the rest of my life and I wish I had known that it is easier to learn than to work.


I wish I would have attended the orientation . To learn about parking fees, and all the different gym facilities.


I wish I had been given a CLEAR degree plan.


I wish I had known more about the school in general. I would have asked about the Premed services, who the best professors were, what classes would be beneficial, when the best times to sign up for things were, etc. instead of finding the information out in bits and pieces over the course of my time here.


I wish I had more knowledge of how to succeed in college.


The on-campus housing is expensive and could be safer. I wish I had known how much tuition would rise.


Money management! I wish I had money to afford commuting to school. I lived far from campus so it wasn't easy paying for gas. In school my parents would take care of the bill, so I never worried about saving money, balancing my checkbook or overextending my credit card. If I got in a pinch, I always had a back up plan?calling home. Since I am now on my own, everyday expenses like eating lunches out add up. I have found that budgeting and saving is critical, and investing wisely is crucial to my financial future.


I wish I had known that the tuition will go up almost every semester.The classes are extremely expensive. I am taking 5 classes and do not have time for work. The financial aid that I have been getting had dropped, now it is just $5500 a year! This fall semester cost me almost $4000, not counting books. I really wish I could get a scholarship, it will be really helpful in my financial situation. I think that students must concentrade on their studyings, instead of being stressed up on thinking where to get money for their next semester tuition.


I wish I would have known that traffic going to school is horrible and that takes me doble time to get there. Also the parking spaces for the communication building (which is my major) is kind of small for the amount of people who park there. I wish I would have known before that the gym was so nice and big to just even hang out there and that the outdoor's pool is very nice. Also that there are different places to have lunch regarding food or to heat up you food.